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Changelog for wxWidgets (68404 changes):

2006-09-19 15:22 VS, revision 41300

fixed shutdown crashes after recent handlers creation changes

2006-09-19 14:14 VS, revision 41299

fixes to wxWindowDC flipping+clipping when painting on hidden windows or windows not being painted at the moment

2006-09-19 13:47 JS, revision 41298

Corrections to take into account that range in the API has an end position that is 1 more than the last affected position

2006-09-19 13:07 VS, revision 41297

fixed TLWs resizing to invalidate the DFB surface used for painting

2006-09-19 11:59 JJ, revision 41296

Include "xrc" support properly for OpenVMS Modified Files: wxWidgets/descrip.mms wxWidgets/setup.h_vms wxWidgets/lib/VMS_GTK2.OPT wxWidgets/lib/VMS_X11_UNIV.OPT wxWidgets/lib/vms_gtk.opt wxWidgets/src/common/descrip.mms wxWidgets/src/generic/descrip.mms wxWidgets/src/gtk1/descrip.mms wxWidgets/src/motif/descrip.mms wxWidgets/src/xrc/descrip.mms Added Files: wxWidgets/samples/xrc/descrip.mms

2006-09-19 11:40 VZ, revision 41295

add if wxUSE_NOTEBOOK around notebook-only renderer methods

2006-09-19 11:35 MR, revision 41294

Fix a few warnings that appear with -Wextra (unused parameters where WXUNUSED is already used for other parameters for the same function, and some GTypeInfo initializations)

2006-09-19 10:42 RR, revision 41293

Another RTL fix.

2006-09-19 10:28 RR, revision 41292

Give wxGrid its own string name for easier debugging.

2006-09-19 10:22 RR, revision 41291

Fix scrolling bug where client size was reported wrong when the scrollbar size was not subtracted when using a targetwindow != this.

2006-09-18 23:26 VZ, revision 41290

rebaked after listctrl/imagelist and wxUniv changes

2006-09-18 23:09 VZ, revision 41289

refactor some existing themes methods in a new base wxStdRenderer class (before adding a new theme)

2006-09-18 23:06 VZ, revision 41288

use native wxImageList for wxUniv, it's a low level class and so it doesn't make sense to always usegeneric version (also fixes wxUniv build broken by recent changes)

2006-09-18 21:02 RR, revision 41287

More wxGrid RTL things.

2006-09-18 21:00 RR, revision 41286

Fix compilo under MINGW32

2006-09-18 20:41 RD, revision 41285

Kevin's prefered way to do the last fix

2006-09-18 20:39 RD, revision 41284

Use wxListCtrlNameStr for the generic control too.

2006-09-18 19:44 RD, revision 41283

docstrings and other minor tweaks

2006-09-18 19:15 RD, revision 41282

revert last change

2006-09-18 19:14 RD, revision 41281

Add a couple missing methods

2006-09-18 19:13 RD, revision 41280

Don't unconditionally include the generic headers, fixes build problems on Windows.

2006-09-18 15:26 RD, revision 41279

minor demo tweak

2006-09-18 15:25 RD, revision 41278

Don't turn off the HAS_BUTTONS stle on wxMac

2006-09-18 14:29 RR, revision 41277

More RTL work. Now transform m_updateRegion and do nothing special in IsExposed() since some code may use m_updateRegion directly. Keep untransformed version around for use with GTK clipping in the DC.

2006-09-18 13:20 RR, revision 41276

Draw 2-pixel width rectangle ourselves, the X11 code leaves one pixel white (?) and looks differently positioned in RTL.