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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2002-09-22 14:53 VZ, revision 17340

added missing _T()s; deTABified

2002-09-22 14:32 JS, revision 17339

Fixed bug [ 413614 ] native wxDragImage w/o mask is broken by adding ILC_MASK even when there's no mask.

2002-09-22 11:36 JS, revision 17338

Fixed bug [ 495532 ] wxFileDialog limits multiple file load "The wxMAXPATH constant prevents the loading of multiple file names in a multiple selection dialog when selecting a large number of files. The number of selected files can easily exceed the memory allocated to store the selected file names and paths." I'm increasing the buffer size to 65536 which should be adequate for most purposes. There's apparently no way to work around the fixed buffer size. -- JACS

2002-09-22 08:46 MBN, revision 17337

Fixed wxRadioBox for Lesstif when compiled to emulate Motif 1.2 (as in Debian 3.0).

2002-09-21 23:01 VZ, revision 17336

made GetResourceHandle() const everywhere, not just in wxBrush (fixes first part of the bug 612658)

2002-09-21 21:59 VZ, revision 17335

removed mdig.cpp (??) from msw/files.lst as well

2002-09-21 20:53 MBN, revision 17334

Before this change wxComboBox was unconditionally white, which looked very ugly. Now the textcontrol and popup background are unconditionally white, while the rest has parent's background color. I think it looks better now...

2002-09-21 20:52 SC, revision 17333

added new command ids

2002-09-21 20:51 SC, revision 17332

added forcing for bitmap types

2002-09-21 20:49 SC, revision 17331

switched menu handling to command ids

2002-09-21 20:42 VZ, revision 17330

fixed some warnings about assigning literal strings to char *

2002-09-21 20:38 VZ, revision 17329

made ProvideBackground() const

2002-09-21 20:32 VZ, revision 17328

really override IsCanvasWindow() in wxPanel (this wasn't the case because of a missing const before)

2002-09-21 20:31 VZ, revision 17327

fix warning about hiding virtual Select()

2002-09-21 20:27 VZ, revision 17326

compilation fix: removed trailing comma in enum

2002-09-21 20:25 VZ, revision 17325

removed C++ comment

2002-09-21 17:20 JS, revision 17324

Added for Windows samples, so we can build them using MinGW

2002-09-21 16:26 SC, revision 17323

corrected var overflow under classic

2002-09-21 16:21 SC, revision 17322

corrected typos

2002-09-21 16:20 MBN, revision 17321

Applied Motif patches from Ian Brown [ 609894 ] motif staticbox improvement [ 611042 ] fix for motif crash Everything looks fine with Lesstif from Debian 3.0 (emulated Motif version is 1.2).

2002-09-21 16:16 MBN, revision 17320

GCC 3.2 is really picky about friends & dllexport. Now wxWindows compiles (again) as DLL with MinGW GCC 3.2

2002-09-21 14:16 JS, revision 17319

Fixed bug [ 597643 ] SashWindow-borders cause sticky arrow Needed an OnSetCursor as per splitter window, for MSW only.

2002-09-21 13:53 VS, revision 17318

fixed stupid bug in my previous check in

2002-09-21 12:20 RL, revision 17317

Ok, so the patch looks huge, but it's really not that scary. Most of it is just reformatting to our coding standard to make debugging possible in the first place. The (finally) significant change is in DeleteSubGroup where we now check correctly for deleting the last group from the root. Prior to this it was impossible without a crash or worse. Since it was such a pig to track down, I've left the LogTrace code in place for now too.

2002-09-21 11:44 VZ, revision 17316

don't set Alt/Ctrl modifiers for the AltGr char events