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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2000-04-23 16:35 SN, revision 7250

Added #define to resolve strcasecmp/stricmp issue under OS/2

2000-04-23 16:24 SN, revision 7249

Added define needed by EMX.

2000-04-23 16:23 SN, revision 7248

Added include for non-precompiled headers.

2000-04-23 15:53 JS, revision 7247

Some doc corrections

2000-04-23 14:26 SN, revision 7246

Changed MM_DELETEITEM to MM_REMOVEITEM so reinserting is possible. This possibly created a memory leak?

2000-04-23 12:39 JS, revision 7245

Attempts to make it compile in Unicode mode

2000-04-23 08:56 VZ, revision 7244

a demo for wxGTK bug added

2000-04-23 07:06 VZ, revision 7243

wxNotebook::RemovePage() now only gives critical assert failures instead of crashing

2000-04-23 06:53 VZ, revision 7242

unused parameters taken inside WXUNUSED()

2000-04-23 06:51 VZ, revision 7241

gtk_pizza_adjustment_changed() unused, ifdef'd out

2000-04-23 06:48 VZ, revision 7240

added that wxSP_HORIZONTAL is not supported in wxGTK

2000-04-22 21:24 VZ, revision 7239

1. fixed typo in filelist.txt 2. some DLL makefiles/compilation/linking fixes

2000-04-22 18:05 SN, revision 7238

Fixed wxMenuItem::Enable. Added unique IDs to all menus (using a new static member of wxMenu). Use wxWindow's ID as menu item ID seen by OS/2. Rewrote wxMenu::DoInsertOrAppend which now uses the MENUITEM of the submenu or menu item which already contains most of the needed informations (especially the ID!)

2000-04-22 14:41 JS, revision 7237

Dialog Editor bug fixes, old resource conversion, additional layout helpers

2000-04-21 19:17 JS, revision 7236


2000-04-21 19:15 JS, revision 7235

Added a fix to taskbar; minor mods to help controllers; added justification options to wxButton and wxBitmapButton

2000-04-21 19:14 JS, revision 7234

Added some wxBU_... justification styles (WIN32 only)

2000-04-21 18:02 RD, revision 7233

some more demo tweaks

2000-04-21 17:43 RD, revision 7232

Put the control's value in the event object for EVT_TEXT_ENTER

2000-04-21 17:38 RD, revision 7231

Version number in the DLL filename

2000-04-21 17:35 RD, revision 7230

A clarification in the docs for a wxPython method.

2000-04-21 17:16 RD, revision 7229

Fixed a missing parameter in wxStyledTextCtrl::GetLastChild

2000-04-21 17:14 RD, revision 7228

Added line folding to the STC demo

2000-04-21 16:44 RD, revision 7227

fixed some DOS/Unix line-terminator confusion in the source files

2000-04-21 15:09 GRG, revision 7226

Reverted recent WinMain changes due to incompatibility with the default WinMain declaration when windows.h was being included from other headers (compilers thought that we were trying to overload a C function and aborted compilation of the library) Current status is: For __WXMSW__ only, and only if WXUSINGDLL, this file #includes <windows.h> (and then "wx/msw/private.h") and declares WinMain correctly (matching the signature in <windows.h>). This change does not affect non-DLL builds.