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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2005-05-21 16:36 JS, revision 34223

Suppressed error when loading colour bitmap since there's fallback code (patch 1206066)

2005-05-21 16:19 KH, revision 34222

May as well add the GTK version runtime checks for the other window styles too

2005-05-21 16:06 RR, revision 34221

Add runtime 2.4.0 check.

2005-05-21 16:05 RR, revision 34220

Add conversion to and from menu hotkeys and their GTK pendants.

2005-05-21 11:05 JS, revision 34219

Added more paper sizes and code that falls back to explicit paper size

2005-05-21 10:50 RR, revision 34218

We don't have datetime.inl anymore, I think.

2005-05-21 10:45 RR, revision 34217

Restored wxGTK.spec again.

2005-05-21 10:01 RR, revision 34216

Apply minimal DC patch. Implement GetDepth for GTK2.

2005-05-21 09:59 RR, revision 34215

Use dmallocthcxx, not the plain C version.

2005-05-21 09:53 RR, revision 34214

Don't check for wildcards if wxSAVE is given.

2005-05-21 09:46 RR, revision 34213

Add test for new SetBackgroundColour() logic which should leave the sunken border as it is a not give it a green border.

2005-05-21 09:42 RR, revision 34212

Setting the background colour of a wxWindow or wxScrolledWindow etc. should only affect the actual background, not the border (sunken) or the scrollbars etc.

2005-05-21 09:14 JS, revision 34211

Removed reference to SIZING cursor

2005-05-21 07:05 RR, revision 34210

Make PaintBackground virtual, too. Now that we have broken bin comp.

2005-05-21 04:20 KH, revision 34209

wxSTAY_ON_TOP is available on all 3 major platforms now, remove Windows-only note

2005-05-21 04:17 KH, revision 34208

Add wxSTAY_ON_TOP for wxGTK

2005-05-21 04:15 KH, revision 34207

Add wxSTAY_ON_TOP support [Patch 1206023]

2005-05-21 03:03 KH, revision 34206

Add comment to ITEM_MENU reflecting why it's the best choice for context menus in a tree

2005-05-21 03:02 KH, revision 34205

Update description of ITEM_MENU to reflect its increased usefulness

2005-05-21 03:01 KH, revision 34204

Include the location of the item in the ITEM_MENU event generated by the menu key, and send the ITEM_MENU event after the RIGHT_CLICK event (consistent with MSW, but this behavior may change). The latter ITEM_MENU event had previously not been sent at all.

2005-05-21 02:58 KH, revision 34203

Include the location of the right-click, or the item, in the MENU_ITEM event.

2005-05-20 23:13 RD, revision 34202

The bug is no longer there, but leave the workaround in place for educational purposes

2005-05-20 21:30 MW, revision 34201


2005-05-20 21:28 MW, revision 34200

The checklst samples requires wxUSE_CHECKLISTBOX

2005-05-20 16:17 RD, revision 34199

Set focus to the grid windwo when it is left-clicked