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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2002-02-17 00:20 SN, revision 14265

Fixed typo in my last commit (it did break socket detection code :-( ).

2002-02-17 00:03 VS, revision 14264

don't treat changing focus to popup's child as loosing it

2002-02-16 21:53 VZ, revision 14263

various splitter fixes: 1. generate the events from the event handlers, thus it is now possible to process the splitter events in the parent window 2. when double clicking the splitter which can't be unsplit it doesn't jump by a couple of pixels 3. misc code cleanup

2002-02-16 21:03 SN, revision 14262

Changes to make wxBase configure on OS/2 correctly. Added needed post-link operation for wxPM on OS/2 using LIBWXMACRESCOMP. Add -lstdcpp to LIB for OS/2. Avoid duplication of "-lsocket" on OS/2 (for a purely cosmetic result).

2002-02-16 20:24 MBN, revision 14261

Enable wxDynamicLoader

2002-02-16 20:20 MBN, revision 14260

Fix Cygwin and MinGW compilation

2002-02-16 20:19 MBN, revision 14259

Fixed toolbar crash for MinGW/Cygwin

2002-02-16 19:56 RR, revision 14258

The last commit was too hasty.

2002-02-16 19:23 RR, revision 14257

Forgot to move update and clear regions when scrolling.

2002-02-16 17:54 RR, revision 14256

Put a wxRegion test into the erase sample.

2002-02-16 15:32 VZ, revision 14255

refresh the item whose image depends on the expanded/collapsed state after expanding it to ensure that it is shown correctly

2002-02-16 13:37 SC, revision 14254

new bitmap creation code for mac

2002-02-16 13:36 SC, revision 14253

new bitmap code

2002-02-16 11:37 VS, revision 14252

previous change to wxImage was wrong, it didn't account for saving same image twice

2002-02-16 11:17 SC, revision 14251

fixed inheritance info

2002-02-16 11:16 SC, revision 14250

bracketed include def for CW nothrow flag for MAKINGDLL only

2002-02-16 10:59 RR, revision 14249

wxX11: Made timer compile and maybe work. Fixed display bug in wxListCtrl.

2002-02-16 01:51 VS, revision 14248

more fixes to wxSplitterWindow's initial sash position

2002-02-16 01:45 VS, revision 14247

A couple of changes to wxImage: 1. changed wxBMP_foo, wxCUR_foo to wxIMAGE_OPTION_{BMP,CUR}_foo (with backward compatiblity macros, of course) 2. applied Chris' patch to update hotspot when scaling an image 3. applied Chris' patch to write a filename in XPM and generalized it to pass wxIMAGE_OPTION_FILENAME to all saving handlers

2002-02-16 01:44 VS, revision 14246

oops, commiting too fast, forgot to fix a small typo

2002-02-15 22:18 RR, revision 14245

wxX11: Reorganized SetSize() code so that composite controls work. Removed call to XSync() in the same code.

2002-02-15 22:15 DW, revision 14244

New def file

2002-02-15 22:08 MBN, revision 14243

spaces -> TAB

2002-02-15 21:50 MBN, revision 14242

Updated docs for wxProcessEvent wxPerl docs updates some minor fixes

2002-02-15 20:25 RR, revision 14241

wxX11: Added new scrolling code.