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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2009-03-21 17:52 KO, revision 59705

Allow us to use this script to create wxPython source releases too.

2009-03-21 17:18 VZ, revision 59704

move __WXFUNCTION__ to wx/cpp.h from wx/debug.h

2009-03-21 16:53 KO, revision 59703

Don't raise, as that stops the interpreter but doesn't shut down the Python process.

2009-03-21 16:34 VZ, revision 59702

made wx/debug.h C++ header again (reverting changes of r24896); simply don't include it from wx/defs.h when compiling C files which have no need for the stuff defined in it anyhow

2009-03-21 16:12 VZ, revision 59701

fix generation of wxEVT_CHAR_HOOK events [backport of r59700 from trunk]

2009-03-21 16:11 VZ, revision 59700

fix generation of wxEVT_CHAR_HOOK events which, incredibly, seems to have never worked because of incorrect parameter being passed to SetWindowsHookEx()

2009-03-21 15:39 VZ, revision 59699

don't build flash and mfc samples with non-MSVC compilers (closes #10622)

2009-03-21 15:07 CE, revision 59698

fix for missinf include files

2009-03-21 14:32 SC, revision 59697

making sure the repositioning within the contentview only happens if the parent really has a superview, and not only a contentRect like notebook, fixes #10615

2009-03-21 14:24 SC, revision 59696

make it crash-proof

2009-03-21 13:49 FM, revision 59695

use /b option with the EXIT command

2009-03-21 12:34 FM, revision 59694

fix for PCH-less builds

2009-03-21 12:28 FM, revision 59693

revert 59680; implement proper fix for wxMSW test failure detection

2009-03-21 12:27 FM, revision 59692

fix unreadable typo

2009-03-21 10:04 JMS, revision 59691

Have wxComboCtrl respect parent's wxTAB_TRAVERSAL flag; Also cleaned up key event redirecting code (backported from trunk)

2009-03-21 09:52 JMS, revision 59690

Also redirect wxEVT_KEY_UP and wxEVT_CHAR from the embedded wxTextCtrl (backported from trunk)

2009-03-21 09:50 JMS, revision 59689

Fixed assertion that could appear under wxGTK if wxComboCtrl drop-down button was clicked too quickly (backported from trunk)

2009-03-21 09:41 VS, revision 59688

wxHTML tables handler didn't properly restore m_enclosingContainer state (fixes #10370)

2009-03-21 09:41 VS, revision 59687

wxHTML tables handler didn't properly restore m_enclosingContainer state (fixes #10370)

2009-03-21 09:35 JMS, revision 59686

Fix wxGTK wxBitmapComboBox::SetValue() not working if wxCB_READONLY window style was used

2009-03-21 00:40 FM, revision 59683

minimal list of wx CRT wrappers (so doxygen highlights occurrences of wxFunc() if Func() is a std CRT function

2009-03-21 00:37 FM, revision 59682

fixes for Italian locale: ignore a final 'CET' string and don't test '%p' for it

2009-03-21 00:19 FM, revision 59681

handle locales where AM/PM strings are empty

2009-03-21 00:16 FM, revision 59680

try to use 0/1 instead of the cstdlib' EXIT_SUCCESS/FAILURE constants to see if buildbot makes red the currently-green boxes relative to wxMSW test runs

2009-03-21 00:06 FM, revision 59679

allow to give the testcase name without the final 'TestCase' postfix