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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2007-05-26 14:15 SN, revision 46218

Added declaration of new method (still to be implemented).

2007-05-26 14:14 SN, revision 46217

Added missing include.

2007-05-26 10:23 VZ, revision 46216

GetMenuCount() returns size_t, not int

2007-05-26 08:09 RR, revision 46215


2007-05-26 05:45 SC, revision 46214

mac complaining about const to non-const cast

2007-05-25 20:29 VS, revision 46213

compilation fix: can't use wxUniCharRef in switch statement

2007-05-25 19:19 RR, revision 46212

Really don't do anything (including not setting the tool's state incorrectly) if pressing on a pressed radio tool in a toolbar.

2007-05-25 19:18 RR, revision 46211

Really do nothing if pressed on an already pressed radio toolbar button tool

2007-05-25 16:51 JS, revision 46210

Fix for previous patch

2007-05-25 13:54 JS, revision 46209

Made toolbar background rebar-like on Vista. Solid grey is OK on XP but jars badly in Vista.

2007-05-25 13:20 VZ, revision 46208

compilation fix for non-PCH build, include wx/wxchar.h

2007-05-25 12:20 VS, revision 46207

implemented wxActivateEvent and restoring focus after a TLW that owned it was destroyed

2007-05-25 05:08 PC, revision 46206

Remove unneeded wxTLW child inserter function. Simplify wxFrame child inserter. Use the same signature for all the child inserters.

2007-05-25 01:19 VZ, revision 46205

deal correctly with having too few items in wxFlexGridSizer (this is not an error, more items could be added later): don't crash and don't assert

2007-05-25 00:53 VZ, revision 46204

put #if wxUSE_FFILE && wxUSE_STREAMS around functions using wxFFileStream (patch 1721939)

2007-05-25 00:52 VZ, revision 46203

added wxMSW-specific wxEntryStart() overload taking WinMain-like parameters

2007-05-25 00:46 VZ, revision 46202

fix unreachable code warning in GetUntranslatedString()

2007-05-24 23:53 VZ, revision 46201

disable clearing event tables by default, only do it if wxUSE_MEMORY_TRACING is used: this fixes the problems with events not being dispatched correctly when the library is reinitialized

2007-05-24 16:34 JS, revision 46200

Fix assert due to multiple border styles

2007-05-24 12:50 VZ, revision 46199

1. Derive wxMessageDialogBase from wxDialog (why did we use multiple inheritance here?), moved more wxMessageDialog fields into the base class 2. Added functions to set the text of message box buttons (patch 1700393, currently only implemented for wxMac) 3. Added wxMessageDialog::SetMessage() and SetExtendedMessage() and implemented them for wxMac (part of the patch), wxGTK 2.4+ and in a generic way for everybody else 4. Allow changing the dialog attributes between creating and showing it, for this the real dialog creation is now done on in ShowModal() in all ports

2007-05-24 12:42 VZ, revision 46198

fix DLL export declaration (adv, not core)

2007-05-24 12:28 VZ, revision 46197

don't create wxEventLoop in Initialize(), it's too early to do it there -- wait until it's really needed in MainLoop()

2007-05-24 10:59 VZ, revision 46196

put #if wxUSE_FFILE && wxUSE_STREAMS around functions using wxFFileStream (patch 1721939)

2007-05-24 10:58 VZ, revision 46195

s/wxStaticIcon/wxStaticBitmap/g (bug 1724527) [backport from HEAD]

2007-05-24 10:56 VZ, revision 46194

s/wxStaticIcon/wxStaticBitmap/g (bug 1724527)