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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2006-11-09 18:00 RD, revision 43231

Alwayas use SetValue in Create so m_date will be in sync

2006-11-09 17:58 RD, revision 43230

Correct names of some event binders

2006-11-09 16:42 BIW, revision 43229

flicker reduction on gtk

2006-11-09 15:44 VZ, revision 43228

shave 30KB off configure size by using a single AC_CHECK_HEADER() for multiple headers instead of 6 different AC_CHECK_HEADER() calls which are strictly quivalent but expand the macro 5 times unnecessarily

2006-11-09 15:35 VZ, revision 43227

include widec.h if it's available, it contains declarations of [f]putws() under Solaris

2006-11-09 15:30 VZ, revision 43226

use C compiler for tests again, it's useless to use the C++ one for AC_CHECK_FUNCS() test anyhow; do use WX_CHECK_FUNCS() instead of several AC_CHECK_FUNCS() where we need to make sure that the function declaration is available

2006-11-09 13:18 JJ, revision 43225

Committing in . Update OpenVMS makefile Modified Files: wxWidgets/src/xrc/descrip.mms

2006-11-09 13:13 VZ, revision 43224

regenerated with bakefile rev 938: use -Wl,--out-implib=foo now instead of -Wl,--out-implib,foo which exposes a bug in mingw32/cygwin option parsing

2006-11-09 12:08 VZ, revision 43223

don't create version-script file if it's not used

2006-11-09 12:03 VZ, revision 43222

don't use version script under cygwin/mingw32, it's useless and breaks the link after latest autoconf-2.60-related bakefile 0.2.1 changes

2006-11-09 11:20 VZ, revision 43221

replaces some lists with trees (bug 1593248 and more)

2006-11-09 11:05 JS, revision 43220

Adding rich text dialogs file so anyone can modify/regenerate the UI

2006-11-09 10:40 JS, revision 43219

Don't compile rich text handler unless wxUSE_RICHTEXT_XML_HANDLER is 1

2006-11-09 06:49 BIW, revision 43218

mild gradients for the glossy theme

2006-11-09 01:25 MW, revision 43217

Additional tests for wxVsnprintf, originally to test the copy from the scratch, but actually shows up problems elsewhere.

2006-11-09 01:15 MW, revision 43216

Forgot to remove wxBackingFile from the changes.txt. It was kept internal as it's api will change for read/write and it may be integrated into wxStreamBuffer.

2006-11-09 00:59 VZ, revision 43215

override wxUSE_MS_HTML_HELP setting and set it to 0 under platforms other than MSW to fix compilation/linking problems in src/common/cshelp.cpp

2006-11-09 00:55 VZ, revision 43214

regenerated after the last change of setup_inc.h (changes in comments only)

2006-11-09 00:49 VZ, revision 43213

just a change in comment for wxUSE_MS_HTML_HELP

2006-11-09 00:46 VZ, revision 43212

define wxUSE_XML as wxUSE_XRC directly instead of using an #ifdef

2006-11-09 00:41 VZ, revision 43211

don't check whether wxUSE_MS_HTML_HELP is defined here, this is the job of wx/chkconf.h

2006-11-09 00:34 VZ, revision 43210

temporarily disable XRC richtext handler to avoid breaking the build

2006-11-08 22:26 KO, revision 43209

Fix for incorrect error message report that caused wxMediaCtrl not to play MPEGs.

2006-11-08 19:16 BIW, revision 43208

missing header file

2006-11-08 19:09 VZ, revision 43207

fix Normalize() test by using dummy working directory allowing the test to work even when it's ran from the root directory or its subdirectory (this message also applies to the previous, accidental, commit of this file)