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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2003-09-14 16:18 VZ, revision 23578

use child->Destroy() instead of delete child in DestroyChildren()

2003-09-14 16:12 VZ, revision 23577

compilation fix after last check in

2003-09-14 16:06 VZ, revision 23576

fixed GetItemSpacing() inconsistency by deprecating the old function and adding a new, easier to use, overload

2003-09-14 16:00 VZ, revision 23575

use newly added GetViewRect() instead of trying to guess the list ctrl size ourselves

2003-09-14 15:58 VZ, revision 23574

added wxListCtrl::GetViewRect()

2003-09-14 10:58 VZ, revision 23573

attempt to fix another occurence of WS_EX_CONTROLPARENT-related infinite loop

2003-09-13 20:23 , revision 23572

This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'MAC_BEFORE_PCMAC_CONV_REMOVAL'.

2003-09-13 20:23 VS, revision 23571

attempt to fix GUI apps building on OS/2

2003-09-13 19:09 VS, revision 23570

no real changes, moved Robin's changes to bakefile and regenerated using bakefile version

2003-09-13 16:11 MBN, revision 23569

Compilation fixes for WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_2_4. Don't include wx/wx.h, use the much smaller set of required headers instead.

2003-09-13 16:06 MBN, revision 23568

Allow wxSoundStreamESD to be compiled even when no esd.h is present and make it fail at runtime instead. As ugly as this is, there currently isn't any way for the application to know if the class is available.

2003-09-13 16:03 MBN, revision 23567

wxUniversal compilation fixes.

2003-09-13 14:09 SC, revision 23566

target_carbon added

2003-09-13 14:07 SC, revision 23565

faster portsetting backpatched

2003-09-13 14:06 SC, revision 23564

classic fixes

2003-09-13 14:02 SC, revision 23563

fixed GetFilenames bug

2003-09-13 12:14 MBN, revision 23562

wxUniversal STL-ification.

2003-09-13 12:01 GD, revision 23561

use SYMROOT instead of DERIVED_SOURCES_DIR simplified warning messages by displaying relative paths instead of full paths

2003-09-13 11:59 GD, revision 23560


2003-09-13 11:05 VS, revision 23559

backported style flags fix

2003-09-13 09:00 SC, revision 23558

unicode correction for mac

2003-09-13 00:03 RD, revision 23557

Move more stuff into base for wxMac so that two level namespace dylibs can be used on OS X.

2003-09-13 00:01 RD, revision 23556

For OS X detect (based on gcc version) and use -single_module flag. Also removed the use of the flat namespace flags to prevent symbol name conflicts when an app loads other dynlibs (that may also contain libpng for example.)

2003-09-12 22:34 MBN, revision 23555

Fix two common case of hybrid build: standard debugging build with non-debugging MSVCRT release build with __WXDEBUG__ and non-debugging MSVCRT.

2003-09-12 21:55 MBN, revision 23554

Try detecting if the CD-ROM I/O implementation in mmedia has some possibility of working in the host OS..