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2014-04-08 - FileZilla Server 0.9.44 released

Fixed vulnerabilities:

  • Update to OpenSSL 1.0.1g to address CVE-2014-0160

New features:

  • Improve alias description and guide user towards alias creation if multiple unrelated directories are being shared. Support for the old non-virtual alias configuration has been removed.
  • Display additional information if a certificate or key file cannot be loaded

2014-03-28 - FileZilla Client 3.8.0 released

New features:

  • OS X: Implemented the reboot, shutdown and suspend queue completion actions

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Popup dialogs no longer automatically open if other dialogs are already open. This prevents FileZilla from becoming unresponsive on OS X
  • Fix calculation of current transfer speed. In some situations the transfer speed tooltip over the activity indicators showed negative speeds
  • Fix handling of focus item in local directory listings if connecting to a site with a default local directory

2014-03-22 - FileZilla Client 3.8.0-rc1 released

New features:

  • MSW: Added suspend as new queue completion action

Bugfixes and minor changes:

  • Minor fixes to new updater

2014-01-28 - Advisory: Malware downloads on third-party websites

As recently published on the avast! blog, modified versions of FileZilla tainted with malware are being distributed on some third-party websites.

This is by no means a new threat. While this instance is one of the largest to date, there have been many cases of modified versions spreading malware hosted on third-party websites for over a decade. We do not condone these actions and are taking measures to get the known offenders removed. Note that we cannot in general prevent tainted versions on third-party websites or prove their authenticity, especially since the FileZilla Project promotes beneficial redistribution and modifications of FileZilla in the spirit of free open source software and the GNU General Public License.

To avoid any risk when downloading FileZilla, we recommend that you only download FileZilla from the official FileZilla website or from SourceForge, the official download partner of FileZilla and many other open source projects.

To check the authenticity of your version of FileZilla, the SHA-512 hash of the unmodified FileZilla_3.7.3_win32-setup.exe is f56716044dcf1239d09343d11422b26230fb14419a4e85b702a03080550bc9e69e1c7ec22312874701de54c1ed4085e0f468d93d4993b36eabd704406b3567ff

In case you no longer have the installer, the SHA-512 hash of the installed filezilla.exe in version 3.7.3 is d6d68f564295a878ba6cdf1d79cc90b4cff4fb98177bf5aac0eb22ad3757f8997e2de718e290eb97520892d04a8d2388bb2bcb71b785d05c2b59b037abf6d28f

2013-12-03 - Donations via Bitcoin

Due to popular demand we're now accepting donations via Bitcoin using the following address: 1436j9Kw2veuQbY1FzPd4VFGZzejLEBjhb

2010-01-02 - Subversion repository moved

The address of the subversion repository has changed.

The old address, http(s)://filezilla.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/filezilla is no longer valid. The new address is http(s)://svn.filezilla-project.org/svn/

The new repository can be browsed using http://svn.filezilla-project.org/filezilla/.