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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2001-02-02 15:56 vadz, revision 9263

added missing GetEventHandler() (patch #103561)

2001-02-02 13:22 joukj, revision 9262

Committing in . Modified Files: wxWindows/src/common/dynlib.cpp RTLD_GLOBAL is not allowed in the second argument of dlopen on True64-Unix. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2001-02-02 13:19 joukj, revision 9261

Committing in . Modified Files: wxWindows/configure Compaq's preporcessor on True64-Unix does not allow A #include with the "#" on another position than the first. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2001-02-02 08:21 robind, revision 9260

A few (hopefully) final tweaks for wxPython 2.2.5

2001-02-02 08:04 robind, revision 9259

A few (hopefully) final tweaks for wxPython 2.2.5

2001-02-02 05:05 dwebster, revision 9258

latest module definition file for OS/2 .dll build

2001-02-02 05:04 dwebster, revision 9257

Redfine some events

2001-02-01 20:24 georgetasker, revision 9256

Huge cleanup of the code. Reformatting, spelling fixes, standardizing on wxWindows conventions, etc. Changed the couple lines of code required to work with checkins of the new ODBC classes that use wxStrings. Fixed a ton of memory leaks Demo still crashes on exit though - this problem has exited for nearly a year though.

2001-02-01 20:21 georgetasker, revision 9255

All char, char *, and char arrays changed to use wxChar or wxString. 99% backward compatability maintained Cleaned up code to remove duplicate blocks from multiple functions Added better handling of failed creation of wxDbTable/wxDb objects Moved code out of class constructors to a private function called from within the constructor Moved destructor code to a cleanup() function so it could be called from within the constructor if the constructor failed. Added wxDb::ModifyColumn() function.

2001-02-01 20:17 georgetasker, revision 9254

Changed a couple lines to intialize member variables correctly to match db/dbtable type changes to wxString from char * Spelling typos fixed All hardcoded text strings and characters now inside wxT()

2001-02-01 20:10 depeyrot, revision 9253

CodeWarrior project for Classic Mac OS

2001-02-01 16:12 vadz, revision 9252

added missing WXDLLEXPORT

2001-02-01 15:27 georgetasker, revision 9251

Changed declaration of TREE events from being in both treectlg and treectrl to having it just once in treebase

2001-02-01 02:00 vadz, revision 9250

more wxNotebook code (doesn't work yet)

2001-01-31 22:51 vadz, revision 9249

small fix for control positions

2001-01-31 22:46 vadz, revision 9248
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/include/wx/plot.h
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/gtk/threadpsx.cpp
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/gtk1/threadpsx.cpp

Removed obsolete files

2001-01-31 17:31 vadz, revision 9247

and another...

2001-01-31 17:25 vadz, revision 9246

argh... yet another compilation fix

2001-01-31 17:21 vadz, revision 9245

another compilation fix

2001-01-31 17:19 vadz, revision 9244

oops... fixed a typo

2001-01-31 17:16 vadz, revision 9243

1. made compilation with WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_EVENT_TYPES really work 2. moved ~50% of the event types in their own headers/sources from event.h/cpp

2001-01-31 16:00 vadz, revision 9242

event handling seems to work again, new sample (event) added and documented

2001-01-31 15:58 vadz, revision 9241

compilation warnings fixed

2001-01-31 15:57 vadz, revision 9240

wxDC scaling fix patch (Derry Bryson)

2001-01-31 14:50 georgetasker, revision 9239

Destructor for wxMimeTypesManager was deleting its member m_impl without checking if it was already NULL or not.