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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2005-12-19 00:34 MR, revision 36448

timer.tex: wxTimerEvent is derived from wxEvent

2005-12-18 23:30 JS, revision 36447

Typo correction

2005-12-18 22:33 VZ, revision 36446

assert if opening more than one find/replace dialog under the same parent -- this doesn't work currently (and maybe can't work at all)

2005-12-18 21:42 RD, revision 36445

Applied Patch #1354389: wxPython MenuItem SetBitmaps fix.

2005-12-18 21:27 RD, revision 36444

wxMSW: Fix for Bug #1293225 Window_FromHWND crashes if parent is None. Fix for Bug #1261669, use a wx.TE_RICH2 style for the Process demo so it doesn't fill up too soon.

2005-12-18 21:09 RD, revision 36443

Fix for Bug #1225923: unnecessary ; in wxpython demo code

2005-12-18 20:53 RD, revision 36442

Applied patch #1384440.

2005-12-18 19:35 JS, revision 36441

Backported "allow a SHAPED flag for a dialog"

2005-12-18 19:33 JS, revision 36440

Backported wx..._EX_METAL styles support

2005-12-18 19:26 JS, revision 36439

Backported default implementations for Replace and Remove, and support for 10.4 provided context menu

2005-12-18 19:24 SN, revision 36438

Added implementation for wxLocaltime_r/wxGmtime_r. Improved handling of windows compilers.

2005-12-18 19:09 JS, revision 36437

Backported support for help menu and application menu items and standard ids

2005-12-18 16:39 VZ, revision 36436

documented Set/GetLabel() treatment of mnemonics

2005-12-18 16:37 VZ, revision 36435

1. changed wxControl::GetLabel() to return the originally provided label and not the one stripped from mnemonics (this was inconsistent with the other ports and resulted in problems when using wxUpdateUIEvent::SetText()) 2. added wxControl::GTKConvertMnemonics(), GTKRemoveMnemonics() and also helper GTKSetLabelForLabel() and GTKSetLabelForFrame() wrappers 3. use them instead of duplicating their code in different derived controls

2005-12-18 16:34 VZ, revision 36434

removed GetLabel() which didn't do anything but forwarding to wxControl version

2005-12-18 16:03 VZ, revision 36433

blatant compilation fix

2005-12-18 15:02 VZ, revision 36432

code cleanup: make OutputString[Ent]() simpler to call by providing defaults for conversion parameters and using flag instead of a bool

2005-12-18 14:55 VZ, revision 36431

use correct encoding when saving in non-Unicode builds (backport from HEAD)

2005-12-18 14:49 VZ, revision 36430

use correct encoding when saving in non-Unicode builds

2005-12-18 13:58 MW, revision 36429

In the past some streams returned Eof() before the end was read past rather after, and also some streams give an error instead of Eof(). Test the archive streams work with parent streams that have any of these behaviours.

2005-12-18 13:51 MW, revision 36428

Changes to cope with parent streams which return an error instead of eof at the end of the file.

2005-12-18 12:31 JS, revision 36427

Separated XML and HTML rich text I/O handlers Cleaned up XML I/O Added HTML handler to build system Added encoding member for saving files output

2005-12-18 12:25 JS, revision 36426

Fixed bug introduced by compiler compatibility fix

2005-12-18 12:24 JS, revision 36425

Should use LoadFile for file, not LoadPage

2005-12-18 12:22 JS, revision 36424

Added space after list item number, otherwise number is hard against following text.