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2011-08-27 15:24 VS, revision 68912

No real change, use more descriptive variable names in wxDataViewMainWindow::ItemDeleted(). Call the node object corresponding to 'parent' 'parentNode' instead of just the more vague 'node'. Also, 'nodes' instead of 'nds'.

2011-08-27 14:13 VZ, revision 68911

Set colours and fonts for all elements of the generic wxSearchCtrl. Derive generic wxSearchCtrl from wxCompositeWindow<> to ensure that calls to its Set{Fore,Back}groundColour() are propagated to all its children, otherwise they applied only to the composite control itself but not e.g. its text part. Also update the bitmaps when the background colour changes to ensure that it appears as transparent. Closes #13428.

2011-08-27 14:13 VZ, revision 68910

Allow returning NULL windows from GetCompositeWindowParts(). wxCompositeWindow::GetCompositeWindowParts() becomes simpler to implement in the derived classes with optionally shown elements if NULL windows are allowed (and ignored) in the list returned by it.

2011-08-27 14:13 VZ, revision 68909

Fixes to OpenGL samples to avoid asserts/crashes. Don't call wxGLCanvas::SetCurrent() when the window is not shown. Closes #13424.

2011-08-26 15:01 JJ, revision 68907

Update setup for OpenVMS

2011-08-26 01:32 DS, revision 68903

Fixed best size of wxUniv's wxNotebook. Removed wxNotebook::DoGetBestClientSize to let wxBookCtrlBase::DoGetBestSize do its job and fix the best size of a wxNotebook (formerly when running the notebook sample the notebook was not wide enough).

2011-08-26 01:16 DS, revision 68902

Fixed best sizes for wxUniv controls. Many wxUniv controls had a way too small best size which was noticeable when running e.g. the widgets sample. Regression started in r61169 where wxWindowBase::DoGetClientBestSize() was introduced but that virtual function already existed in wxUniv's wxWindow. Removing wxUniv's wxWindow::DoGetBestSize and wxWindow::DoGetBestClientSize fixes sizing issues.

2011-08-26 01:13 DS, revision 68901

Fixed width of scrollbars in wxUniv. The AdjustSize renderer function for wxUniv's GTK and MSW theme adjusted the size of a scrollbar while it already had the correct size, resulting in scrollbars being twice as wide. Fixed by not adjusting the size of a scrollbar anymore in AdjustSize. Closes #11660.

2011-08-26 01:09 DS, revision 68900

Fixed buttons having no border in wxUniv by default. Buttons had a border of wxBORDER_NONE resulting in wxButton::DoDraw not drawing the button's border. Fixed by adding wxAnyButton::GetDefaultBorder() for wxUniv which returns wxBORDER_STATIC. Regression since r67931.

2011-08-25 23:52 DS, revision 68899

Fixed MSW/Univ compilation of toplevel.cpp. MSW-only functions were compiled in, disabled their usage by adding #ifndef __WXUNIVERSAL__ blocks. Closes #13399 (again, after r68723 already should have closed it but its commit message contained a typo).

2011-08-25 18:37 SC, revision 68880


2011-08-24 14:57 SJL, revision 68878

Rebake after previous commit, should fix monolithic compilation.

2011-08-24 13:52 VZ, revision 68877

No real changes, just update copyright year in wxInfoMessageBox(). s/2010/2011/

2011-08-24 13:48 VZ, revision 68876

Try harder to set the requester splitter position in wxSplitterWindow. The code in wxSplitterWindow tried to remember the requested position and set the real sash position to it later, even if the initial window size was too small to allow for it, but it didn't work because the requested position was forgotten after the first size event, even though it was quite possible that this event didn't really change the window size from the initial, small, one. Try to make this more robust by ignoring the size events which don't really change the window size. Also set m_lastSize correctly initially. Now setting the sash position does work even if the splitter itself is inside nested sizers (which results in many size events).

2011-08-24 13:19 SC, revision 68875

adding raw_control for osx

2011-08-24 09:43 SJL, revision 68874

Remove out of date extralib stuff from the bakefiles.

2011-08-24 08:14 SC, revision 68873

missing commit for RAW_CONTROL changes

2011-08-24 06:15 SC, revision 68872

missing commit for RAW_CONTROL changes

2011-08-23 21:09 JC, revision 68871

Merged from trunk

2011-08-23 17:44 VZ, revision 68870

Compilation fix for non-OSX: don't use m_rawControlDown there. m_rawControlDown is supposed to be only used under OS X so put an #ifdef __WXOSX__ around it in wxKeyboardState::GetModifiers() to fix compilation under the other platforms.

2011-08-23 17:30 SC, revision 68869

fixing type for key event, using WXK_RAW_CONTROL constant for controlkey, see #13415

2011-08-23 17:18 SC, revision 68868

exposing control key combinations as before, fixing unicodekey casing

2011-08-23 17:11 VZ, revision 68867

Simplify checks for event vetoing in generic wxDataViewCtrl code. Don't return the whole event object from SendExpanderEvent() just to check if it wasn't vetoed, simply return a boolean value indicating if this was the case from this function itself. This makes it both more efficient and easier to use.

2011-08-23 17:11 VZ, revision 68866

Fix completely wrong logic for veto checking in generic wxDVC. The code sending the event must check whether the event was vetoed or not, not whether it was skipped or not. This is the minimal change resulting in correct behaviour even if an event handler does skip the event.

2011-08-23 15:19 SC, revision 68865

adjusting keyboardstate to new ctrl / raw_ctrl handling on osx

2011-08-23 15:03 SC, revision 68864

adjusting keyboardstate to new ctrl / raw_ctrl handling on osx

2011-08-23 13:04 VZ, revision 68863

Mention wxLocale in wxNumValidator documentation. Using setlocale() can thoroughly confuse wxNumValidator because it results in a mismatch between the decimal and/or thousands separators it uses, returned by wxLocale, and the actual separators in the strings, formatted by the CRT. So mention in the documentation that using setlocale() is a bad idea. Closes #12970.

2011-08-23 13:04 VZ, revision 68862

No changes, just add a missing comma in wxNumValidator documentation. SetRange() declaration wasn't properly terminated.

2011-08-23 13:04 VZ, revision 68861

Check for decimal separator inconsistency in wxLocale::GetInfo(). Under wxMSW it's possible to have mismatch between the CRT locale (used by various printf-related functions) and the system locale (queried by wxLocale::GetInfo()). Warn if such a mismatch occurs and tell people to use wxLocale instead of just setlocale() to change the locale. See #12970.

2011-08-23 12:50 VZ, revision 68860

Fix wxBannerWindowNameStr definition in DLL builds. Don't use WXDLLEXPORT_DATA when defining the variable, it can be only used when declaring it. This fixes wxMSW DLL build with MSVC.

2011-08-23 06:55 DS, revision 68859

Added wxBITMAP_TYPE_TIFF and wxBITMAP_TYPE_TIFF_RESOURCE. Having wxBITMAP_TYPE_TIFF and wxBITMAP_TYPE_TIFF_RESOURCE is more consistent with already using the complete short name of an image format elsewhere (e.g. wxBITMAP_TYPE_JPEG, not wxBTMAP_TYPE_JPG, and wxTIFFHandler as opposed to wxTIFHandler). Renamed all existing occurrences and kept the old enum values for backwards compatibility. Also renamed occurrences of wxBITMAP_TYPE_RESOURCE to the already existing wxBITMAP_TYPE_BMP_RESOURCE.

2011-08-23 06:41 DS, revision 68858

Fixed linking errors related to wxAnyButton in wxUniv. Native wxAnyButton headers were being included but the sources aren't used in wxUniv. Fixed this by not including any native header in wxUniv and instead made wxAnyButton a typedef of wxAnyButtonBase.

2011-08-23 05:08 DS, revision 68857

Fixed compilation of various notebook.cpp's. Make use of HasImageList() and GetImageList() instead of accessing the now private m_imageList directly. Fixed for wxUniv, wxGTK1, and wxOS2 (the latter 2 blindly). Changes are similar to r68856 and should have been a part of that.

2011-08-23 04:18 DS, revision 68856

Fixed compilation of sources that make use of wx/univ/notebook.h. wxUniv's wxNotebook was accessing m_imageList which now is a private in wxWithImages since r68809. Fixed by using wxWithImages::HasImageList.

2011-08-22 23:53 JC, revision 68855

Trunk made changes. Code had to change to deal with depth==32

2011-08-22 17:35 VZ, revision 68854

Exclude another auto-generated file when cleaning the patches. Changes to autoconf_inc.m4 are not interesting neither, exclude them.

2011-08-22 17:31 VZ, revision 68853

Don't refresh not yet realized widget in wxGTK wxDataViewCtrl. If the text of any of wxDataViewCtrl cells was set before the control was realized (e.g. during its creation), the code tried to refresh the not yet shown widget resulting in GTK+ errors. Avoid this by only refreshing the tree if it's realized.

2011-08-22 17:31 VZ, revision 68852

Return non-const pointer from wxDataViewRendererBase::GetView(). Non-const wxWindow pointers are unfortunately needed quite often in wx API so return a non-const pointer here to allow using it with e.g. wxRendererNative (whose methods all take non-const wxWindow pointers) in the derived classes.

2011-08-22 17:31 VZ, revision 68851

Add wxDataViewIconText::IsSameAs() and make comparison operators members. Add IsSameAs() to make it simpler to call from the derived class operator==() implementation. Also make comparison operators themselves members instead of global functions to avoid considering them as matches for all operator==() uses in the program, there is really no need for this as we do _not_ want to allow implicitly converting something to wxDataViewIconText when comparing.

2011-08-22 17:31 VZ, revision 68850

Return (16,16) as the default list icons size in wxMSW. The standard size of the small icons in list controls under MSW is traditionally 16*16 so return this from wxMSW wxArtProvider.

2011-08-22 17:11 SC, revision 68849

removing trailing comma

2011-08-22 17:10 SC, revision 68848

exposing wxGraphicsContext through an ordinary wxDC

2011-08-22 16:14 VS, revision 68847

Fix typo.

2011-08-22 16:14 VS, revision 68846

Don't iterate over selection twice needlessly in wxDataViewMainWindow::ItemDeleted().

2011-08-22 16:14 VS, revision 68845

No change, improve wxDataViewMainWindow::ItemDeleted() readability.

2011-08-22 14:41 VZ, revision 68844

Harmonize wxDataViewCtrl::GetSelection() behaviour in all ports. wxDataViewCtrl::GetSelection() now always returns invalid item if more than a single item is selected in a multi-selection control. Also add HasSelection() and GetSelectedItemsCount() to allow checking if any items are selected. Updated the documentation, all ports and added a test for all these functions.

2011-08-22 14:41 VZ, revision 68843

No changes, just use CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL() instead of CPPUNIT_ASSERT(). CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL() gives more informative error messages in case of failure which is important when running tests unattended on build slaves.

2011-08-22 14:41 VZ, revision 68842

No changes, just add wxGtkList to ensure g_list_free() is always called. Add an extremely simple RAII wrapper around GList and use it. Also add wxGtkTreePathList which also automatically frees its contents to simplify working with the lists of GtkTreePaths.

2011-08-22 14:38 VZ, revision 68841

Don't export Objective C interfaces in non-x86_64 builds. Doing this is unnecessary and results in compilation errors in PPC and x86 builds when using old (4.0.1) version of the compiler. So make WXEXPORT added in r67575 specific to 64 bit builds.

2011-08-22 14:18 VZ, revision 68840

Add XRC handler for wxBannerWindow and a test for it to the xrc sample. Also document the new XRC format elements.