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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2012-12-22 03:34 VZ, revision 73241

No changes, just improve wxScrolled::EnableScrolling() documentation. Explain that, in spite of its name, this function doesn't disable scrolling when called with false argument but just changes the mechanism used to implement it.

2012-12-22 03:33 VZ, revision 73240

Remove unnecessary variable assignment from wxBoxSizer::RecalcSizes(). The "delta" variable was assigned a value that was never used afterwards. Closes #14908.

2012-12-22 03:33 VZ, revision 73239

Add wxListCtrl::EnableAlternateRowColours() and SetAlternateRowColour(). Add methods to simply enable alternative row background colours in wxListCtrl. Closes #14618.

2012-12-22 03:33 VZ, revision 73238

Don't use "Cancel" button in the about dialog of the listctrl sample. No real changes, just remove the unnecessary button. See #14618.

2012-12-21 06:45 PC, revision 73232

revert r73185, it should no longer be needed after r73231

2012-12-20 19:46 PC, revision 73231

Use client size determined by size-allocate when possible Our client size calculation can be wrong for reasons beyond our control, notably on Ubuntu 12.04 with overlay scrollbars where the GtkScrolledWindow "scrollbar-spacing" is wrong. By using the true size from size-allocate when it becomes available, we can recover from an earlier incorrect client size calculation. See #14871

2012-12-20 14:00 SC, revision 73230

benefit from 10.5+ call HIShapeUnionWithRect

2012-12-19 20:27 RD, revision 73217

Add accessors for some of the data members in wxXmlResourceHandler

2012-12-19 16:41 SC, revision 73210

activating DrawRectangle optimization

2012-12-19 16:31 SC, revision 73209

fixing typo

2012-12-19 16:30 SC, revision 73208

HIThemeBrushCreateCGColor seems to have become very CPU-expensive, cache the results for better performance

2012-12-19 10:58 SC, revision 73207

making Xcode builds work against against libtiff, copied over from a console build

2012-12-18 18:59 SC, revision 73199

setting offsets for window and client dcs when not in a paint event, see #14904

2012-12-16 08:14 PC, revision 73196

Fix for toolbars and menus not being disabled on Ubuntu Ubuntu overlay scrollbar changes the GtkWindowGroup for its toplevel, which is disastrous for modal windows. Put in a hack to detect and undo this. Fixes #14855

2012-12-14 21:04 SC, revision 73192

support SDK < 10.6, fixes #14902

2012-12-14 17:21 SC, revision 73191

supporting private types in DnD on osx_cocoa, fixes #14884

2012-12-14 13:29 VZ, revision 73190

Fix libtiff compilation with MinGW. At least some versions of MinGW don't define 64 bit integer types resulting in errors when they're used in libtiff code, so explicitly include basetyps.h to make sure these types are defined. Closes #14897.

2012-12-14 11:42 SC, revision 73189

avoid double up events for static text, fixes #14902

2012-12-14 07:29 PC, revision 73186

compute scrollbar spacing the same way GtkScrolledWindow does it

2012-12-14 07:25 PC, revision 73185

Get DC size from GDK window if possible, client size can unfortunately be wrong This should fix wxDC::Clear() not clearing the whole window on Ubuntu 12.04 with overlay scrollbars see #14871

2012-12-14 03:10 RD, revision 73184

Patch from allowing builds for Python 2.5 (using MSVC 7.1) to work again.

2012-12-13 05:41 PC, revision 73178

decrease number of skipped frames in assert dialog backtrace, 7 is not the minimum, closes #14690

2012-12-12 14:52 VZ, revision 73167

Brazilian Portuguese translations update from Felipe.

2012-12-11 07:43 PC, revision 73165

use correct signature for callback

2012-12-11 07:37 PC, revision 73164

make local functions static