Reporting bugs

Please note that usage questions and general support requests should be posted in the forums instead.

Before posting a bug, you need to read and understand these guidelines, to save both you as well as the support staff and the developers a lot of time:

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of FileZilla. No support for outdated versions.
  • Make sure you are using an official build that you downloaded from
    If you downloaded FileZilla from one of the so-called "portable apps" collections, you need to contact your portable-apps vendor.
    If you did install FileZilla using the package manager of your distribution (e.g. on Linux), you need to contact your distributor.
  • Search the existing bug reports including the closed bug reports if your issue has been reported before. If your issue has been reported before, do not reply to the bug report unless you can provide more information. "Me too" replies have absolutely no use and only distract the developers.
  • If posting a new bug report, include your version of FileZilla and the name and version of your operating system
  • Be verbose. Say exactly what you did to trigger the bug.
    Bad example: "Uploading a file crashes FileZilla"
    Good example: "Uploading a file by dragging it from the local file list to a directory in the remote tree crashes FileZilla"
  • If possible, provide the contents from the message log. To do so, you should set the program's language to English, set the debug level to 3 in the settings and restart the client. Then connect to the server, perform the action that causes problems and copy the entire log to the clipboard and attach it to the bug report.
    Do not tamper with the log, leave it exactly as is. Do not obfuscate any addresses or filenames. You will most certainly remove vital information from the log if you modify it.
  • Prepare to answer further questions from the support staff and developers and to provide the requested information. Otherwise your report will be closed without a fix.
  • Be patient. Bug fixing can take time

To report a bug, visit the bug report tracker.