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2007-10-24 21:43 DE, revision 49409

Don't check for wxMac before overriding WORDS_BIGENDIAN based on compiler endianness definitions. This allows any toolkit to be compiled universally on OS X, not just wxMac.

2007-10-24 21:03 DE, revision 49408

Remove defined(__WXMAC__) && defined(__APPLE__) case from the OS if/elif block. It would never have been used in a configure build since setup.h which defines __UNIX__ is included from platform.h before the if/elif block. Likewise, it would not have been used for wxMac Xcode builds since they use config_xcode.h which also defines __UNIX__. That's fortunate since __POWERPC__ was defined unconditionally in that case. Note that classic builds wouldn't have used the case either since they have their own case just before it (which remains). Add __MACH__ to the list of UNIX defines (e.g. like __hpux) so that the UNIX case of the OS if/elif block is guaranteed to match for all Mach systems. In addition to that, within that case check for __APPLE__ && __MACH__ and make sure that __BSD__ and __DARWIN__ are defined, TARGET_CARBON is defined, and wxSIZE_T_IS_ULONG is defined. Add __ppc__ to the list of defines that will cause __POWERPC__ to be defined although it's interesting to note that we don't seem to use it anywhere. Make sure that each case of the OS if/elif block has a /* OS ... */ comment to make the code a bit easier to follow. Remove comment about __DARWIN__ being used to work around defects in GCC, that was removed years ago.

2007-10-24 19:42 CE, revision 49407

makefiels updated to reflect removal of db sample

2007-10-24 18:07 PC, revision 49406

Use a GtkVBox to do TLW layout. Rework some of the remaining sizing code.

2007-10-24 18:06 VZ, revision 49405

add a critical section protecting ms_prev variables (replaces patch 1819224)

2007-10-24 17:59 VZ, revision 49404

add a critical section protecting ms_prev variables (replaces patch 1819224)

2007-10-24 17:55 VZ, revision 49403

slightly simplified wxLog repetition counting code

2007-10-24 14:48 VZ, revision 49402

removed extra semicolon (bug 1819361)

2007-10-24 14:21 JS, revision 49399

Small usability improvements

2007-10-24 14:20 JS, revision 49398

Small usability improvements

2007-10-24 14:17 JS, revision 49396

Made dialog captions more standard

2007-10-24 14:16 JS, revision 49395

Made dialog captions more standard

2007-10-24 13:37 VZ, revision 49392

fix off by 1 pixel error in header drawing (patch 1819260)

2007-10-24 08:14 RR, revision 49388

Don't hide wrong border around header button control just to show the problem

2007-10-24 02:58 PC, revision 49384

non-pch build fix

2007-10-23 23:02 VZ, revision 49383

fixed another unused parameter warning

2007-10-23 23:02 VZ, revision 49382

removed a wrong WXUNUSED() from DoNavigateIn()

2007-10-23 22:19 VZ, revision 49376

use -Wunused-parameter with gcc for consistency with MSVC and other compilers which warn about this; fix the uncovered warnings in wxGTK

2007-10-23 21:37 RD, revision 49372

add missing versioned symbol

2007-10-23 21:36 RD, revision 49371

Use premultiplied alpha pixel format to match what is used everywhere else in wxMSW.

2007-10-23 21:31 RD, revision 49370

Use premultiplied alpha pixel format to match what is used everywhere else in wxMSW.

2007-10-23 21:30 RD, revision 49369

Avoid compile error and return a value from StartDoc

2007-10-23 21:11 RR, revision 49368

Add column to control after association with model (currently a requirement for wxMac)

2007-10-23 20:59 VZ, revision 49367

fix a couple more of unused parameters warnings

2007-10-23 19:10 KO, revision 49361

Add implementation of native DrawCheckBox for Mac. (patch #1786282.)

2007-10-23 18:48 SC, revision 49360

adapting single selection deselect to generic listctrl 1812903

2007-10-23 18:27 RD, revision 49358

Use kControlContentIconRef in SetBitmapLabel for wxBORDER_NONE buttons. Factor out code to create a standard sized bitmap so it can be used in SetBitmapLabel too.

2007-10-23 18:26 RD, revision 49357

Factor out code to create a standard sized bitmap so it can be used in SetBitmapLabel too.

2007-10-23 18:20 VZ, revision 49356

do use vswprintf() with mingw32 if STLPort >= 5.1 is used (and not msvcrt which defines vswprintf() in a pre-standard way)

2007-10-23 18:16 VZ, revision 49355

don't compare initial slider position with uninitialized m_pos (modified patch 1818759)

2007-10-23 16:11 VZ, revision 49354

implement wxSYS_DCLICK_MSEC support

2007-10-23 13:40 VZ, revision 49352

remove ODBC and DBgrid libraries

2007-10-23 13:38 VZ, revision 49351

added --prefix option which is useful when cross-building

2007-10-23 13:35 JS, revision 49350

Small code cleanup

2007-10-23 13:35 JS, revision 49349

Small code cleanup

2007-10-23 13:08 VZ, revision 49348

tagging soures before removing of ODBC library

2007-10-23 12:30 SC, revision 49347

making sure we only have the badged exclamation/warning sign for wxICON_EXCLAMATION (sf 1817033)

2007-10-23 07:27 PC, revision 49343

remove extraneous semicolons

2007-10-23 03:30 DE, revision 49342

Go back to my original idea of checking for EILSEQ and EINVAL and failing immediately if either of those is set after wxVsnprintf call returns a negative number to indicate some type of failure. All other errno are assumed to simply mean that the buffer is undersized so the platform C library function can set errno to anything it likes or simply not set it at all and our code will keep trying to increase the buffer size just as it did originally. This should (hopefully) fix compilation with C libraries that only support the most basic set of errors (of which EINVAL and EILSEQ are part).

2007-10-22 21:15 VZ, revision 49341

added wxBG_STYLE_TRANSPARENT and implemented it for wxMac; documented various transparency-related functions

2007-10-22 20:11 SC, revision 49340

fixing compilo

2007-10-22 18:13 RR, revision 49339

Added new line

2007-10-22 18:07 RD, revision 49338

Patch [ 1816051 ] MSW DrawEllipticArc inconsistent with other platforms

2007-10-22 18:06 RD, revision 49337

Patch [ 1816051 ] MSW DrawEllipticArc inconsistent with other platforms

2007-10-22 18:04 RR, revision 49336

Further attempts to get button header right

2007-10-22 17:39 RR, revision 49335

Use CommCtrl to render sortup and sortdown indicators in header control

2007-10-22 17:30 VZ, revision 49334

add HDF_SORTUP/DOWN definitions

2007-10-22 16:12 VZ, revision 49333

escape underscores introduced by the last change

2007-10-22 13:57 RR, revision 49331

Trying to get native header button right

2007-10-22 13:07 SC, revision 49330

moving os x config defaults