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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2002-08-08 18:21 VS, revision 16415

unified archive naming to name-version-arch

2002-08-08 18:21 VS, revision 16414

tex2rtf: fixes to makefile.unx to make rpm spec file possible

2002-08-08 18:21 VS, revision 16413

tex2rtf fixes: removed missing files from src.rsp

2002-08-08 10:11 JS, revision 16412

Applied patch [ 579219 ] wxNotebook:SetPadding added This allows changing the padding of the icons and text in the tab of a wxNotebook for wxGTK. Since the container in the tab is only a horizontal container only the width component is used. Negative values are acceptable so no checks were made. It now defaults to a padding of 0 on the sides and 1 in between the icon and label, looks good for a few "themes" I tried. Note: Unfortunately there is no function to set the padding on the left or right side of a widget. gtk_box_set_child_packing sets padding on BOTH sides of a widget so you'd get double the spacing between an icon and the label. To get around this, the icon (if there was one) is removed and added back. That way the icon will provide the padding on the left and the label will provide the padding between and to the right. It looks nice for all sizes. The gtk_container_set_border_width unforuntately only adds borders to ALL sides equally. A simple check is to add m_notebook->SetPadding in one in the spinctrl callback in the controls sample. (set appropriate range too -10,20). Note that the tab sizes change to fit the width of the panel, if appropriate, and so the spacing between the icon and label changes accordingly. This isn't a bug, but it does look weird as you scan up and down the spacing (which nobody would normally do). I also changed all wxGtkNotebookPage variables to nb_page so that "int page" would be used to mean the page number. Just cosmetic for consistency with the rest of the functions that were already like that.

2002-08-08 10:04 JS, revision 16411

Applied patch [ 584057 ] Fixes calculation bug in wxThread::Sleep There's a problem in src/mac/thread.cpp function wxThread::Sleep when CLOCKS_PER_SEC is not 1000. The amount-to-sleep code doesn't take into account this value. Due to this when I did Sleep(1000) it was sleeping a fraction of a second because on my Mac CLOCKS_PER_SEC is 60. This patch fixes it. Dimitri Schoolwerth (dimitrishortcut)

2002-08-08 10:00 JS, revision 16410

Applied patch [ 588140 ] User Scaling of Rotated Text on wxGTK The effect of wxDC::SetUserScale() on wxDC::DrawRotatedText() is to scale the text **twice**. The code is in src/gtk/dcclient.cpp The first scaling operation occurs when choosing the GTK font size (as happens for wxDC::DrawText()). The rotated text is scaled a second time when blitting the rotated text bitmap to the DC, in the functions XLOG2DEV(x + dstX) and YLOG2DEV(y + dstY). The supplied patch moves the rotated bitmap co-ords (dstX, dstY) outside of the LOG2DEV functions. bryan cole (bryancole)

2002-08-08 09:57 JS, revision 16409

Applied patch [ 587450 ] Scoped Smart pointers and docs By Jesse Lovelace (thementat)

2002-08-08 09:46 JS, revision 16408

Applied patch [ 589903 ] Update doc for CW/wxMSW install This patch updates the CW section in docs/msw/install.txt for the development (2.3.3) branch. It fixes a couple typos and clarifies how to use the minimal project file as a template for other projects. Igor Mikolic-Torreira

2002-08-08 09:44 JS, revision 16407

Applied patch [ 587723 ] Update to cw.rsp file I've updated the file so it captures all the files that are unique to the wxMSW + CW combination. Even though not all of the samples have CW project files, all the samples are listed in the rsp. That way if more samples get project files prior to release 2.3.x or 2.4, there will be no need to modify this file. I did, however, remove all of the util sub-directories from cw.rsp because none of the util sub-directories have any CW project files (and I don't foresee adding any ;) Igor Mikolic-Torreira

2002-08-08 09:37 JS, revision 16406

Applied [ 587500 ] Update CW project file for wxMSW This patch updates the CW project file for building wxMSW. It patches the file src/wxWindowsW7.xml on the development branch. It does the following: (1) adds the file src/common/msgout.cpp to the build. (2) moves popupwin.cpp ahead of sub-libraries in the link order for linking the library (this is just paranoia on my part ;) Igor Mikolic-Torreira

2002-08-08 09:35 JS, revision 16405

Applied patch [ 587454 ] CW-related wx/wxchar.h fix This fixes the problem in include/wx/wxchar.h with including <wchar.h> for CW reported by Andreas Simanowski. The current version does not work with CW Win32 builds. The fix suggested by Andreas is incorrect, because it will break the wxMAC CW builds. The purpose of conditionals starting at line 77 is to correctly handle the various compilers. The fundamental problem with the existing code is that it begins by conditioning on __WIN32__. This is wrong, and makes it hard to handle compilers that work on more than one OS (such as CW). Instead the conditionals should be done purely on compilers. Each compiler can then set things appropriately. If a particular compiler works on more than one OS but has different needs on each OS, then this can be handled within the code for that compiler. The attached patch removes the top level conditional on __WIN32__ and restructures the remainder as a series of conditionals on individual compilers. Igor Mikolic-Torreira

2002-08-08 09:24 JS, revision 16404

Applied patch [ 590031 ] Slider: Events must be enabled earlier The current wxSlider - implementation gives a gtk-warning about not being able to find an event handler. This is because the first call of GtkEnableEvents has to happen a few lines earlier. The patch fixes this.

2002-08-08 09:21 JS, revision 16403

Applied patch [ 591998 ] EventHandler chain incorrectly updated

2002-08-08 09:15 JS, revision 16402

Applied patch [ 590247 ] Fix bad calculation of listctrl update. In wxGenericListCtrl when removing single items a call to RefreshAfter would cause bad things to happen in GTK/X11. It would under certain circumstances put Xlib into an exponential memory and cpu usage mode. Causing eventual core dump but not before using all memory and swap. The problem is that RefreshAfter is passing a negative height rectangle refresh to GTK/X11. This stems from a mixture of using scrolled and unscrolled values to calculate the update region. This patch fixes the problem... by transforming to scrolled values earlier. And also adds one optimization to not update when the item is below the visible area. Tested on GTK.

2002-08-08 09:10 JS, revision 16401

Applied patch [ 592363 ] Owner Draw Round 2 fixes This patch fixes the following items in the owner draw code: * When an item is disabled, yet highlighted, the code will now retrieve the user's system settings for greyed-out text and use that color. Previously, the code had continued to print the disabled text with an embossed effect, which looked bad when the item was highlighted. * Menu formatting, such as hot-key underlining (example, "&Open"), has been fixed. * Measurements and alignments with accelerators/hot-keys has been fixed.

2002-08-08 09:00 JS, revision 16400

Applied [ 590985 ] fix for radiobox under motif

2002-08-08 08:54 JS, revision 16399

Applied patch [ 592063 ] generic notebook does not OnSelChanging Misc other mods

2002-08-08 08:51 JS, revision 16398

Removed bogus default parameters, applying patch [ 592492 ] motif, solaris 8, gcc 3.1 build failure

2002-08-07 21:06 RD, revision 16397

Typo fixes

2002-08-07 21:06 RD, revision 16396

Bug fix

2002-08-07 21:05 RD, revision 16395

bug fix

2002-08-07 20:21 JS, revision 16394

Added error directive for MSW since no longer needed.

2002-08-07 17:35 RR, revision 16393

Added support for outlines printing under wxGTK. I still have to figure out how to do scaling right, the current values are guesswork.

2002-08-07 17:34 RR, revision 16392

Compile fix for Unicode.

2002-08-07 15:56 JS, revision 16391

Updated file list

2002-08-07 15:50 JS, revision 16390

Added scripts to make Tex2RTF distribution on Unix

2002-08-07 15:48 JS, revision 16389

Added files to Tex2RTF file list

2002-08-07 15:24 JS, revision 16388

Added licence docs for Tex2RTF

2002-08-07 09:56 JS, revision 16387
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/utils/tex2rtf/distrib/tex2rtfversion.txt

Removed temporary file

2002-08-07 09:56 JS, revision 16386

Added files for creating independent Tex2RTF distributions

2002-08-07 08:56 MBN, revision 16385

Fix makefile.g95 for make 3.77

2002-08-07 07:56 JS, revision 16384

Added ProcessIdle virtual function

2002-08-06 20:51 RR, revision 16383

Small fix for Pango printing with bitmaps.

2002-08-06 19:54 MBN, revision 16382

Patch [ 588732 ] makes wxRB_GROUP/radiobuttons working from Marcin Wojdyr (wojdyr) Applied with some modifications (remove buttons from the chain on destruction, or the program will segfault).

2002-08-06 19:14 RR, revision 16381

Compile fix.

2002-08-06 18:58 RR, revision 16380

Further code for Pango fonts (work now) and some code for Pango prining. Doesn't work..

2002-08-06 16:41 RR, revision 16379

Lots of work to set PangoFontDescription as the native font info data. WIP.

2002-08-06 03:35 DW, revision 16378

Lots of OS/2 updates

2002-08-06 03:34 DW, revision 16377

Some OS/2 Updates

2002-08-05 18:49 VZ, revision 16376

added a more convenient version of wxFileType::GetOpenCommand()

2002-08-05 18:04 RR, revision 16375

Lots of Unix/Unicode compile fixes, some of which are just #ifdef 0 such as the wxExecute calls in gdcps.cpp.

2002-08-05 18:00 GD, revision 16374

added missing include file for ProjectBuilder (Mac OS X)

2002-08-05 17:59 RR, revision 16373

Lots of updates for Unicode and GTK 2.0 support.

2002-08-05 17:57 RR, revision 16372

Added various MACROS for converting strings back and forth in the different ansi/unicode/gtk mode/versions.

2002-08-05 17:56 RR, revision 16371

Compile fix (include order) for Unicode under Unix.

2002-08-05 17:56 RR, revision 16370

Miserable hack around problem when shrinking a scrolled window with child windows when it was maxiamally scrolled.

2002-08-05 15:53 DW, revision 16369

OS/2 VA needs to include time.h to get the time calls.

2002-08-05 15:50 DW, revision 16368

FALSE, not false

2002-08-05 03:15 DW, revision 16367

Lots of fixes for common dialogs, radioboxes, static text, checkboxes and so on.

2002-08-05 03:13 DW, revision 16366

Font fix for OS/2 common control creation

2002-08-05 03:12 DW, revision 16365

Fixes for common dialogs

2002-08-04 19:03 JS, revision 16364

Applied patch from Benjamin Williams to improve wxMenu ownerdraw behaviour

2002-08-04 15:40 VS, revision 16363

wxCmdLineParser's output goes to stderr, not message box, under Unix

2002-08-04 15:40 VS, revision 16362

no more hacks needed in wxrc now that wxMessageOutput works...

2002-08-04 14:39 GD, revision 16361

updated xml project file with latest changes (spinctrl, display, msgout, ...)

2002-08-04 13:02 GD, revision 16360

add spinctrl header for wxMac

2002-08-04 13:01 GD, revision 16359

only set focus on textctrl item if it exists (exists if combo box is editable)

2002-08-04 08:59 SC, revision 16358

added border clipping

2002-08-03 23:30 MBN, revision 16357

Mention wxMessageOutput in changes.txt wxMessageOutputLog now available in all ports

2002-08-03 21:05 SC, revision 16356

added option for getting visible region w/o children clipped, added to redrawing of control code

2002-08-03 21:03 SC, revision 16355

added option for getting visible region w/o children clipped

2002-08-02 18:26 MBN, revision 16354

Documented wxMotif changes

2002-08-02 17:55 MBN, revision 16353

Fixed yet another error in my wxCmdLineParser mdifications.

2002-08-02 15:46 SC, revision 16352

corrected scrolling problems for controls, switched to separate wxSpinCtrl implementation, both wxComboBox and wxSpinCtrl now have proper parenting for their members

2002-08-02 15:44 SC, revision 16351

corrected scrolling problems for controls, switched to wxSpinCtrl

2002-08-02 15:41 SC, revision 16350

added a MacUpdateDimensions callback for DoMoveWindow

2002-08-02 15:36 SC, revision 16349

separate mac implementation

2002-08-02 15:33 SC, revision 16348

added a MacUpdateDimensions callback for DoMoveWindow

2002-08-02 15:30 SC, revision 16347

switch to a separate implementation for mac

2002-08-02 08:31 JS, revision 16346

Renamed internal GetClientWindow to GetClientAreaWindow so as not to clash with the MDI function of the same name

2002-08-02 08:16 MBN, revision 16345

Patch [ 584078 ] Misc samples fixes from Dimitri Schoolwerth Addresses: printf-format warinigs indentation/style unused variable warnings used wxID_ABOUT for about menu entry removed references to "minimal sample" in other samples some other misc warinigs

2002-08-01 20:00 JS, revision 16344

Applied [ 586524 ] wxVariant Enhancements.

2002-08-01 19:58 MBN, revision 16343

This is a quick hack: if there is no global wxMessageOutput instance, and there is a wxApp instance, call wxTheApp->DoInit() to initialize the global wxMessageOutput instance. The correct solution is to ensure that wxApp::DoInit is always called.

2002-08-01 19:55 MBN, revision 16342

Assert is there is no wxMessageOutput

2002-08-01 19:54 JS, revision 16341

Applied patch [ 588734 ] Makes ProcessIdle() virtual

2002-08-01 19:51 JS, revision 16340

Applied patch [ 589484 ] wxGenericListCtrl, fix for direct use.

2002-08-01 19:12 MBN, revision 16339

Patch [ 584078 ] Misc samples fixes from Dimitri Schoolwerth Addresses: printf-format warinigs indentation/style unused variable warnings used wxID_ABOUT for about menu entry removed references to "minimal sample" in other samples some other misc warinigs

2002-07-31 21:06 MBN, revision 16338

Fixed logic error

2002-07-31 20:44 MBN, revision 16337

Patch [ 588837 ] Fixes comment style in gsocket.* C files should countain C-style commensts, not C++.

2002-07-31 20:40 MBN, revision 16336

Regenerated files.lst after addition of listbase.h

2002-07-31 20:35 MBN, revision 16335

Refactored wxListBox code so that it correctly implements wxControlWithItems, and removed some duplicated code. Implemented wxCheckListBox using the same technique as wxGTK.

2002-07-31 02:51 RD, revision 16334

My RPM spec now uses the --enable-rpath

2002-07-31 02:50 RD, revision 16333

Added --enable-rpath=dir that will cause the -rpath linker commands to be output by wx-config --libs

2002-07-30 22:01 VS, revision 16332

fixed icons displaying in wxHtmlHelpFrame (somebody obviously didn't bother to check his changes...)

2002-07-30 21:20 MBN, revision 16331

Due to my previous commit, calling wxWindow::Create( ... wxSize(-1,-1) was causing a BadMatch error *trying to set width/height to 0).

2002-07-30 19:04 JS, revision 16330

Added wx/listbase.h with wxListCtrl types, so we can have wxGenericListCtrl available on all platforms

2002-07-30 16:14 JS, revision 16329

Must include wx/listctrl.h unfortunately, for now

2002-07-30 16:01 JS, revision 16328

More tweaks so wxGenericListCtrl only uses generic components

2002-07-30 15:38 DW, revision 16327

Installation file

2002-07-30 14:13 DW, revision 16326

os2 distribution response file

2002-07-30 11:56 DW, revision 16325

Weekly Updates

2002-07-29 21:05 MBN, revision 16324

Fixed my utnpaste error (thanks to Marcin Wojdyr

2002-07-29 20:34 MBN, revision 16323

w32api 2.0 will have shlwapi.h

2002-07-29 20:31 MBN, revision 16322

Under MSW and GTK the foreground and background colour for a blit from a monochrome bitmap are the text for/background colours. Until now motif used the pen and background brush colours. Now Motif behaviour matches MSW and GTK one.

2002-07-29 20:28 RD, revision 16321

Changes to attempt to use a private wxGTK

2002-07-29 20:25 MBN, revision 16320

Generate EVT_SPINCTRL_UPDATED for wxMotif, too

2002-07-29 20:02 RD, revision 16319

Added some rectangle based method overloads

2002-07-29 19:17 JS, revision 16318

Added wxComboBox to scroll test to demonstrate Mac problem

2002-07-29 18:29 VZ, revision 16317

fixed bug due to which all items in a virtual control stayed sometimes selected even after Clear()ing it

2002-07-29 12:27 RN, revision 16316

Import regex from tcl 8.4.5

2002-07-29 12:27 , revision 16315

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RXSPENCER'.

2002-07-29 12:27 RN, revision 16314

Tcl regex lib

2002-07-29 10:56 RN, revision 16313

Import regex from tcl 8.4.5

2002-07-29 10:56 , revision 16312

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'RXSPENCER'.

2002-07-29 10:56 RN, revision 16311

Tcl regex lib

2002-07-29 04:32 DW, revision 16310

Slider Updates

2002-07-29 04:13 RL, revision 16309

The world should not end if a server has no peer. Let's return FALSE instead. GAddress_copy should copy truthfully, not mangle the result if things are going badly. An earlier incarnation of the above. Disable events before closing the socket, though just disabling them at all will do. This was the cause of the nasty 'crash on fail to bind' behaviour that people have been seeing.

2002-07-28 20:53 MBN, revision 16308

Take into account icon mask in wxStaticBitmap

2002-07-28 20:51 MBN, revision 16307

Check for NULL pointer

2002-07-28 20:50 MBN, revision 16306

Calss interface updates (wxMotif-only). Made wxCheckBox inherit from wxChekBoxBase. Corrected virtual function hiding in wxListBox. Made wxRadioBox inherit from wxRadioBoxBase.

2002-07-28 18:48 VS, revision 16305

ported characters escaping in menus to GTK+ 2.0 (it is now possible to have / in menu entries, unlike in case of GTK+ 1.2; and \ was fixed to work in 2.0)

2002-07-28 16:23 RR, revision 16304

New implementation of ShowFullScreen(). It works so well, it is hard to believe.

2002-07-28 13:33 MBN, revision 16303

Implemented wxSpinButton for wxMotif. Renamed generic wxSpinCtrl::DoGetBestClientSize to DoGetBestSize ( the "Client" appears to be a relic of the past ).

2002-07-28 10:17 RR, revision 16302

Implement SetFilterIndex

2002-07-28 10:16 RR, revision 16301

IMplement SetFilterINdex()

2002-07-27 22:28 VS, revision 16300

How to use MSLU with MSVC/nmake

2002-07-27 22:28 VS, revision 16299

MSLU clarifications

2002-07-27 22:27 VS, revision 16298

libunicows moved to sourceforge

2002-07-27 21:29 RD, revision 16297

SWIGged updates for wxGTK

2002-07-27 20:24 MBN, revision 16296

Added statline.h to wxMotif files

2002-07-27 20:14 MBN, revision 16295

Check for NULL before dereferencing

2002-07-27 20:13 MBN, revision 16294

Added DoSetSize and DoMoveWindow to generic wxStaticLine. Now it works with sizers.

2002-07-27 20:12 MBN, revision 16293

Rename wxGenericImageList to wxImageList in generic wxListCtrl, too.

2002-07-27 20:10 MBN, revision 16292

Changed wxMotif's wxWindow::Create so it does not call DoSetSize anymore; now calling wxWindow::SetSize should call wxWindow::DoMoveWindow. As a result composite controls should work with Motif, too.

2002-07-27 18:14 VS, revision 16291

added a section on when to delete global objects

2002-07-27 18:14 VS, revision 16290

fixed typo

2002-07-27 18:14 VS, revision 16289

1. clarified relation between XRC .xrs files and ZIPs 2. some minor additions to XRC docs

2002-07-27 07:03 JS, revision 16288

Corrected typo

2002-07-27 05:15 RL, revision 16287

minus one show stopper typo and a couple of warnings on mingw.

2002-07-26 22:09 VS, revision 16286


2002-07-26 22:08 VS, revision 16285

fix for memory leak in XRC-generated CXX resources code

2002-07-26 16:13 JS, revision 16284

Don't fail to register remaining window classes if one fails to register Set window proc for non-control windows

2002-07-26 07:13 SC, revision 16283

changed library include to use relative paths

2002-07-26 06:52 SC, revision 16282

added msgout.cpp

2002-07-26 01:51 RD, revision 16281

Show how to prevent deselection of specific items

2002-07-26 01:51 RD, revision 16280

Don't show a dialog upon import when Numeric isn't installed

2002-07-25 22:37 VS, revision 16279

backported buffer overflow fix for wxHTML to 2.2

2002-07-25 21:47 GD, revision 16278

prefix include file for Project Builder project

2002-07-25 20:29 MBN, revision 16277

Applied patch from Ian Brown to make menus look better in wxMotif (#586347)

2002-07-25 17:07 VZ, revision 16276

corrected Enable() docs to correspond to the real method signature

2002-07-25 13:29 JJ, revision 16275

Committing in . changed one parameter in the definition of wxBitmap from long to int. (just as it is in wxGTK). This solves a compilation problem on OpenVMS. Modified Files: wxWindows/include/wx/motif/bitmap.h wxWindows/src/motif/bitmap.cpp ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2002-07-25 13:18 JJ, revision 16274

Committing in . Updated OpenVMS compile support: setip.h_vms : added definition of wxExplicit descrip.mms : added msgout.cpp utilsunx.cpp : supressed unreacheable code warning in one routine by OpenVMS only #pragma's. Modified Files: wxWindows/setup.h_vms wxWindows/src/common/descrip.mms wxWindows/src/unix/utilsunx.cpp ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2002-07-25 09:58 SC, revision 16273

removed virtual modifier from Command handlers, added readonly and color information to textctrls

2002-07-25 09:08 MBN, revision 16272

Updated Makefiles for Motif

2002-07-25 08:42 SC, revision 16271

removed virtual modifier from Command handlers, added readonly and color information to textctrls

2002-07-25 01:28 RD, revision 16270

changes to match recent CVS updates

2002-07-25 01:27 RD, revision 16269

Added wxUSE_RICHEDIT to match usage in header

2002-07-24 19:46 MBN, revision 16268

Updated Makefiles for all but Motif; there is either a lock or a CVS problem.

2002-07-24 19:29 MBN, revision 16267

Added wxMessageOutput as per the discussion on wx-dev. Added wxApp::DoInit to initialize the global wxMessageOutput instance. Changed wxCommandLineParser to use wxMessageOutput.

2002-07-23 21:59 VZ, revision 16266

IsSingleLine() is now in the base class

2002-07-23 21:59 VZ, revision 16265

added operator++/-- for wxAutoULong (SF patch from Igor)

2002-07-23 20:51 RR, revision 16264

Changed wxGTK's notion of SetSize() to never allow setting the width and height to -1 even if the wxALLOW_MINUS_ONE flag is set.

2002-07-23 17:32 JS, revision 16263

Added wxMotif comments

2002-07-23 17:31 JS, revision 16262

Applied patch [ 585436 ] motif toolbar control alignment fix

2002-07-23 17:28 JS, revision 16261

Applied patch [ 585322 ] motif border style fix for statictext

2002-07-23 17:25 JS, revision 16260

Applied patch [ 584885 ] better colour handling in motif

2002-07-23 16:27 JS, revision 16259

Possibly cured the assertion message dialog paint problem, by explicitly calling OnInternalIdle if it's a message dialog within an assertion.

2002-07-23 14:09 VZ, revision 16258

fix to not show ampersands in the static box title (needed after the previous change)

2002-07-23 14:08 VZ, revision 16257

added test for toggling the main toolbar

2002-07-22 23:07 DW, revision 16256

Weekly catch up and slider fixes.

2002-07-22 23:06 DW, revision 16255

OS/2 tweaks.

2002-07-22 23:03 JS, revision 16254

Added wxListCtrl to derive from wxGenericListCtrl, ditto for wxImageList

2002-07-22 14:46 DW, revision 16253

FALSE not false.

2002-07-22 14:42 VZ, revision 16252

made wxDllLoader more backwards compatible

2002-07-22 13:37 JS, revision 16251

Changed main ftp address to

2002-07-22 08:51 JS, revision 16250

Applied patch [ 583922 ] Make generic/wxListCtrl avail. in WIN32 Generic wxListCtrl renamed to wxGenericListCtrl, wxImageList renamed to wxGenericImageList, so they can be used on wxMSW (Rene Rivera).

2002-07-22 03:29 DW, revision 16249

Dialogs and slider updates

2002-07-22 03:28 DW, revision 16248

OS/2 Update

2002-07-22 03:27 DW, revision 16247

Lots of updates for color dialog and sliders

2002-07-21 22:29 VS, revision 16246

Unicodification of wxDataStreams

2002-07-21 21:45 JS, revision 16245

Returned value from operator=

2002-07-21 20:44 VZ, revision 16244

fixed small memory leak

2002-07-21 20:32 JS, revision 16243

operator = implemented inline.

2002-07-21 18:51 VZ, revision 16242

added (and documented) trivial but useful IsSingleLine() and IsMultiLine() text control methods

2002-07-21 18:49 VZ, revision 16241

default style now applies to the text entered by the user as well (patch 574789)

2002-07-21 18:46 VZ, revision 16240

fixed a compilation warning

2002-07-21 18:44 VZ, revision 16239

fixed crash in text ctrl log on exit

2002-07-21 17:34 JS, revision 16238

Made wxMouseEvent = operator public

2002-07-21 14:43 VZ, revision 16237

fixed notebook sample page creation for wxGTK (patch 581280)

2002-07-21 14:29 VZ, revision 16236

1. more consistency in wxTree/ListEvent methods naming convention: GetKeyCode() instead of GetCode() 2. wxTreeEvent::GetKeyEvent()::IsAltDown() now works under MSW 3. wxTreeEvent::GetKeyCode() works for alnum keys

2002-07-21 13:47 VZ, revision 16235

don't cache the result of IsAlwaysConnected() and don't call IsOnline() unnecessarily from there

2002-07-21 12:41 VZ, revision 16234

reverted Chris' MSW additions patch (we should use IPC, not Windows-only functions to implement this functionality)

2002-07-21 12:38 VZ, revision 16233

mention that usually wxGetUserId() should be used to construct the lock name

2002-07-21 10:17 GD, revision 16232

corrected assertion with message

2002-07-21 02:57 RD, revision 16231

Test for wxPyTipProvider

2002-07-20 19:45 RD, revision 16230

Fix for wxPyTipProvider. Now it is possible to derive from it and implement GetTip.

2002-07-20 18:10 VS, revision 16229

read message catalogs from the location where wxWin was installed, too

2002-07-20 13:31 SC, revision 16228

added Mark Newsam's patch

2002-07-20 13:10 SC, revision 16227

added Mark Newsam's patch

2002-07-20 02:08 RD, revision 16226

SWIGged updates for wxGTK

2002-07-20 02:07 RD, revision 16225

SWIGged updates for wxMSW

2002-07-20 02:06 RD, revision 16224

signned/unsigned fix

2002-07-20 00:14 RD, revision 16223

Various little tweaks

2002-07-20 00:10 RD, revision 16222

Made the wxInputStream typemap useable outside the core wxc module

2002-07-20 00:07 RD, revision 16221

Added overloaded LoadMenuBar as LoadMenuBarOnFrame for wxPython

2002-07-20 00:06 RD, revision 16220

New wxActiveX code from Lindsay and added ability to load page from stream

2002-07-19 22:30 RD, revision 16219

Some refinements to my experimental RPM builder script and spec

2002-07-19 21:11 RD, revision 16218

Moved the check for page scrolling with the wheel into wxMouseEvent so it wouldn't have to be duplicated everywhere. Also fixed wxSTC so it can handle wheel page scrolling too.

2002-07-19 20:42 JS, revision 16217

Applied patch [ 573644 ] wxDisplay for Mac (again) Applied patch [ 573172 ] Implements wxDisplay for mac Applied patch [ 573356 ] wxDisplay for MSW Alterations: Put sample in regular samples, not contrib Removed multimon.h for copyright reasons

2002-07-19 20:20 JS, revision 16216

Applied patch [ 578189 ] wxMSW stable: revised CW project file

2002-07-19 20:13 JS, revision 16215

Applied patch [ 578052 ] Doc/View and recursion problems

2002-07-19 19:57 JS, revision 16214

Applied patch [ 581280 ] Revamped notebook sample

2002-07-19 19:53 JS, revision 16213

Applied patch [ 581139 ] Misc wxCmdLineParser changes/fixes

2002-07-19 19:43 JS, revision 16212

Applied patch [ 583877 ] Clone events correction Applied patch [ 583937 ] Fix in wxClassInfo

2002-07-19 19:36 RD, revision 16211

Fix for mousewheel events when it is set to page mode instead of lines.

2002-07-19 19:21 VS, revision 16210

explicitly pass -lstdc++ to the linker in case of DJGPP

2002-07-19 19:15 VS, revision 16209

use wxLogFatalError, not wxFatalError

2002-07-19 11:27 VS, revision 16208

dde.cpp is lowlevel file

2002-07-19 08:39 JS, revision 16207

Set default encoding

2002-07-18 12:59 GD, revision 16206

added missing return to avoid 'control reaches end of non-void function'

2002-07-18 06:29 RL, revision 16205

Added Set{Position,Size} to wxRect.

2002-07-18 06:16 RD, revision 16204

RPM experiments

2002-07-17 23:36 VZ, revision 16203

wxSTAY_ON_TOP support in wxMessageBox (patch 581826)

2002-07-17 21:55 VZ, revision 16202

explicit support for CW (patch 582581)

2002-07-17 21:53 VZ, revision 16201

maintenance update (patch 582592)

2002-07-17 16:58 MBN, revision 16200

Allow compiling wxMotif/GTK/X11 for Cygwin/XFree

2002-07-16 20:24 RD, revision 16199
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/utils/wxPython

Whate are these still doing here? They shoul dhav ebeen removed 2 years ago!

2002-07-16 16:58 VS, revision 16198

patch 580632 - fixes incorrect path problem in wxrc

2002-07-16 14:23 VZ, revision 16197

fixed more printf() warnings

2002-07-16 14:10 JS, revision 16196

Updated utils/configure

2002-07-16 12:11 JS, revision 16195

Removed @IF-GMAKE... or something similar

2002-07-16 12:03 VZ, revision 16194

added wxEXPLICIT macro

2002-07-16 11:45 VS, revision 16193

minor mgl/install.txt updates

2002-07-16 10:36 JS, revision 16192

Added helpview

2002-07-16 10:05 JS, revision 16191

Added helpview to distrib lists

2002-07-16 10:01 JS, revision 16190

Added helpview; added helpview to list of utils in utils/

2002-07-16 04:09 DW, revision 16189

Fix for GetValue

2002-07-15 22:56 VS, revision 16188

wxMGL features detection fixes

2002-07-15 22:55 VS, revision 16187

wxPrinting fix for wxMGL

2002-07-15 22:55 VS, revision 16186

made printing to PS possible under wxMGL

2002-07-15 21:50 DW, revision 16185

Dialog processing updates and some timer fixes

2002-07-15 18:29 RD, revision 16184

Icons fetched from wxMimeTypesManager did not get the width/height of the icon, now they do.

2002-07-15 17:15 JS, revision 16183

Stripped menu control characters from buttons, static text, radiobox.

2002-07-15 17:10 RD, revision 16182

Assert that wxEXEC_SYNC is not passed in flags to wxProcess::Open

2002-07-15 17:09 RD, revision 16181

Patch #581167

2002-07-15 11:40 CE, revision 16180

single instance checker addition for MSW

2002-07-15 04:26 DW, revision 16179

Fix text placement in statusbar

2002-07-15 04:26 DW, revision 16178

Nicer looking OS/2 Statusbar

2002-07-14 20:26 MBN, revision 16177

Allow building wxProtocol without wxUSE_SOCKETS

2002-07-14 20:02 VZ, revision 16176

let the DefWindowProc() process messages sent to RAS window, otherwise the system can't shutdown properly while it exists

2002-07-14 19:55 VZ, revision 16175

fixed wxStrrchr(s, '\0') bug, added const and non const versions of wxStrchr, wxStrrchr, wxStrstr, ...

2002-07-14 17:39 RR, revision 16174

Let wxToolBar assume that no orientation flag means horizontal.

2002-07-14 17:08 RR, revision 16173

Corrected display for empty lines in text control.

2002-07-14 16:51 RR, revision 16172

Convert to and from \n and \r in wxMac's text control so that it always expects \n as in all other ports.

2002-07-14 13:21 GD, revision 16171

corrected warnings

2002-07-14 13:19 GD, revision 16170

removed unused variable

2002-07-14 13:18 GD, revision 16169

added unimplemented error messages

2002-07-14 13:13 GD, revision 16168

added unimplemented error message

2002-07-14 13:12 GD, revision 16167

added unimplemented message

2002-07-14 13:08 GD, revision 16166

explicitly raise modal dialogs in case a non modal window was selected to activate the application when a modal dialog is displayed