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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2005-05-02 23:42 RD, revision 33928

Roll wxPyMake_wxSizer into wxPyMake_wxObject.

2005-05-02 10:22 CE, revision 33927

get the path in windows format for cygwin

2005-05-02 09:19 CE, revision 33926

sizer.h needed by cygwin

2005-05-01 22:39 VS, revision 33925

the manual contained wrong licence wording inconsistent with any other sources, including licence.txt; fixed

2005-05-01 20:04 MW, revision 33924

Change the format of the output so that you can jump to the error with your editor.

2005-04-30 15:23 VS, revision 33923

reformatted to fix standard terminal

2005-04-30 09:11 SC, revision 33922

reordering for CW compiles, setting control to opaque because of incorrect erases under 10.4

2005-04-30 02:09 MW, revision 33921

Call MGL_init earlier in wxApp::Initialize to avoid crash

2005-04-29 19:04 RD, revision 33920


2005-04-29 19:00 RD, revision 33919

init wxApp->argc and wxApp->argv even when wx has already been initialized

2005-04-29 18:58 JS, revision 33918

Removed previous broken fix for deferred positioning bug, and added fix using sizers, which works better

2005-04-29 18:55 RD, revision 33917

No need to match bg colours any more

2005-04-29 11:49 SC, revision 33916

adapting to latest API

2005-04-29 09:14 JS, revision 33915

AdjustScrollbars can go into an infinite loop, so bail out after a few iterations.

2005-04-29 03:36 RD, revision 33914

Completed wxImage docstrings

2005-04-29 01:14 MW, revision 33913

The mmedia contrib requires sys/soundcard.h on unix, so disable it on unix platforms that do not have it.

2005-04-28 21:40 JS, revision 33912

Switch deferred sizing off for radioboxes because with them, the radio buttons can be invisible in some circumstances

2005-04-28 18:21 JS, revision 33911

Reverted/commented out unsuccessful defer fix

2005-04-28 18:18 RD, revision 33910

demo tweaks

2005-04-28 16:14 JS, revision 33909

Typo correction

2005-04-28 15:17 JS, revision 33908

Use real number of children for reserving deferred sizing space; fix apparent bug in Windows doing deferred positioning

2005-04-28 14:45 JS, revision 33907

Worked around an apparent bug in Windows whereby some deferred positioning failed: specifically when changing a position from x, to y, to x again. Added deferred positioning to wxRadioBox, wxSlider and wxSpinCtrl and thereby eliminated some refresh glitches when resizing. Eliminated further refresh glitches caused by wxRadioBox (to nearby controls) by refreshing parent when the radio box moves.

2005-04-28 05:06 SC, revision 33906

otherwise we always just fix rect at index 0 ...

2005-04-28 02:29 KH, revision 33905

Fix for unexplained change in socket behavior where failed connections throw a CONNECT event immediately before thowing a LOST event.

2005-04-28 00:00 RD, revision 33904

Updates to doc/view modules and sample apps from ActiveGrid.