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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2006-09-29 12:37 VS, revision 41506

moved wxSTRINGIZE to defs.h and made it work with macro argument, so that it can be used elsewhere

2006-09-29 12:26 ABX, revision 41505

Build fix for !PCH builds.

2006-09-29 11:47 VS, revision 41504

use smaller statusbar margins in mono theme

2006-09-29 11:45 VS, revision 41503

fixed wxStatusBar size calculations so that the text is not clipped

2006-09-29 09:58 ABX, revision 41502

Build fix for !PCH builds.

2006-09-29 08:53 JS, revision 41501

Fixed bugs in, and added operators and copy constructors to, style sheet classes. Now merges base, paragraph and content styles dynamically on display or layout so that we can distinguish between them. This means appling a paragraph style that has character formatting doesn't wipe out the original content formatting. The old-style static method can be enabled by setting wxRICHTEXT_USE_DYNAMIC_STYLES to 0 in richtextbuffer.h. The default style is initially empty, so that adding text reflects the base and paragraph styles. Setting the default style doesn't merge with the previous setting, but BeginStyle does. Adding new paragraphs is now sensitive to the previous paragraph's style and also whether its style has a next-paragraph style indication. Added wxRichTextCtrl::ApplyStyleSheet which reapplies styles to paragraphs with named styles. Added style application command to sample to demonstrate how styles can be changed and reapplied without affecting content character formatting. Fixed some range bugs in UI feedback and clipboard copying and pasting.

2006-09-29 00:03 VZ, revision 41500

fixed confusing double messages about getservbyname_r() test result, made the checking message consistent with gethostbyname_r() one

2006-09-28 23:48 VZ, revision 41499

removed non existent wx/dfb/popupwin.h

2006-09-28 23:09 VZ, revision 41498

suppress gcc warning about DWET_XXX enumeration values not handled in switch

2006-09-28 23:09 VZ, revision 41497

fix unused variable warning when wxUSE_PALETTE==0

2006-09-28 23:06 VZ, revision 41496

add compilation options to allow compiling in just the selected wxUniv themes and not all of them (which is still the default)

2006-09-28 23:02 VZ, revision 41495

The Lesser wxMask Refactoring: merged wxMGL and wxDFB version, added wxMaskBase which could/should be used by other ports later

2006-09-28 22:55 VZ, revision 41494

add compilation options to allow compiling in just the selected wxUniv themes and not all of them (which is still the default)

2006-09-28 17:11 VZ, revision 41493

no real changes, just replaced a long preprocessor expression occuring in 2 places with a simple wxUSE_BITMAP_BASE

2006-09-28 15:26 VS, revision 41492

don't hardcode the theme, it prevents WXTHEME env.var. from working

2006-09-28 14:02 VZ, revision 41491

DIKI_ALTGR was removed in DFB 0.9.25

2006-09-28 13:48 VZ, revision 41490

define wxUSE_BOOKCTRL when wxUSE_NOTE/LIST/CHOICEBOOK are 0; also define it as as 1 if wxUSE_TREEBOOK==1

2006-09-28 13:43 VZ, revision 41489

handle DIKI_ALT_GR in the switch even if we don't have any matching key code, just to avoid gcc warning

2006-09-28 11:47 VZ, revision 41488

only use PS printing in wxUniv (the test was accidentally broken by last commit)

2006-09-28 11:38 VZ, revision 41487

fixed Contains() to pass the unit test (didn't work for empty strings)

2006-09-28 11:37 VZ, revision 41486

added wxString::Contains() unit test

2006-09-28 11:31 VZ, revision 41485

VC7.1 warning fix about passing temporary as (non-const for this compiler) parameter of auto_ptr::operator=()

2006-09-28 09:09 JJ, revision 41484

Committing in . setup.h_vms : synching with gtk1/gauge.h : gtk1 has no native wxGauge::Pulse so it has to inherit it from wxGaugeBase (just like i.e. wxMOTIF) Modified Files: wxWidgets/setup.h_vms wxWidgets/include/wx/gtk1/gauge.h

2006-09-28 08:00 SC, revision 41483

adding wxArrayDouble for later use in graphics context APIs

2006-09-28 07:53 SC, revision 41482

adopting correct implementation virtualization for Do/GradientFillConcentric