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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2007-06-22 17:23 VZ, revision 46643

use -R instead of -Wl,-rpath with Sun CC under Linux too

2007-06-22 17:17 FT, revision 46642

Add skeleton tests for wx.Dialog, and include them in

2007-06-22 17:17 VZ, revision 46641

fixed defining FOOCXX symbols (was broken because AC_LANG_POP was done too soon and so variable name for C and not C++ was wrongly used); changed mwcc and xlc detection to use the common macro instead of duplicating it

2007-06-22 17:15 VZ, revision 46640

added support for using Sun CC to link shared libraries under Linux too

2007-06-22 17:09 VZ, revision 46639

fix Sun CC warnings about converting literal strings to non-const char *

2007-06-22 17:07 FT, revision 46638

Two more tests for wx.TopLevelWindow. Fixed one minor oversight.

2007-06-22 16:50 FT, revision 46637

Include tests for wx.StaticText in

2007-06-22 16:49 FT, revision 46636

Add tests for wx.StaticText. The tests are only inherited, since wx.StaticText has little functionality of its own.

2007-06-22 16:35 FT, revision 46635

Clean up and add more tests for wx.Frame

2007-06-22 15:11 VZ, revision 46634

suppress Sun CC warnings about casting between C++ and extern C function pointers

2007-06-22 14:52 VZ, revision 46633

fix Sun CC warning about name clash between the method parameters and member variables argc/argv

2007-06-22 14:48 VZ, revision 46632

better Sun CC fix: put the function in anonymous namespace instead of making it global

2007-06-22 14:46 VZ, revision 46631

Sun CC doesn't allow calling static function from template instantiations so rename ConvertStringToBuf() to wxInternalConvertStringToBuf() and make it extern

2007-06-22 14:25 VZ, revision 46630

test for Sun CC under Linux too, and not only Solaris (mirrors the change in bakefile)

2007-06-22 14:22 VZ, revision 46629

don't redefine __WCHAR_TYPE__ when using Sun CC if it's already defined (as is the case at least under Linux)

2007-06-22 13:59 VZ, revision 46628

Sun CC (at least version 5.9) has wint_t as a separate type too

2007-06-22 13:58 VZ, revision 46627

fix __SUNCC__ definition; added wxCHECK_SUNCC_VERSION

2007-06-22 13:55 VS, revision 46626

PCH-less compilation fix

2007-06-22 13:39 FT, revision 46625

Update wx.Button test docs and add test for SetDefault.

2007-06-22 13:23 FT, revision 46624

Update wxtest documentation and fix simple typo.

2007-06-22 12:56 VS, revision 46623

fixed documentantion for wxMemoryFSHandler::AddFileWithMimeType() -- older version for two versions of AddFile() was checked in by mistake

2007-06-22 12:56 VS, revision 46622

added documentantion for wxMemoryFSHandler::AddFileWithMimeType()

2007-06-22 12:34 VS, revision 46621

made wxUSE_UNICODE=1 the default

2007-06-22 12:34 RR, revision 46620

Forgot this part of the event change patch from 2_8

2007-06-22 12:30 VS, revision 46619

wxUSE_STL compilation fix

2007-06-22 12:28 VS, revision 46618

normalize printf/scanf format strings correctly on all platforms, while accounting for wxArgNormalizer<T> conversions

2007-06-22 12:26 RR, revision 46617

Upport: Always use GdkPixbuf in wxBitmapButton

2007-06-22 12:25 RR, revision 46616

Always use (or create on-the-fly) pixbuf representation in wxBitmapButtom, fixes [ 1739413 ] Transparency, wxBitmapButton, GTK, disabled

2007-06-22 12:17 RR, revision 46615

Only apply wxALWAYS_SHOW_SB to main window in wxListCtrl.

2007-06-22 12:12 JS, revision 46614

Backported filter fix

2007-06-22 11:12 VS, revision 46613

have only one string form of operator<< in output streams

2007-06-22 11:10 VS, revision 46612

normalize printf/scanf format strings correctly on all platforms, while accounting for wxArgNormalizer<T> conversions

2007-06-22 10:53 RR, revision 46611

Upported event filter patch for wxTextCtrl::SetValue() (work around doesn't work anymore with recent versions of GTK+).

2007-06-22 10:37 RR, revision 46610

Rewrote code that prevents (double) TEXT_UPDATE events in wxTextCtrl::SetValue(). This should fix [ 1735374 ] EVT_TEXT doesn't get called when changing wxTextCtrl

2007-06-22 10:11 RR, revision 46609

Correct gridlines drawing

2007-06-22 10:09 RR, revision 46608

Correct grid lines in wxListCtrl (I cannot find the bug report anymore)

2007-06-22 09:22 RR, revision 46607

Call base class methods for setting clipping region. Part of [ 1739766 ] Clipping non-rectanguar areas in wxGnomePrintDC

2007-06-22 09:18 RR, revision 46606

Call clipping region methods from base class.

2007-06-22 06:53 PC, revision 46605

gtk_widget_destroy does not unref the widget unless it's a TLW or in a container, so use gtk_object_sink to delete temporary, parentless widgets. Fixes memory leak bug #1741184.

2007-06-22 02:01 VZ, revision 46604

document CreateConfig() (extended patch 1739374)

2007-06-22 01:31 FT, revision 46603

Refactor away multi-platform inheritance. Use new wxtest module instead. Fixed some tests so they fail when they do the wrong thing. Update some documentation.

2007-06-22 00:23 FT, revision 46602

Multiple platform-dependent test class hierarchies was a step in the wrong direction. The wxtest module will allow for platform-specific code to be executed within tests in the least hackish manner possible.

2007-06-21 22:29 VZ, revision 46601

don't use DLL export declaration with inline functions, it is ignored and just results in a warning from mingw32 3.4.5 cross-compiler

2007-06-21 21:56 VZ, revision 46600

changed AddPendingEvent() to take const wxEvent reference, it doesn't need to modify it

2007-06-21 21:45 VZ, revision 46599

fix STL build (don't rely on implicit wxString to char* conversions)

2007-06-21 21:34 VZ, revision 46598

fixed compilation in Unicode build (it was silently disabled before...)

2007-06-21 21:29 VZ, revision 46597

fix compilation in ANSI STL build

2007-06-21 19:49 RR, revision 46596

Added minor clarification to the wxListBox events used by wxVListBox.

2007-06-21 18:34 FT, revision 46595

Text manipulation tests for wx.TextCtrl.

2007-06-21 18:14 VZ, revision 46594

blind fix for wxUSE_WXDIB==0 compilation (replaces patch 1739858)