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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

1998-08-09 13:06 RR, revision 486

Added Pop-up menus. Hunted down bug in dnd Changed widget, that wxWin connects to in certain case (in controls, where m_widget is not the connect widget, such as list control and text control) Compile fixes all over

1998-08-09 08:31 RD, revision 485

Initial version

1998-08-09 07:15 RD, revision 484

Made NOPCH overridable

1998-08-08 22:14 VZ, revision 483

wxWarning replaced with wxLogWarning (to solve the compilation problems due to wxWarning's const incorrectness)

1998-08-08 22:08 VZ, revision 482

WXFARPROC prototyped as `typedef int (__stdcall *WXFARPROC)()' (does Borland understand __stdcall?) to make the program compile with VC++

1998-08-08 21:42 VZ, revision 481

SetBackgroundColour() call is now done after the window is created, not before (in which case ListCtrl_SetBkColor fails because it's called with HWND = 0)

1998-08-08 21:40 VZ, revision 480

wxDeleteStockLists() used (instead of duplicating part of it's code)

1998-08-08 21:39 VZ, revision 479

extra memory amount allocated for string data reduced to the paragraph multiple: so, in principle, it shouldn't waste any memory at all now (unless someone finds a malloc implementation which is capable of allocation less than 16 bytes)

1998-08-08 21:38 VZ, revision 478

some minor changes in wxLogWindow

1998-08-08 13:44 RR, revision 477

Correct the wxButton::Setlabel nonsense Added wxFrame::SetClientSize

1998-08-08 13:11 RR, revision 476

Added wxDC:DrawPolygone Corrected wxBitmap::SetLabel Added wxASSERT here and there wxDropSource:DoDrop() now returns Cancel when supposed to

1998-08-08 09:19 JS, revision 475

Added stub include files; also a couple more Dialog Editor files.

1998-08-08 06:56 DP, revision 474

DP: framecmn.o & wincmn.o were duplicated...

1998-08-08 06:38 DP, revision 473

Another small modification... Sorry for CVS list overloading...

1998-08-08 06:36 DP, revision 472

Small modification

1998-08-08 06:30 DP, revision 471

Looks like I did that...

1998-08-08 06:27 DP, revision 470

Third try to commit....

1998-08-08 05:20 DP, revision 469

DP: 1. _() calls added where needed. 2. const added in params in postscrp.[h,cpp] in order to compile with _(). 3. Some .cvsignore added. (I did not found any .cvsignore in repository, it is rather hard to compile something without them...)

1998-08-07 23:52 JS, revision 468

Fixed various wxMSW compile problems that came down the telephone line... plus wxTreeCtrl::EditLabel/EndEditLabel, dialog editor stuff, wxMSW header changes, doc changes. Sorry about the quantity :-(

1998-08-07 22:38 VZ, revision 467

stray #include "wincmn.cpp" removed

1998-08-07 22:30 VZ, revision 466

wxTREE_INSERT_XXX constants were incorrectly defined (and so inserting the items at the end, for example, didn't work)

1998-08-07 22:27 VZ, revision 465

the modal dialogs restore the focus to the control which had it before the dialog was displayed (earlier, the focus was lost all the time)

1998-08-07 22:25 VZ, revision 464

ProcessEvent() now saves the m_lastXXX parameters in case the event handler will send any other events (without this it can easily lead to crash because DefWndProc is called with garbage instead of correct parameters)

1998-08-07 22:22 VZ, revision 463

code using ms_PaintDC changed a little (a couple of asserts added, the behaviour did not change)

1998-08-07 22:21 VZ, revision 462

improved handling of frames with parent: now they have a NULL parent HWND (to avoid Win32 bugs in handling this situation) but still are iconized/restored with their parent frame