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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2002-02-12 22:50 SN, revision 14165

Some additional checks for building wxPM (OS/2) which doesn't support wxTipWindow and wxPopupWindow yet. Additionally check in libsocket for inet_addr (for all OS/2 builds).

2002-02-12 22:42 VZ, revision 14164

added IsEditable

2002-02-12 21:28 RD, revision 14163

A fix for Python 2.2 which can sometimes call __wxCleanup before all the other wxPython objects have been deleted. Other various things to match recent CVS changes in wx.

2002-02-12 18:27 JS, revision 14162

Added XSync before mapping but this doesn't seem enough to get the popup window to show before the capture (which fails if not mapped)

2002-02-12 18:15 JS, revision 14161

Removed some debug code from window headers; added some debug code to try to figure out capture problems

2002-02-12 17:43 JS, revision 14160

Correction for 'protected' compiler error

2002-02-12 17:31 JS, revision 14159

Modified CaptureMouse to call DoReleaseMouse if necessary before doing another DoCaptureMouse, because otherwise we have a nested Capture which is not possible in some systems (the point of these wrappers). Also ReleaseMouse now calls DoCaptureMouse, not CaptureMouse, if necessary.

2002-02-12 16:51 VZ, revision 14158

fixed a bug/typo in configure introduced by the previous commit

2002-02-12 15:39 JS, revision 14157

Pass correct length to XTextExtents

2002-02-12 14:56 JS, revision 14156

Background set correctly

2002-02-12 14:56 JS, revision 14155

Positioned text correctly

2002-02-12 14:16 JS, revision 14154

Status bar positioned correctly, but no sign of the menubar as yet.

2002-02-12 12:59 JS, revision 14153

Attempts to get client origin working. Work in progress.

2002-02-12 11:35 JS, revision 14152

Simplified default wxTheme code and made sure a default is available without having to set the WXTHEME variable. The 'default default' is WIN32. So flame me :-)

2002-02-12 10:37 VS, revision 14151

safeguards against crashes

2002-02-12 10:37 VS, revision 14150

fixed menubar attaching: create it first, THEN set pointer to it

2002-02-12 10:37 VS, revision 14149

wxMGL compilation fix

2002-02-12 06:00 DW, revision 14148

Display child panels, and make unneeded scrollbars disappear and reappear when needed.

2002-02-12 01:54 RD, revision 14147

Fixed a bug that prevented editors and renderers to be purly data type dirven (IOW, if no other cell attributes have been set but the cell has a non-string type.)

2002-02-11 23:48 VS, revision 14146

wxGenericDirCtrl now correctly updates itself when you click on 'show hidden'

2002-02-11 23:48 VS, revision 14145

wxSplitterWindow now: 1. respects minimal size even when set programatically 2. respects minimal size of child windows if set

2002-02-11 23:47 VS, revision 14144

rewrote wxHtmlHelpFrame using sizers

2002-02-11 23:47 VS, revision 14143

use wxHashMap, not wxHashTable in wxXPMDecoder

2002-02-11 23:46 VS, revision 14142

a note just in case I misread wxHTML code again...

2002-02-11 23:46 VS, revision 14141

fix for deallocating memory twice in wxHTML (why does it happen?)