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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2000-03-26 17:38 RL, revision 6950

added joystick.cpp to filelist for gtk. added datafile to joystick sample makefile.

2000-03-26 17:24 RL, revision 6949

added missing bits for static _gl lib

2000-03-26 15:35 SN, revision 6948

Moved APPEXTRALIBS to beginning of LDLIBS, since they might depend on wx library.

2000-03-26 12:36 SN, revision 6947

Changed wxGrid::OnPaint to call Refresh on subwindows. Added Refresh to wxGrid::EndBatch(). Use batch mode in sample. Changed CalcDimension to better handle cases with zero columns or rows. No more automatic insertion of column when adding rows to a grid without columns.

2000-03-26 02:39 RD, revision 6946

First pass on STC wrappers Lots of little fixes, tweaks, additions, etc.

2000-03-25 23:12 OK, revision 6945

Try to avoid sending a string through mbstowcs() when already Unicode (added #if wxUSE_UNICODE etc).

2000-03-25 23:10 OK, revision 6944

Unicode fix

2000-03-25 23:09 OK, revision 6943

Compiles better under Unicode now (but works is another issue)

2000-03-25 23:07 OK, revision 6942

wxLogError()'s second argument is wxChar*, so it likes c_str() better than mb_str()

2000-03-25 23:06 OK, revision 6941

A couple of Unicode fixes.

2000-03-25 23:05 OK, revision 6940

I suppose text validators may take Unicode input as well.

2000-03-25 23:03 OK, revision 6939

wxResourceBuffer changed back to char*.

2000-03-25 23:03 OK, revision 6938

A few Unicode fixes.

2000-03-25 23:01 OK, revision 6937

Trashed old wxCSConv loader code. Replaced with code that uses wxTheFontMapper->CharsetToEncoding and wxEncodingConverter for now (trying to do something more major would probably be too big for WX_2_2_BRANCH, this can be reimplemented in a better way later). Untested but compiles fine and ought to work.

2000-03-25 22:56 OK, revision 6936

Improved conversion constructor arrangement to always allow a second wxMBConv-type argument (changes the signature of the non-Unicode create-from-wchar_t constructor).

2000-03-25 18:21 OK, revision 6935

Corrected a cut&paste-syndrome-typo (it said MB instead of WX).

2000-03-25 18:10 JS, revision 6934

Removed inline that caused strange a link error

2000-03-25 17:17 OK, revision 6933

Some operator!= against wx[W]CharBuffer that was necessary to compile wxWindows with Borland C++ 5.02

2000-03-25 14:46 JS, revision 6932

Fixed c_string typo

2000-03-25 14:41 OK, revision 6931

Topic overview for wxMBConv classes (more or less). Describes how it is *supposed* to work, not how it actually works, but I'll begin implementing the missing pieces as soon as I get my tree to compile in Unicode mode again...

2000-03-25 14:02 SN, revision 6930

Added support for grids with m_numRows=0. SelectRow(i,TRUE) now sets ControlDown to TRUE in the generated event. Fixed stupid bug in row/column deletion in griddemo.cpp

2000-03-25 13:36 RR, revision 6929

wxListCtrl doesn't select the first item in single selection mode anymore (as per MSW).

2000-03-25 11:49 OK, revision 6928

Some documentatin for wxConv classes. But still need to write an overview...

2000-03-24 22:35 VS, revision 6927

update Czech translations - now in sync with 2.1.14 (and hopefully 2.2)

2000-03-24 19:26 JS, revision 6926