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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

1999-11-18 14:34 VZ, revision 4612

wxLogTrace documentation updated and expanded, VC++ users note added

1999-11-18 14:30 JJ, revision 4611

Committing in . Modifications to get rid of warnings on VMS Modified Files: wxWindows/include/wx/utils.h wxWindows/src/common/date.cpp wxWindows/src/common/datstrm.cpp wxWindows/src/common/gdicmn.cpp wxWindows/src/common/image.cpp wxWindows/src/common/object.cpp wxWindows/src/common/sckipc.cpp wxWindows/src/common/txtstrm.cpp wxWindows/src/generic/fontdlgg.cpp wxWindows/src/generic/listctrl.cpp wxWindows/src/generic/scrolwin.cpp wxWindows/src/generic/splitter.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/app.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/bitmap.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/bmpbuttn.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/button.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/checkbox.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/choice.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/clipbrd.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/colour.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/combobox.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/control.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/cursor.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/dataobj.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/dcclient.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/dcmemory.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/dcscreen.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/dialog.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/filedlg.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/font.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/frame.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/gauge.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/icon.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/listbox.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/mdi.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/menu.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/menuitem.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/msgdlg.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/palette.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/radiobox.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/radiobut.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/region.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/scrolbar.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/settings.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/slider.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/statbmp.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/statbox.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/stattext.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/textctrl.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/timer.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/toolbar.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/utils.cpp wxWindows/src/motif/window.cpp wxWindows/src/unix/fontutil.cpp wxWindows/src/unix/utilsunx.cpp ----------------------------------------------------------------------

1999-11-18 09:26 KB, revision 4610

Linux/AXP compilation fixed.

1999-11-18 08:41 GRG, revision 4609

Changed default address from INADDR_ANY to INADDR_NONE in GAddress_Init_INET, so that if the address is not correctly initialized it won't connect to localhost by default.

1999-11-18 08:39 GRG, revision 4608

Changed default address from INADDR_ANY to INADDR_NONE in GAddress_INET_Init, so that if the address is not correctly initialized it won't connect to localhost by default.

1999-11-18 07:17 RD, revision 4607

VTK wrapper of vtkRenderWindow for wxPython. Tested on MSW so far.

1999-11-17 22:35 VS, revision 4606

I changed wxUSE_HTML (and other related wxUSEs) to 1. wxHTML is stable enough and all other options are enabled by default so I guess it's time to enable wxHTML as well :)

1999-11-17 22:34 VS, revision 4605

fixed incomplete lists of supported handlers

1999-11-17 22:33 VS, revision 4604

wxBitmap::LoadFile and SaveFile now uses wxImage's methods in case there is no wxBitmap handler for given type

1999-11-17 22:33 VS, revision 4603

wxHtmlWindow::LoadPage does not use wxBusyCursor anymore. Instead it displays local hourglass cursor

1999-11-17 21:02 RD, revision 4602

Added wxWakeUpIdle() for MSW and empty stubs for Motif, OS2, and Mac Pending events are now deleted after being processed

1999-11-17 14:29 JS, revision 4601

Made some treectrl sample icons transparent; added toolbar.h to wx.h

1999-11-17 13:45 JJ, revision 4600

Committing in . New timing routines need new setup-definitions Modified Files: : wxWindows/setup.h_vms

1999-11-17 02:05 MT, revision 4599

use a smaller tip font for MSW

1999-11-16 23:24 DW, revision 4598

Modified full UNICODE support for VisualAge C++ for OS/2 V4.0

1999-11-16 23:21 DW, revision 4597

VisualAge V4.0 duplicate definition error suppression

1999-11-16 23:09 VZ, revision 4596

wxMSW fixes after wxFrameBase change - seems to work ok too by now

1999-11-16 21:31 VZ, revision 4595

wxFrameBase class for wxMSW and wxGTK

1999-11-16 16:59 VZ, revision 4594

assert in OnSelected() fixed

1999-11-16 16:44 VZ, revision 4593

send wxActivateEvents

1999-11-16 16:02 VZ, revision 4592

wxWindows/misc correction (was doubly included in wxGTK module)

1999-11-16 15:49 DW, revision 4591

Added full UNICODE support for VisualAge C++ for OS/2 V4.0

1999-11-16 15:31 VZ, revision 4590

crash when deleting window in OnUnsplit() corrected

1999-11-16 13:28 VZ, revision 4589

RemoveAt() added to array classes

1999-11-16 13:14 VZ, revision 4588

wxListCtrl::DeleteAllItems() doesn't send notification events (as documented)