Getting help

Important notice

You are using an outdated version of FileZilla. Please understand that we can not give any support for outdated versions.

Your version: 3.5.1
Current version: 3.60.1

You can download the current version on the download page.

If you installed FileZilla using your distribution's package manager, check your package manager for updates and inform your distributor if no update is available.

Depending on your problem, there are different places to get help.

Connection related problems

Before doing anything else, you should read the Network Configuration guide in the wiki.

Read the guide thoroughly and follow its instructions meticulously, it contains all the necessary information. Following the guide saves both you as well as the support staff a lot of time.

The wiki

You can use the wiki to find answers to common problems.

Feel free to contribute to the wiki, but remember that a wiki is there to provide solutions, not to ask questions.

Some pages of interest:

The knowledge base

You can find a lot of useful information in the knowledge base for both FileZilla and FileZilla Pro.

The forums

You can ask your questions in the forums if you need further help.

Before posting, use the search function, most likely your question has been answered before.

Be verbose in your posting and describe your problem in detail. Always state your operating system and the version of FileZilla you're using. Attach logs to your posting if possible.