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2015-02-11 05:36 MAR, revision 78472

For Android (wxQT), add private wcstol, wcstoul and wcstod These functions are needed by wxString::ToLong wxString::ToDouble etc.. They do exist in the android library, but do not work corretly. This change implements them using strtol strtoul and strtod For more info see discussion in wx-dev list: Thanks @seandepagnier (modified a bit the comments)

2015-02-11 00:14 VZ, revision 78471

Fix spurious assert in wxGTK wxDataViewCtrl::EditItem(). The assert in wxGtkTreeSelectionLock ctor failed after the first time this object was created as it doesn't reset the selection function to NULL with wxGTK2, fix this by checking for different values depending on whether it's actually the first time we do it or not. In the future we should just reset the selection function to NULL as it does work in GTK+ 3, also update the comment explaining the problem to mention this.

2015-02-11 00:14 VZ, revision 78470

Fix handling of disabled cells in wxGTK wxDataViewCtrl. The original code (see r66404 and r66416) didn't work because it used wxDataViewRenderer::SetMode() to make the renderer inactive but then used its GetMode() to restore the previous state -- which was lost. The result of this was that if the overridden IsEnabled() in the model ever returned false for any row, all the cells in this column, in all the rows, became insensitive, as could be seen by the inability to edit any rating in the first page of the dataview sample (even though it was disabled for a single row only) and any checkboxes on its third page (even though only the last two of them were supposed to be disabled). Fix this simply by making the renderer insensitive at GTK level only, but do not change the mode at wx level. See #12686.

2015-02-11 00:14 VZ, revision 78469

Add check for wxUSE_ADDREMOVECTRL being defined. This should have been part of r78462.

2015-02-11 00:14 VZ, revision 78468

Fix typos in wxTreeEvent::GetOldItem() documentation. Use the correct EVT_TREE_SEL_CHANG{ING,ED} event names instead of the non-existent EVT_TREE_ITEM_CHANG{ING,ED} ones. Closes #16847.

2015-02-11 00:14 VZ, revision 78467

Don't validate and transfer data from hidden dialogs when closing. This is unexpected and resulted e.g. in calling the user-defined TransferDataFromWindow() multiple times for wxPreferencesPages used in wxPreferencesEditor under wxGTK (where it is modeless).

2015-02-09 19:19 PC, revision 78466

don't assume size-allocate implies a widget is realized

2015-02-09 13:10 VZ, revision 78465

Fix DLL declaration of wxAddRemoveCtrlNameStr. The control, and its name string, are in the "adv" library, not "core".

2015-02-09 13:10 VZ, revision 78464

Undo accidental change to the notebook sample. This debugging/testing change was accidentally committed as part of r78462.

2015-02-09 13:10 VZ, revision 78463

Really break into the debugger at the assertion line under wxGTK. This completes the changes of r78408: in addition to making wxTrap() a macro, we also need to call it directly from the assert macro expansion instead of doing it from deep inside wx assert dialog code. See #11184.

2015-02-09 01:26 VZ, revision 78462

Add wxAddRemoveCtrl class. This is a simple high level helper combining an arbitrary control showing multiple items with the buttons allowing to add items to and remove items from this control, but using the buttons and the layout appropriate for the current platform. Add the implementation itself, an example of using it to the dialogs sample and the documentation.

2015-02-09 01:25 VZ, revision 78461

Add an accessor for GtkToolbar widget of wxToolBar. This can be used to customize the toolbar beyond the capabilities of wx API.

2015-02-08 17:36 SC, revision 78460

correcting NSSmallSquareBezelStyle layout inset (top and bottom 1 pixel)

2015-02-08 13:51 AW, revision 78459

Use wxSwap() function to swap values of array elements in wxArrayDoubleEditorDialog::ArraySwap()

2015-02-08 13:48 AW, revision 78458

Use bool constants instead of BOOL ones in propgrid sample. s/FALSE/false/ and s/TRUE/true for the sake of consistency.

2015-02-08 13:45 AW, revision 78457

Implement validator for wxArrayDoubleProperty in propgrid sample. In wxArrayDoubleProperty::DoGetValidator() there is instantiated a wxTextValidator accepting numeric characters, token delimiter and spaces.

2015-02-08 12:17 BP, revision 78456

Turn off batchmode for PDF manual, and no longer update latex_header.

2015-02-08 03:53 BP, revision 78455

Shorten PDF manual ToC, and fix ToC indents. The table of contents is over 600 pages long with the default settings. Now it only lists down to section, and runs 45 pages. Section numbers were also colliding with names, so this fixes the margins in the table of contents.

2015-02-07 23:13 BP, revision 78454

Center the PDF manual logo.

2015-02-06 20:28 VZ, revision 78453

Allow documents without template nor views be deleted correctly again. The changes of r78282 didn't take into account the case of a document without any views nor template and, consequently, without the associated manager. Such documents were not deleted at all any longer. Fix this by ensuring that a document is always associated with a manager: if not with the one specified by its template, then with the global one.

2015-02-06 02:51 BP, revision 78452

Fix LaTeX docs for PDF manual. LaTeX fails to handle tables nested in @param sections, and we've only used them to expand on enums that should be documented on their own anyway, so the docs have been extracted here.

2015-02-06 02:51 BP, revision 78451

Minor adjustments to LaTeX manual header.

2015-02-06 02:51 BP, revision 78450

Sync with Doxygen LaTeX header. Using a custom header is an "experimental" feature since it bypasses several Doxygen configuration options, and skips configuration changes necessary for all automatically generated LaTeX. This continues to use the nicer looking custom header, but brings it up-to-date with the automatically generated one from 1.8.8.

2015-02-04 18:58 BP, revision 78449

Backport r78447: Updated logos in the reference manual.

2015-02-04 18:44 VZ, revision 78448

Fix the expected size of the header logo on The image has been updated in the website repository and online, update its expected size to reflect it and fix the unit test suite.