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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2003-07-09 17:15 JS, revision 21798

OnIdle -> OnInternalIdle

2003-07-09 15:29 JS, revision 21797

Fixed a crash on initialization

2003-07-09 15:26 DE, revision 21796

Set m_window instead of using wxWindowDC constructor taking a wxWindow

2003-07-09 14:56 DE, revision 21795

Store a pointer to the wxWindow in the wxWindowDC class

2003-07-09 14:24 DE, revision 21794

Avoid paint event recursion when the run loop is restarted inside the paint event. Usually for the purpose of showing an assertion dialog.

2003-07-09 14:20 JS, revision 21793

Removed overloaded DoMenuUpdates function since it duplicated wxMenu::UpdateUI() Removed routing of menu commands to focus window under Windows Added routing of menu commands (but not UI updates, for efficiency reasons) to wxMenuBar before sending to frame

2003-07-09 14:10 DE, revision 21792

Remove check for other wxPaintDCs. It should be done in wxWindow instead.

2003-07-09 12:41 JS, revision 21791

Added cast to wxWindow*

2003-07-09 11:00 JS, revision 21790

Fixed missing bracket

2003-07-09 10:15 JS, revision 21789

- Moved wxApp::SendIdleEvents and wxApp::ProcessIdle into common code. - wxWindow::OnInternalIdle is now used in all ports, and ensures that user OnIdle events do not interfere with crucial internal processing. - wxWindow::UpdateWindowUI is now a documented function that sends wxUpdateUIEvents, and can be overridden. It has a helper function DoUpdateWindowUI for taking appropriate wxUpdateUIEvent action. - Added functions to wxUpdateUIEvent: Set/GetMode, Set/GetUpdateInterval, CanUpdate, to assist with optimising update event frequency. - Added functions to wxIdleEvent: Set/GetMode, CanSend, to determine whether a window should receive idle events. - Added wxWS_EX_PROCESS_IDLE, wxWS_EX_PROCESS_UI_UPDATES window styles for use with conservative idle and update event modes. - wxMSW and wxGTK now send menu update events only when a menu is about to be used. - Added WM_INITMENU processing instead of WM_ENTERMENULOOP, or accelerators don't always get called since menu items may still be disabled.

2003-07-08 23:19 VZ, revision 21788

compilation warning fixes (patch 625810)

2003-07-08 23:14 VZ, revision 21787

added support for wxALWAYS_SHOW_SB (finally closes patch 410865 -- first still opened...)

2003-07-08 23:02 VZ, revision 21786

deprecated and removed from our code GetUseCtl3D()/TransparentBackground()

2003-07-08 22:55 VZ, revision 21785

warnings fixes

2003-07-08 22:52 MBN, revision 21784

More MSVC fixes .

2003-07-08 22:48 VZ, revision 21783

mingw compilation fix

2003-07-08 22:30 VZ, revision 21782

updated the version

2003-07-08 22:24 MBN, revision 21781

More MSVC fixes .

2003-07-08 22:23 VZ, revision 21780

got rid of (unused since a long time) wxNO_3D and wxUSER_COLOURS

2003-07-08 22:11 VS, revision 21779

fixes to wxHTML selection code: corrected mouse navigation

2003-07-08 22:07 MBN, revision 21778

Blind fix for MSVC.

2003-07-08 21:58 MBN, revision 21777

Morec ompilation fixes.

2003-07-08 21:36 VZ, revision 21776

just some warning fixes

2003-07-08 21:19 VZ, revision 21775

removed non existing file which was preventing "make install" from working

2003-07-08 21:17 VZ, revision 21774

renamed wxScrollHelper::GetRect() to GetScrollRect() to avoid conflicts with wxWindow method