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Changelog for wxWidgets (68395 changes):

2012-12-08 14:22 VZ, revision 73149

Document wxWindow::Get{Min,Max}{Width,Height}(). These methods were not documented and somehow inherited the description of the first method of the group they were in, which didn't make any sense for them.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73148

Don't test for key code being valid unnecessarily. The key code was already found to be valid just above, so suppress Coverity warning about an always true test by not checking it again. This also makes the code more clear.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73147

Remove unnecessary default from a switch statement. Don't check for impossible enum element value, it's better to not have the default clause at all to get a warning from g++ if this enum ever changes later. And for now the presence of default results in a warning from Coverity about unreachable code.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73146

Fix copy/paste error in UnsetConstraints(). "top" was mistakenly used in the code dealing with "left" constraint. Thanks to Coverity for finding this one.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73145

Check gtk_tree_model_iter_nth_child() return value in wxChoice code. This is probably harmless but check the return value just to suppress Coverity warning about not doing it.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73144

Don't use values returned by lstat() if it failed in wxFileCtrl code. The buffer may be uninitialized or at least not contain the correct data if lstat() failed, don't use it in this case.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73143

Check wxDir::GetNext() return value in wxFindNextFile(). This doesn't really change anything as the returned value would be empty anyhow in case of an error, but suppresses Coverity warning about not checking the return value of a function whose return value is checked in other places.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73142

Add a wxHtmlTag helper parsing both absolute values and percents. This allows to avoid some code duplication in different handlers. Closes #14868.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73141

Don't unnecessarily NUL-terminate wxCharBuffer contents. wxCharBuffer already initializes the last byte of the buffer it allocates to 0 so there is no need to do it explicitly. Also don't allocate an extra byte, wxCharBuffer already adds one to the length passed to it for the trailing NUL. See #13885.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73140

Strip EOL characters from wxStyledTextCtrl::GetLineText() return value. For consistency with all the other wxTextCtrl-like classes, the value returned by this method must not include line terminator characters (like '\n'). Notice that Scintilla-specific GetLine() does still include them, for consistency with the Scintilla API itself. Closes #13646.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73139

Catch attempts to create a window with itself as parent. This doesn't happen often but when it does, the results are catastrophic and not always easy to debug, so try catch this as soon as possible.

2012-12-08 01:37 VZ, revision 73138

Remove check of eof() return value validity. It's useless and resulted in a warning from Coverity as it correctly determined that this code could never be executed under Unix.

2012-12-06 06:33 PC, revision 73136

disable Ubuntu "overlay scrollbar", see #14871

2012-12-05 18:38 PC, revision 73134

fix tests for valid pen and brush, broken in r73099

2012-12-05 17:23 JS, revision 73133

wxRTC text box layout fixes

2012-12-04 13:28 VZ, revision 73127

Compilation fir for VC6 after r73124. VC6 doesn't have __debugbreak().

2012-12-04 01:39 VZ, revision 73126

Explicitly set margins for single line text controls in wxMSW. The margin used by them was inconsistent and depended on the initial size the control was created with for some reason. Call EM_SETMARGINS explicitly to ensure consistent appearance in all cases. Closes #2438.

2012-12-04 01:39 VZ, revision 73125

Add missing critical section locking before accessing shared variable. WinThreadStart() in wxMSW wxThread implementation accessed the variable containing the thread state without locking which was wrong, do it only inside the critical section. Notice that there is still an unavoidable race condition between exiting the thread and starting it, so it's not clear at all if we should try to avoid calling DoThreadStart() here. Closes #14865.

2012-12-04 01:39 VZ, revision 73124

Open debugger at the location of failing assert, if possible. Break into the debugger in the function containing the assert that failed instead of inside wxWidgets assert handler which is several (~8) levels below the last line of the user code. This is much more useful in practice and also less confusing. Currently this only works for MSVC as the other compilers don't have any __debugbreak intrinsice equivalent. Also update the except sample to test wxTrap() directly too. Closes #11184.

2012-12-04 00:56 VZ, revision 73123

Tag complete libtiff 4.0.3 on vendor branch.

2012-12-04 00:55 VZ, revision 73122

Add directory somehow omitted from libtiff 4.0.3 import. We don't really need this one but add it to avoid unnecessary differences with the upstream sources.

2012-12-03 20:09 VZ, revision 73113

Tag libtiff 4.0.3 on vendor branch.

2012-12-03 19:22 VZ, revision 73112

Update vendor libtiff sources to version 4.0.3. See #12301.

2012-12-03 19:14 PC, revision 73111

Remove SashHitTest() "tolerance" parameter Mouse events (LeftDown in particular) will only occur if the mouse is over the sash, so it does not make sense to have a fudge factor

2012-12-03 19:04 PC, revision 73110

Avoid setting sash resize cursor when mouse is still over border of second pane with wxGTK This made it possible to have the resize cursor, but not be able to drag the sash, and happened because wxGTK sends a leave event when mouse leaves client area instead of outer border of window. Setting the useless SashHitTest() "tolerance" parameter to zero avoids the problem. Fixes #1397