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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2007-05-09 00:37 RD, revision 45906

Need to UnInit the AuiManager when closing the frame

2007-05-09 00:36 RD, revision 45905

Need the sound flags for the !wxUSE_SOUND case too

2007-05-09 00:35 RD, revision 45904

Use native wx.TreeCtrl by default, but make it easy to switch back to CustomTreeCtrl

2007-05-09 00:31 ROL, revision 45903

use Tango icons on MAC & MSW; process UPDATE_UI for move and refresh buttons

2007-05-09 00:28 ROL, revision 45902

tango-compliant icons (first try)

2007-05-08 23:47 RR, revision 45901

Beginning to make wxDC code compile both before and after the DC reorg to make the transition smoother (indeed possible). Move the wxImplDC code to its future place in dcbase.cpp and wx/dc.h

2007-05-08 20:47 RD, revision 45900

some new icons for XRCed (backport)

2007-05-08 20:47 , revision 45899

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'WX_2_8_BRANCH'.

2007-05-08 20:42 RD, revision 45898


2007-05-08 20:36 RD, revision 45897

Andrea's patch (plus some changes of my own) to add icons and other features to the demo's main frame.

2007-05-08 20:20 VZ, revision 45896

only add -woff 3970 to C[XX]FLAGS when using SGI mipsPro 7.4.4 or later, previous versions didn't support this warning

2007-05-08 20:10 RD, revision 45895

Prevent segfaulting if a NULL window is passed to the DCs, avoid reasserting if the base class already did it.

2007-05-08 20:09 RD, revision 45894

A bit of cleanup, use a lighter shade of grey for the default pen, use the base class HasFlag, etc.

2007-05-08 20:05 VZ, revision 45893

compilation fixes for wxUSE_WCHAR_T==0 (this is the case for DJGPP which is used for wxMGL compilation)

2007-05-08 19:37 DE, revision 45892

Provide wxLaunchDefaultBrowser implementation for wxCocoa.

2007-05-08 19:35 PC, revision 45891

don't stomp on user CXXFLAGS on Tru64

2007-05-08 19:33 DE, revision 45890

Remove wxDCBase DeviceToLogical* and LogicalToDevice* methods which were basically stubs anyway. Fixes link error. Assume that the new common implementations in src/common/dcbase.cpp do the right thing. Not tested.

2007-05-08 19:13 DE, revision 45889

Move wxLaunchDefaultBrowser from BASE to CORE per wx-dev discussion.

2007-05-08 18:28 ROL, revision 45888

using Tango icons on Mac

2007-05-08 18:26 ROL, revision 45887

tango icons

2007-05-08 17:51 RD, revision 45886

delete the AuiManager before destroying the frame

2007-05-08 17:50 RD, revision 45885

fix typo

2007-05-08 17:50 RD, revision 45884

Workaround corner case where a widget can have a containing sizer, but no sizer item. (The static box in a StaticBoxSizer)

2007-05-08 17:49 RD, revision 45883

Docstring tweaks

2007-05-08 04:53 SC, revision 45882

adding reference to technote