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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2004-03-13 12:14 VZ, revision 26203

fixed debug assert in VC 7.1 CRT due to calling isalnum() with 8bit chars

2004-03-13 06:14 RD, revision 26202

More doc tweaks

2004-03-13 06:10 RD, revision 26201

fiddle with the configure flags a bit

2004-03-13 01:56 RD, revision 26200


2004-03-13 01:56 RD, revision 26199

Reorganized the contents of the disk image. Only the Installer package and a README-1st are at the top level, the docs, apps, etc. are in subdirs. Include the main wxDocs in the disk image too, in a form that the viewer can be launched just by running a wxPython app.

2004-03-13 00:16 RD, revision 26198

Added OSX instructions

2004-03-12 23:59 VZ, revision 26197

removed dcbuffer.cpp; replaced wave.cpp with sound.cpp

2004-03-12 23:38 RD, revision 26196

regenerated metadata

2004-03-12 23:30 RD, revision 26195


2004-03-12 21:44 JS, revision 26194

Fixed multiline static texts

2004-03-12 20:17 RD, revision 26193

distrib tweaks

2004-03-12 20:16 RD, revision 26192

fixed a failure message

2004-03-12 20:04 RD, revision 26191

aliases for SizerInfo.[Get|Set]Option, since I just mentioned them in the maillist...

2004-03-12 20:03 RD, revision 26190

Tweaks needed to get pySketch to work with 2.5

2004-03-12 20:02 RD, revision 26189

Regenerated the HTML versions of the ReST docs

2004-03-12 20:01 RD, revision 26188

Added note about new default window sizes

2004-03-12 20:01 RD, revision 26187

Added a document describing the steps that need to be taken to do a full wxPython build for distribution.

2004-03-12 19:59 RD, revision 26186

Some distrib tweaks

2004-03-12 19:46 RD, revision 26185

Fix for too big default window size

2004-03-11 23:32 VZ, revision 26184

fixed race conditions resulting in infinite OutputDebugStrings() and program freezes when wxDialUpManager was created and destroiyed immediately (bug 896806)

2004-03-11 22:45 RD, revision 26183

Add --with-sdl to the build doc and RPM spec

2004-03-11 22:44 RD, revision 26182

Some themes round the edges of the buttons, overwriting any text that goes all the way to the edges. Give the button a few extra pixels to work around that.

2004-03-11 21:52 VZ, revision 26181

update from Janos Vegh

2004-03-11 19:31 RD, revision 26180

Changed the sound sample to allow the user to choose a wav file to work with, and also added some additional test wav files of various sampling rates, sample sizes and channels.

2004-03-11 19:29 RD, revision 26179

Changed the OSS backend to detect if the DSP requires a conversion of the sampling data in order to play it. Currently it fails if this is the case but in the future a conversion could be done, or it could fall-back to another backend that is able to handle it.