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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2006-12-23 13:03 MR, revision 44043

Change style flag on floating frames to give proper minimize behaviour. Thanks to Chris Mellon; needed for my app

2006-12-23 00:12 RD, revision 44042

minitest for wx.BusyInfo

2006-12-23 00:11 RD, revision 44041


2006-12-23 00:10 RD, revision 44040

Reset the item's text in SetItemFont to ensure that the text will be remeasured with the new font, and the bounding rect will be adjusted.

2006-12-23 00:02 RD, revision 44039

Don't try to access a color not in the dictionary

2006-12-23 00:02 RD, revision 44038

RemoveItem should return the same object it is passed, but adjusted for new ownership

2006-12-22 23:57 RD, revision 44037

wxColor --> wxColour

2006-12-22 23:55 RD, revision 44036

Add parent parameter to BusyInfo

2006-12-22 23:54 RD, revision 44035

Unicode is the default build mode

2006-12-22 23:52 RD, revision 44034

Patches from Andrea

2006-12-22 23:50 RD, revision 44033

put wx in the shell's namespace too

2006-12-22 20:14 KO, revision 44032

Adding SetFocus to wxABI_VERSION.

2006-12-22 20:05 KO, revision 44031

Fix for non-PCH builds.

2006-12-22 11:20 CE, revision 44030

fix for build with x11 reported here

2006-12-21 22:28 VZ, revision 44029

reversed binary and forward compatibility terms to their usual meanings; added a section about binary compatibility preserving changes explicitly mentioning that overriding of existing virtual functions seems to be safe; fixed typos/spelling

2006-12-21 22:04 VZ, revision 44028

added wx{Dir|File}Dialog::Get/SetStyle() for 2.8.1

2006-12-21 19:26 VZ, revision 44027

restored (as deprecated) accidentally removed wx{Dir|File}Dialog::Get/SetStyle()

2006-12-21 18:24 VS, revision 44026

compilation fix for !wxUSE_VALIDATORS

2006-12-21 17:52 VS, revision 44025

sockets work with wxDFB now

2006-12-21 06:53 KO, revision 44024

Restore compilation with --enable-stl, fix SetFocus with the generic control, and re-instate the use of ids to sort when a specific sort function isn't being used.

2006-12-20 23:24 VZ, revision 44023

C/POSIX locales (or absence of locale information) corresponds to wxLANGUAGE_ENGLISH_US, not wxLANGUAGE_ENGLISH which is the same as wxLANGUAGE_ENGLISH_UK

2006-12-20 13:45 VZ, revision 44022

unused parameter warning

2006-12-20 13:38 VZ, revision 44021

changing ES_LEFT/CENTER/RIGHT styles only works for plain (not rich) controls and only under XP, recreate the control in SetWindowStyleFlag() if it's a richedit one or if the system is earlier than XP

2006-12-20 10:06 VZ, revision 44020

fixed initial size of a control with wxDefaultSize: due to SetSize() call in Create() introduced in 1.243 it was created with 1 pixel height

2006-12-20 09:51 VZ, revision 44019

we don't need to subclass text control twice to implement support for WM_COPY/CUT/PASTE, just handle them in MSWWindowProc() (this reimplements the change of rev 1.261 correctly)