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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

1999-04-29 16:12 RD, revision 2306

wxPython documentation update

1999-04-29 15:57 RD, revision 2305

Added $(NEW_WXLIBNAME) to allow changing the library or DLL name

1999-04-29 15:00 RR, revision 2304

controls sample tests a bit more combox doesn't send start-up event spinbutton looks correct now slider had vertic/horiz flags mixed up threads use gdk_enter_gui() dnd works a bit more often

1999-04-28 21:41 RR, revision 2303

MiniFrame title are back. DnD and threads have stopped to work.

1999-04-28 18:28 RR, revision 2302

removed (wrong?) assert

1999-04-28 17:05 RR, revision 2301

Added configure patch for DEC Tried to find a DnD bug. Corrected a tree ctrl bug.

1999-04-28 14:06 KB, revision 2300

Fixed gtk 1.0.6 corruped menu entry names.

1999-04-28 12:56 RR, revision 2299

background colour changes for listbox and combobox

1999-04-28 11:39 KB, revision 2298

Fixed gtk 1.0.6 floating subwindow bug.

1999-04-28 08:29 RR, revision 2297

Chnages to focus code with debug code added wxSL_LABELS

1999-04-27 23:33 OK, revision 2296

Added wxchar.cpp, I think

1999-04-27 19:32 RR, revision 2295

New idle handling. Only that.

1999-04-27 18:24 GL, revision 2294

* Fixed a compilation problem on Windows * Fully added sckint.cpp to makefile.b32

1999-04-26 22:17 RR, revision 2293

combobox buglet when inserting item

1999-04-26 21:49 RR, revision 2292

compile fix in debug mode

1999-04-26 20:48 RR, revision 2291

added check for GTK 1.2 added symbol __WXGTK12__ (do not use GTK_MINOR_VERSION in your code as this is undefined anywhere outside wxGTK itself) updated wxGTK.spec for local builds fixed clipboard clear/setdata race test for wxConvLocal in dialogs sample

1999-04-26 18:18 OK, revision 2290

Changed capitalization style of wxConv* (e.g. wxConv_current is now wxConvCurrent, although I put some #defines in to still have it compile)

1999-04-26 18:16 GL, revision 2289

* Committing new wxSocket core (socket.cpp sckint.cpp). It has to be improved ... * Adding sckint.cpp to various makefiles. * Fixes in threadpsx.cpp (Pause/Resume) * Fixes in threaded event dispatching * Added Clone() to wxObject * Implemented Clone() in wxEvent and wxSocketEvent * wxSocket sample save the data got from the URL in test.url (this will change) * As I only tested wxSocket on Linux Redhat 5.2 I disabled it by default on Windows, Mac and Unix platforms.

1999-04-26 15:15 KB, revision 2288

Added the missing check for libw needed for wcslen() (Just defines in headers don't fix such a problem.)

1999-04-26 15:14 RR, revision 2287

Another attempts at getting dialog positions right Cursor fixes. This requires a recompile.

1999-04-26 13:10 RR, revision 2286

Layout things in wxMessageBox Positioning of frames and dialogs

1999-04-26 10:33 OK, revision 2285

Heavier checks for wxUSE_WCHAR_T

1999-04-26 10:16 OK, revision 2284

Optional implementation of wcslen().

1999-04-25 16:55 RR, revision 2283

experimental OLE control (the reason for the recent reshuffle)

1999-04-25 16:31 RR, revision 2282

The colour is called Aquamarine, not Aquaramine. No, you cannot eat it either. Also, menubar short cuts work now. Some more focus goodies.

1999-04-25 15:10 RR, revision 2281

Backgrounds work again splitter sample compiles with Unicode if a wxClientDC is used on an unrealized widget, the widget's realization is forced in wxClientDC added underscores to wxMenuBar - don't work.. tried to figure out why wxFrame doesn't get keyboard input

1999-04-25 12:43 OK, revision 2280

Implemented UTF-8 encoding.

1999-04-25 12:42 OK, revision 2279

Uses wxUSE_WCHAR_T for compilers that don't support wchar_t. Added wx_str() and WXCSTRINGCAST, which should be explicitly defined to work on wxChar (doesn't look like people want c_str() to be unconditionally defined as wxChar).

1999-04-25 01:00 RR, revision 2278

Fixed a layout bug in MyFixed More things done after realization wxListCtrl is grey now. Why?

1999-04-24 22:36 OK, revision 2277

GetValue() converts using wxConv_current... my app seems to be starting to work in Unicode mode, will wonders never cease.

1999-04-24 21:57 RR, revision 2276

Had to change the time point, when widgets are created (no longer forced). This seems to break wxNotebook...

1999-04-24 19:34 OK, revision 2275

Fixed bug in wxConv_local.

1999-04-24 16:00 RR, revision 2274

DnD with Unicode fixes

1999-04-24 13:57 OK, revision 2273

Added wxOKlibc(), which checks for glibc2.0, which incorrectly does UTF-8 conversion even when it's not in UTF-8 locale

1999-04-24 13:07 OK, revision 2272

Small bugfix for wxString::Printf regarding %hs...

1999-04-24 12:55 RR, revision 2271

small change required for OLE component

1999-04-24 12:25 OK, revision 2270

Constructor should survive getting passed a null pointer for conversion.

1999-04-24 12:21 OK, revision 2269

cMB2WX and cWX2MB accepts null pointers.

1999-04-24 10:18 RR, revision 2268

wxGLCanvas works again added GTK 1.2 logical functions

1999-04-24 08:50 RR, revision 2267

minimal now works in Unicode mode

1999-04-23 10:38 RR, revision 2266

made controls sample compile in unicode mode

1999-04-23 09:14 KB, revision 2265

Modify to demonstrate layout bug.

1999-04-23 07:31 OK, revision 2264

More fixes to make Borland compile this in Unicode mode.

1999-04-23 07:30 OK, revision 2263

Unicode fix.

1999-04-22 22:45 OK, revision 2262

Yet another one.

1999-04-22 22:39 OK, revision 2261

Another Unicode fix.

1999-04-22 22:19 OK, revision 2260

Unicode fix.

1999-04-22 21:54 OK, revision 2259

Unicode fix.

1999-04-22 00:31 OK, revision 2258

Added operator[] (read-only of course). Borland C++ 4.52 wasn't smart enough to automatically convert to a pointer for array indexing.

1999-04-21 21:46 OK, revision 2257

Unicode fixes.