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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

1998-08-10 22:22 RD, revision 498

Since wxREADONLY has disappeared, I had to change to wxTE_READONLY in order to compile.

1998-08-10 19:57 DP, revision 497

Small modifications

1998-08-10 18:09 DP, revision 496

DP: GetBitmap() added to wxImageList

1998-08-10 17:53 DP, revision 495

DP: native wxTreeCtrl for GTK. It *should* be buggy... Cause I do not know GTK... But it works... I do not know why... Robert, please look at it... I am not sure that it is ok...

1998-08-10 13:48 JS, revision 494

Various Dialog Editor-related mods; Dlg Ed. getting usable now under MSW.

1998-08-10 13:41 JS, revision 493

Mod to allow hit-test on static to succeed.

1998-08-10 09:21 KB, revision 492

added correct coordinate handling

1998-08-09 19:42 DP, revision 491

DP: Robert's mistake with incorrect var name corrected. It even does not compile.

1998-08-09 17:26 RD, revision 490
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/utils/wxPython/tests/setup.bat

I didn't mean for this to be in the repository...

1998-08-09 16:46 JS, revision 489

Miscellaneous, mostly cosmetic changes. wxPen/wxFont/wxBrush altered so Set... functions don't change shared objects.

1998-08-09 16:31 JS, revision 488

Stub header changes.

1998-08-09 16:27 JS, revision 487

Added stubs .cpp files.

1998-08-09 13:06 RR, revision 486

Added Pop-up menus. Hunted down bug in dnd Changed widget, that wxWin connects to in certain case (in controls, where m_widget is not the connect widget, such as list control and text control) Compile fixes all over

1998-08-09 08:31 RD, revision 485

Initial version

1998-08-09 07:15 RD, revision 484

Made NOPCH overridable

1998-08-08 22:14 VZ, revision 483

wxWarning replaced with wxLogWarning (to solve the compilation problems due to wxWarning's const incorrectness)

1998-08-08 22:08 VZ, revision 482

WXFARPROC prototyped as `typedef int (__stdcall *WXFARPROC)()' (does Borland understand __stdcall?) to make the program compile with VC++

1998-08-08 21:42 VZ, revision 481

SetBackgroundColour() call is now done after the window is created, not before (in which case ListCtrl_SetBkColor fails because it's called with HWND = 0)

1998-08-08 21:40 VZ, revision 480

wxDeleteStockLists() used (instead of duplicating part of it's code)

1998-08-08 21:39 VZ, revision 479

extra memory amount allocated for string data reduced to the paragraph multiple: so, in principle, it shouldn't waste any memory at all now (unless someone finds a malloc implementation which is capable of allocation less than 16 bytes)

1998-08-08 21:38 VZ, revision 478

some minor changes in wxLogWindow

1998-08-08 13:44 RR, revision 477

Correct the wxButton::Setlabel nonsense Added wxFrame::SetClientSize

1998-08-08 13:11 RR, revision 476

Added wxDC:DrawPolygone Corrected wxBitmap::SetLabel Added wxASSERT here and there wxDropSource:DoDrop() now returns Cancel when supposed to

1998-08-08 09:19 JS, revision 475

Added stub include files; also a couple more Dialog Editor files.

1998-08-08 06:56 DP, revision 474

DP: framecmn.o & wincmn.o were duplicated...