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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2006-11-19 21:25 RR, revision 43531

Copy and paste error.

2006-11-19 21:08 RR, revision 43530

Correct broken reference. Mention wxFileName::DirName() in the overview.

2006-11-19 20:01 VZ, revision 43529

assert if wxCAL_SEQUENTIAL_MONTH_SELECTION style is changed after creation as this doesn't currently work

2006-11-19 18:10 BIW, revision 43528

allow programmatic access to start pane dragging

2006-11-19 15:15 VZ, revision 43527

recreate the control when wxCAL_SEQUENTIAL_MONTH_SELECTION style is toggled

2006-11-19 15:14 VZ, revision 43526

delete controls which are part of the calendar (even if they're siblings to it and not its children) when the calender itself is deleted

2006-11-19 15:11 VZ, revision 43525

avoid assert when creating the control with wxCAL_SEQUENTIAL_MONTH_SELECTION style introduced by last commit

2006-11-19 15:03 VZ, revision 43524

removed code inside USE_SIZABLE_CALENDAR, we should allow making the main calendar control resizeable instead of adding another one just for this

2006-11-19 15:01 VZ, revision 43523

assert if wxCAL_SEQUENTIAL_MONTH_SELECTION style is changed after creation as this doesn't currently work

2006-11-19 14:57 VZ, revision 43522

no changes, just some minor modifications of comments and moved one function around

2006-11-19 14:44 VZ, revision 43521

set/get validator for wxTextCtrl part of wxComboCtrl and not the combo itself (patch 1599214, closes bug 1598600)

2006-11-19 13:31 BIW, revision 43520

GradientFillLinear() on wxMSW now draws on the rectangle border as well, making it consistent with the gernaic version as well as wxDC::DrawRectangle()

2006-11-19 13:24 VS, revision 43519

require bakefile-0.2.1; remove workarounds for older versions

2006-11-19 13:22 VZ, revision 43518

document GetSelection(from, to) (bug 1592221)

2006-11-19 13:13 VZ, revision 43517

remove obsolete and out of date project file which was kept for compatibility with wx 2.4 only

2006-11-19 13:07 VZ, revision 43516

added possibility to create wxDatePickerCtrl without any initial date

2006-11-19 13:06 VZ, revision 43515

don't use wxFromSystemTime() with possibly invalid date (closes bug 1596606)

2006-11-19 12:42 VZ, revision 43514

added missing blank line

2006-11-19 12:41 VZ, revision 43513

replaced 2nd wxCONTROL_CURRENT with correct wxCONTROL_FOCUSED in DrawItemSelectionRect() description

2006-11-19 12:38 VZ, revision 43512

wxCHECK_GCC_VERSION() takes 2 parameters, not 3

2006-11-19 12:35 VZ, revision 43511

unmultiply by alpha when converting from wxDIB to wxImage as the former uses premultiplied alpha but the latter does not (patch 1597063)

2006-11-19 07:45 KO, revision 43510

Fix API calls to match header changes made in richtextbuffer.h 1.42 and restore compilation.

2006-11-19 07:32 KO, revision 43509

Use DrawItemSelectionRect on GTK2 and OS X. Also, use white text when drawing focused under Mac.

2006-11-19 06:47 KO, revision 43508

Migate to the new wxRendererNative::DrawItemSelectionRect function where available, and fix selected text color on Mac.

2006-11-19 06:32 KO, revision 43507

Have wxGenericListCtrl record and store the selection state of each column, and on OS X, use this to correctly draw selected headers. Also, move to DrawItemSelectionRect for drawing the background selection.