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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2008-03-23 12:42 VS, revision 52733

wxError, wxFatalError, wxDebugMsg are not only deprecated, they don't exist anymore -- removed from docs

2008-03-23 12:41 VS, revision 52732

more utils.h fixes

2008-03-23 11:36 FM, revision 52730

further speedup the gccxml parser using dedicated ID-parsing char*-based functions instead of splitting wxStrings and searching inside them

2008-03-23 08:50 VS, revision 52727

restored wxWindow::Line/PageUp/Down docs

2008-03-23 06:25 BP, revision 52726

Finished review/fixes of Logging category of functions and macros.

2008-03-23 02:27 VZ, revision 52722

avoid needless Unicode<->MB conversions in Unix wxExecute(); simplify the code; provide both versions taking char** and wchar_t** for compatibility; also use wxMacExecute() (renamed to wxMacLaunch() to avoid confusion) from all wxExecute() overloads but don't use it if wxEXEC_SYNC was requested as it doesn't support it

2008-03-23 01:17 VZ, revision 52720

correct hhp2cached path

2008-03-23 01:07 KO, revision 52718

svn merge -r 51768:52524

2008-03-23 00:08 FM, revision 52717

speedup a little the parser by converting gccXML ID attributes to numbers, instead of storing them as strings; remove 2nd argument to GetAttribute() calls

2008-03-23 00:05 FM, revision 52716

don't build ifacecheck on WinCE since it's a console app

2008-03-22 22:54 FM, revision 52715

use wxEmptyString as default value to return from GetAttribute()

2008-03-22 20:19 VS, revision 52714

fixed signatures of wxSizerFlags methods returning wxSizerFlags reference

2008-03-22 20:16 VS, revision 52713


2008-03-22 20:10 VZ, revision 52712

no changes, just removed unnecessary forward declaration

2008-03-22 20:04 VS, revision 52711

many formatting fixes to wxSizer docs

2008-03-22 19:18 FM, revision 52710

add Id keyword; remove old code (was commented out) which tried to implement alternative parsing strategies; basically those involved doing 4-5 passes on the gcc XML before actually passing it storing the list of the type IDs related in some way to wxWidgets, and then do the true parsing pass, skipping anything non-wx related. This approach (and its variations) showed however to be slower than building the full type table.

2008-03-22 19:09 VS, revision 52709

typo fix: doxygen uses -, not *, for lists

2008-03-22 18:02 FM, revision 52708

added the interface checker to the utils folder

2008-03-22 17:58 FM, revision 52707

silence bakefile warnings about the generation of project files for sample bakefiles using <wx-data>

2008-03-22 17:49 FM, revision 52706

remove the 1-space indentation from remaining pages; mark with @todo tags parts of the docs which need to be written yet

2008-03-22 17:42 FM, revision 52705

moved the samples in a separate page so it has a summary of all the samples descriptions and so writing references to samples is shorter (@ref page_samples_xxx instead of @ref page_utils_samples_xxx)

2008-03-22 16:07 VS, revision 52704

wxVector<T> is header-based, use @nolibrary

2008-03-22 15:54 VS, revision 52703

tagged wxNotebookSizer as deprecated

2008-03-22 15:41 VZ, revision 52702

add timing of synchronous execution

2008-03-22 15:37 VZ, revision 52701

don't use negative PID hack in GUI neither, add a separate flag to wxEndProcessData for this