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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2009-09-28 10:12 JS, revision 62181

Applied #10362: wxMac's wxSound doesn't work By Cyball

2009-09-28 09:21 JS, revision 62180

Compile fix on Mac

2009-09-28 09:06 JS, revision 62179

Applied #9076 (scrolling bars grow box fix) By lillo

2009-09-28 08:40 JMS, revision 62178

Do not use wxS in array of const wxChar*

2009-09-28 08:25 JMS, revision 62177


2009-09-28 08:07 JS, revision 62176

Attempt at compile fix

2009-09-27 18:30 JMS, revision 62172

Use long double instead of double in wxAnyValueBuffer, moved alignment-specific values into sub-union

2009-09-27 17:28 JMS, revision 62171

Added function and member function pointers in wxAnyValueBuffer to make memory alignment problems even less likely.

2009-09-27 16:52 JMS, revision 62170

Make sure there are no memory alignment issues with wxAnyValueBuffer

2009-09-27 16:39 JMS, revision 62169

Do not process editor control events when propgrid event is currently being processed. Doing otherwise could lead to a crash if application is doing something time-consuming (such as displaying a message box) in the event handler.

2009-09-27 16:35 JMS, revision 62168

Store property name and value in wxPropertyGridEvent, keep track of live event instances, and clear property/grid information in them in wxPropertyGrid dtor. This allows application to relay events for later processing without fear of losing most relevant information within.

2009-09-27 13:44 JMS, revision 62166

wxFontProperty: Added support for wxFONTFAMILY_TELETYPE and wxFONTFAMILY_UNKNOWN, moved Family child-property to the back.

2009-09-27 13:09 JS, revision 62165

Applied #9465 (Error reading GIF with incorrect animation size) By Marc Oldenhof

2009-09-26 22:04 JS, revision 62161

Applied #10190 (WINCE and wxLaunchDefaultBrowserBaseImpl error)

2009-09-26 21:47 JS, revision 62160

Applied modified #10655 (Added Cookie (receive) support to wxHTTP)

2009-09-26 20:50 SC, revision 62159

adding ProcessPendingEvents as ProcessIdle doesn't call it anymore, closes #11132

2009-09-26 19:47 JS, revision 62158

Applied #10857 (wxGenericListCtrl does not recalculate positions on Thaw nor Update, preventing Refresh)

2009-09-26 19:09 JS, revision 62157

Applied #10029: Incorrect _MOTIF_WM_HINTS set for borderless top-level windows

2009-09-26 18:43 VZ, revision 62156

No real changes, just small cleanup in wxMac wxDVC. Use wxDC{Pen,Brush}Changer classes instead of setting/restoring pen and brush manually.

2009-09-26 18:43 VZ, revision 62155

Use FWD version of DLL export macro in forward declaration. Forward declarations must use WXDLLIMPEXP_FWD_XXX and not WXDLLIMPEXP_XXX to avoid g++ warnings about "type attributes are honored only at type definition".

2009-09-26 18:43 VZ, revision 62154

Fixed wxDataViewCtrl::Set{Foreground,Background}Colour() to work under GTK too. Implement DoApplyWidgetStyle() in wxGTK version of wxDataViewCtrl to propagate the main window style to the GtkTreeView which is what the user mostly sees.

2009-09-26 18:43 VZ, revision 62153

Don't hard code white background colour in generic wxDataViewCtrl. wxDataViewMainWindow::OnPaint() always used the white brush to erase the control background which was wrong, change it to use the background colour of the control. Also add tests for setting wxDataViewCtrl foreground and background colours to the dataview sample.

2009-09-26 18:43 VZ, revision 62152

Use default composite controls attributes for wxDataViewCtrl. wxDataViewCtrl should use the same colours/fonts as the native list and tree controls.

2009-09-26 18:43 VZ, revision 62151

Move wxControl::GetCompositeControlsDefaultAttributes() from MSW to common. This function is not MSW-specific and should be used in generic implementation of controls such as wxListCtrl, wxTreeCtrl and wxDataViewCtrl. Even if it is needed by MSW only now, move it to the common code to avoid #ifdefs in these controls code.

2009-09-26 18:42 VZ, revision 62150

Fix harmless warning about -1 to WPARAM conversion. This was introduced by the last change to this file in r62058.