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Changelog for wxWidgets (68395 changes):

2002-08-23 09:20 SC, revision 16700

switched to MacOS 8.5+ implementation for submenus

2002-08-23 07:25 SC, revision 16699

added test for m_macControlIsShown in MacRedrawControl apparently HideControl does not work correctly for all controls...

2002-08-23 03:50 RL, revision 16698

add libwx_dcsvg.

2002-08-23 03:33 RL, revision 16697

Updates for 2.3.3 debs. Typo fix for start of local event id's.

2002-08-22 23:25 VZ, revision 16696

blind fix for gcc warning about ?: and different enums

2002-08-22 23:25 RD, revision 16695

Only catch exact menu range

2002-08-22 23:22 VZ, revision 16694

fix for gcc warning about incorrect format arg

2002-08-22 23:20 VZ, revision 16693

gcc warning about unused smile fixed (that's serious stuff)

2002-08-22 22:03 JS, revision 16692

Tidied up filename.tex

2002-08-22 22:02 JS, revision 16691

Create STC lib in standard lib dir as per other project and makefiles

2002-08-22 21:22 JS, revision 16690

Added CW for Mac list file

2002-08-22 20:34 VZ, revision 16689

fixed default button handling: don't keep BS_DEFPUSHBUTTON style when the app loses focus

2002-08-22 20:14 VZ, revision 16688

fixed a few typoes

2002-08-22 19:22 VZ, revision 16687

gcc 3.1 warning fixes (patch 598343)

2002-08-22 18:12 VZ, revision 16686

compilation fix (patch 598331)

2002-08-22 18:11 VZ, revision 16685

fix for wxComboBox flicker on create (patch 598891)

2002-08-22 18:02 VZ, revision 16684

removed debugging code from the sample

2002-08-22 18:02 VZ, revision 16683

send event from Clear() for a simple text control, send only one event from SetValue() instead of 2 for a rich one

2002-08-22 18:01 VZ, revision 16682

mention that Clear() and SetValue() *will* send EVT_TEXT events

2002-08-22 17:44 SC, revision 16681

fixed mounting points under /Volumes

2002-08-22 17:04 VZ, revision 16680

use SendSizeEvent() to resize the button correctly after reparenting under MSW

2002-08-22 17:03 VZ, revision 16679

made wxFrame::SendSizeEvent() public and documented it

2002-08-22 16:00 VZ, revision 16678

reverted patch 598016 (removed MSWCreateControl() visible parameter)

2002-08-22 15:44 JS, revision 16677

OnSize must not be skipped for non-wxX11 platforms

2002-08-22 09:41 JS, revision 16676

Applied patch [ 598016 ] remove flicker during combo box creation By Benjamin I. Williams (biwillia76) The attached patch completely fixes the flicker problem when creating combo boxes. It also will make it elementary to remove flicker during the creation of other controls (although all the other controls are flicker free, AFAIK). It does this by adding an optional 'visible' parameter to the internal MSWCreateControl method, whereby the caller can create a control invisibly by default, perform some complicated sizing calculations, and then finally show the control before the Create finished.

2002-08-22 08:48 SC, revision 16675

added error code for better debugging

2002-08-22 08:47 SC, revision 16674

fix when bitmap is not valid

2002-08-22 08:46 SC, revision 16673

fix for getting proper fspecs for volumes that are not given with the trailing separator

2002-08-22 04:59 DW, revision 16672

Minor slider fix

2002-08-22 01:02 DW, revision 16671

Font updates

2002-08-22 00:04 RD, revision 16670

SWIGged updates for wxMac

2002-08-22 00:04 RD, revision 16669

SWIGged update for wxGTK

2002-08-22 00:00 RD, revision 16668

A more dynamic wxWizard sample, and a fix for wxGrid wrappers

2002-08-21 22:46 DW, revision 16667

Font updates

2002-08-21 21:46 RD, revision 16666

wxWizardPage now handled by OOR

2002-08-21 20:40 RD, revision 16665

SWIGged updates for wxMac

2002-08-21 20:34 RD, revision 16664

SWIGged update for wxGTK (the last checkin was really for wxMSW...)

2002-08-21 20:20 GD, revision 16663

corrected enabling of a specific item by index

2002-08-21 20:15 RD, revision 16662

SWIGged updates for wxGTK

2002-08-21 20:15 RD, revision 16661

Various changes needed to match recent cvs updates

2002-08-21 19:49 VZ, revision 16660

polling child process IO seems to work now

2002-08-21 19:45 VZ, revision 16659

fixed the async process IO polling code

2002-08-21 19:44 VZ, revision 16658

better dummy implementation of IsInput/ErrorAvailable() (it's still wrong but now no more wrong than before my changes)

2002-08-21 18:41 VZ, revision 16657

added propsize to the list of samples

2002-08-21 17:04 VZ, revision 16656

compilation fix after my previos m_exitOnFrameDelete changes

2002-08-21 16:13 SC, revision 16655

fixing a possible NULL ptr exception when dispatching key events

2002-08-21 16:08 SC, revision 16654

I think this is now defined in the common accel.h, I'll remove it if no build complains...

2002-08-21 16:07 SC, revision 16653

centralized key handling, control key handling

2002-08-21 16:06 SC, revision 16652

fix for single item wildcards with no explanatory name item

2002-08-21 16:05 SC, revision 16651

centralized key handling

2002-08-21 16:04 VZ, revision 16650

regenerated everything

2002-08-21 16:01 VZ, revision 16649

added stats target to show the number of translated strings

2002-08-21 15:58 JS, revision 16648

Applied patch [ 598173 ] Fixes erroneous logging notebook sample

2002-08-21 15:56 JS, revision 16647

Applied patch [ 598286 ] Fixes uninitted var in drawing sample

2002-08-21 15:21 VZ, revision 16646

removed (broken) richedit sample from the list of samples to build

2002-08-21 15:03 DW, revision 16645

OS/2 update to get Tip icon created correctly.

2002-08-21 14:32 VZ, revision 16644

updated with the patch from Andrew V. Samoilov

2002-08-21 07:31 JS, revision 16643

Added a line about MINGW32VERSION

2002-08-21 04:12 DW, revision 16642

File dialog fixes

2002-08-20 22:55 VZ, revision 16641

added wxCheckListBox::HitTest() (modified patch 594524)

2002-08-20 22:33 VZ, revision 16640

test new wxProcess::IsInputAvailable/Opened functions

2002-08-20 22:33 VZ, revision 16639

added and documented wxProcess::Is{Input|Error}Available() and IsInputOpened

2002-08-20 22:32 VZ, revision 16638

fixes for wxExecute() with IO redirection: wxStreamTempInputBuffer is now used under MSW as well

2002-08-20 22:28 VS, revision 16637

1. minor rewrite of XRC's stock_id/stock_client handling, now guesses client id from context 2. fixed 'platform' property handling

2002-08-20 22:27 VS, revision 16636

yet another variation on the same theme: wxMAKE_ART_ID_FROM_STR

2002-08-20 22:27 VS, revision 16635

minor rewrite of XRC's stock_id/stock_client handling, now guesses client id from context

2002-08-20 19:12 VZ, revision 16634

removed a few already implemented entries, added 3-satte checkbox

2002-08-20 18:38 JS, revision 16633

OpenGL off by default on Mac, correct scripts to copy setup0.h

2002-08-20 18:37 SC, revision 16632
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/samples/minimal/MinimalM6.mcp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/samples/minimal/makemac6.mcp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/makemac6.mcp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/makemac7.mcp

not necessary anymore

2002-08-20 17:16 JS, revision 16631

Fixed compilo (default arg) in joystick constructor

2002-08-20 17:16 JS, revision 16630

Applied patch [ 597700 ] Fix proposal for wxJoystick under MSW Proposed fixes for the wxWindows joystick code under MSW. Some of these would be valid for other platforms, too. Events for buttons are named wrong, docs say different. Docs say EVT_JOY_BUTTON_DOWN and EVT_JOY_BUTTON_UP, but the code says EVT_JOY_DOWN and EVT_JOY_UP. I suggest changing the code to match the docs. wxJoystick::GetNumberJoysticks() should be a static member function. Having to create a joystick object to see if there are joysticks is silly. Docs for GetNumberJoysticks() must be changed; it returns the number of potentially connected joysticks, not the number of actually connected. Alternatively, GetNumberJoysticks() and others must be rewritten to conform with documentation, including remapping of wxWindows sequential joystick ID's to match MSW non-sequential joystick ID's. dwSize is not set when joyGetPosEx() is called. SEVERE ERROR. Error return value from functions should not be a legal return, for instance, wxJoystick::GetPOVCTSPosition() returns 0 for error, but this is a legal return value. GetButtonState() supports only four (out of 32) buttons. Also, should return as bitmap (LSB = button 1). (Win32 does this, although not documented as such).

2002-08-20 16:57 JS, revision 16629

Applied patch 548046: wxDebugAlloc & wxDebugFree thread safe

2002-08-20 15:48 RR, revision 16628

Added scrolling of widgets to GTK 2.0. Removied obsolete ifdef from toolbar code. Updated readme.

2002-08-20 15:44 RR, revision 16627

Implemented Maximize() etc for GTK 2.0.

2002-08-20 15:09 VZ, revision 16626

rewrote wxString::To/FromAscii() to fix a few small problems

2002-08-20 15:07 VZ, revision 16625

added tests for wxString::To/FromAscii

2002-08-20 15:07 VZ, revision 16624

don't initialize m_str twice in wxCharBuffer ctor

2002-08-20 14:56 VZ, revision 16623

fixed Unicode wxBase config in VC6 project files, there was an extra quote which was completely confusing the compiler

2002-08-20 14:29 VZ, revision 16622

added support for wxCONFIG_USE_NO_ESCAPE_CHARACTERS flag to wxFileConfig (patch 591381)

2002-08-20 14:15 VZ, revision 16621

fixed error message when long options are disabled (patch 597771)

2002-08-20 14:11 JS, revision 16620

Added brief instructions for compiling wxMSW with configure

2002-08-20 13:47 VZ, revision 16619

fix compilation when !wxUSE_INTL (patch 547073)

2002-08-20 13:41 VZ, revision 16618

added mentions of internat sample

2002-08-20 13:28 VZ, revision 16617

fixed m_relative initialization in wxFileName default ctor and Clear() (patch 597736)

2002-08-20 13:25 VZ, revision 16616

updated mutex and semaphore docs to reflect the new API (patch 593994)

2002-08-20 13:21 VZ, revision 16615

removed extra semi colon which provoked CW warnings (replaces patch 596658)

2002-08-20 13:19 VZ, revision 16614

removed extra semi colon which provoked CW warnings (part of patch 596658)

2002-08-20 11:51 JS, revision 16613

Incremented version number

2002-08-20 10:01 JS, revision 16612

-enable-mdi for X11 now works

2002-08-20 09:27 JS, revision 16611

Added generic MDI files

2002-08-20 09:09 JS, revision 16610

Applied patch [ 597398 ] Generic MDI, wxNotebook based. By Hans Van Leemputten (hansvl) - This patch implements a generic notebook based mdi, due to that wxMDIChildFrame could not derive from wxFrame some things in the samples and in the docmdi classes needed to be adjusted... basically this comes down to not do (wxFrame *) but instead do (wxMDIChildFrame *), or store a pointer to the frame in a wxWindow* instead of a wxFrame variable... - The main reason wxMDIChildFrame cannot derive from wxFrame is that it would take to much platform specific functions to be overwritten (= lot of ifdef's). This then couldn't be called generic anymore, so that's why we need to derive from wxPanel... - Tested on/with: 1. wxMSW (I disabled the MSW MDI implementation to be able to test it), tested it with the MDI sample, docvwmdi sample and docview sample and also tested it with wxWorkshop. (test = compile and run) 2. wxX11, tested with the same set wxWin samples as the wxMSW test. I also compiled wxWorkshop with it, but could not run wxWorkshop due to some issue not related to the MDI implementation. - How to apply: * Apply the patch * move mdig.cpp into wxWindows/src/generic/ * move mdig.h into wxWindows/include/wx/generic/ - Some extra things that still need to be done: * File lists, project files should be updated to include mdig.cpp (the patch only change this on wxX11) * The configuration script should be updated. * Maybe wxUSE_GENERIC_MDI_ARCHITECTURE also should be added so it is only included when wanted...

2002-08-20 08:34 JS, revision 16609

Applied patch [ 597320 ] Return wxNotebook::SetSelection value By Hans Van Leemputten (hansvl) According to the documentation wxNotebook::SetSelection() should return the previous selection... (Like wxMSW does) but the wxUniv version returns the currently selected selection. Patch was tested with wxX11. Applied patch [ 597313 ] Popup menu still used after deletion By Hans Van Leemputten (hansvl) - This patch exists out of 2 parts; Part 1 is a patch to show the problem with the menu sample (this part is just to show the problem and should not be put into CVS!). Part 2 is the fix and should be put in CVS. (src/univ/menu.cpp) - Instructions to reproduce the problem with the menu sample: 1. Apply part 1 of the patch only. 2. Run the sample after recompiling it. 3. Press "Close Test" -> "Close", this will basically remove the current menu bar and recreate it again and re-use the menu item "Close test" from the old menu bar... 4. Again press "Close Test", doing this will already crash the sample. - The cause of the problem is that the m_popupMenu in wxMenu is deleted because it is a child of the old menu bar (Note: it does not get destroyed by the wxMenu destructor, but by DestroyChildren()) and m_popupMenu is not put back to NULL when this happens... - This patch was tested only with wxX11.

2002-08-20 08:13 JS, revision 16608

Reordered ClearCache calls as per Roger Chickering's suggestion.

2002-08-20 05:00 DW, revision 16607

FileDlg updates.

2002-08-19 23:09 VS, revision 16606

reverted Robert's preference for tables-driven EC_CharSet

2002-08-19 22:22 DW, revision 16605

Weekly updates and file dialog implementation

2002-08-19 19:40 SC, revision 16604

corrected button modifier state in carbon, cursor setup corrected

2002-08-19 19:36 SC, revision 16603

wxMac needs same cursor setup for cursor as GTK and MSW

2002-08-19 19:34 SC, revision 16602

const char correction for mac

2002-08-19 17:02 RR, revision 16601

Lots more Unicode fixes. wxClipboard fixes for GTK2 and UTF8. wxFileConfig now uses wxConvLocal to convert text and doesn't crash anymore..