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Changelog for wxWidgets (68395 changes):

2006-09-13 15:50 PC, revision 41191

don't include generic/statusbr.h directly

2006-09-13 14:23 BIW, revision 41190

got rid of some extra borders

2006-09-13 11:59 VZ, revision 41189

fix wxVsnprintf_ declaration for VC8

2006-09-13 11:44 VZ, revision 41188

document wxChildFocusEvent

2006-09-13 11:01 VS, revision 41187

wxTLW::DoRefreshRect must check the rect, too

2006-09-13 10:01 RR, revision 41186

Make wxGTK's wxScrolledWindow set m_x/xScrollLines to 0 if scrollbars disappear (instead of 1) as per wxMSW. Expose m_x/yScrollLines in public getters. Correct window origin for scrolled window in RTL.

2006-09-13 09:50 VS, revision 41185

corrected painting implementation for wxDFB

2006-09-13 01:31 RD, revision 41184

compile fix for Mac

2006-09-12 22:20 VZ, revision 41183

remove unneeded m_inputHandler initialization (already done in the base class ctor)

2006-09-12 21:06 RD, revision 41182


2006-09-12 21:05 RD, revision 41181

Updated the C++ code for wx.gizmos.TreeListCtrl from the wxCode project.

2006-09-12 18:45 RD, revision 41180

DisplayAvailable renamed

2006-09-12 17:18 PC, revision 41179

gtk_pizza_set_external is redundant

2006-09-12 17:09 PC, revision 41178

calling GtkPizza base class method on non-GtkPizza widget doesn't seem like such a good idea

2006-09-12 12:02 JS, revision 41177

Increased size slightly

2006-09-12 11:57 JS, revision 41176

Sometimes, m_x and m_y don't reflect the true position of the window, for example after using wxToolBar::AddControl. This change gets the actual position if necessary; it fixes a popup window positioning problem for combo controls on a toolbar.

2006-09-12 11:38 JS, revision 41175

Added pango_context_get_language to speed up pango_context_get_metrics

2006-09-12 10:19 JS, revision 41174

Style listbox now shows current style Added combo control for selecting styles Updated the sample to show the combo control

2006-09-12 09:57 RR, revision 41173

Reverse Left and Right meaning of keys.

2006-09-12 09:48 RR, revision 41172

More RTL fixes.

2006-09-12 09:26 VS, revision 41171

limit clipping to surface area

2006-09-12 09:12 RR, revision 41170

Add const to GetTargetSize()

2006-09-12 08:42 JS, revision 41169

Setting the current style from the UI is a mode that is cancelled when moving away from the current caret position. This must be done to avoid confusing default attributes and attributes at the current caret position, in normal use. Style feedback now correct when caret is at the start of a paragraph (don't use previous paragraph's style), and out-by-one style feedback bug fixed (start/end of styled content). Added ApplyStyle for applying a character or paragraph style. Some coding style cleanup.

2006-09-12 07:39 RR, revision 41168

RD forgot to add "Do"

2006-09-12 07:18 JS, revision 41167

Fixed flag setting omission that showed up as list problems in sample