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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2006-12-28 13:52 JS, revision 44068

Temporary fix for inconsistent menu item margins (see Quit item in ownerdraw sample)

2006-12-28 06:33 KO, revision 44067

exposing generic system option define, adding missing event.Skip() to OnChar, and tweaking handling of scrollbars.

2006-12-27 15:49 SC, revision 44066

applying patch 1622389, fixing two memory leaks

2006-12-26 20:44 KO, revision 44065

Add middle-item click support.

2006-12-26 20:32 RD, revision 44064

Fix for bug #1621459, Made the Selection property read-only since it needs two parameters. You can instead use SelectionStart and SelectionEnd properties for setting the selection if needed.

2006-12-25 19:28 KO, revision 44063

Stop crash when wxVSCROLL is specified for native OS X wxListCtrl.

2006-12-25 14:39 VZ, revision 44062

show RTL message box (in Unicode build only) when using RTL (patch 1622000)

2006-12-25 00:34 KO, revision 44061

Add new wxListCtrl symbols.

2006-12-25 00:21 KO, revision 44060

Implement LIST_KEY_DOWN support, and move new functions into wxABI_VERSION.

2006-12-24 19:50 VS, revision 44059

disable (some) features that are not available in DirectFB

2006-12-24 19:06 VS, revision 44058

fixed wxFrame background colour in wxUniv on ports without native wxSYS_COLOUR_APPWORKSPACE

2006-12-24 18:39 KO, revision 44057

Implementing LIST_ITEM_RIGHT_CLICK event support, and fixing sorting (turning off code for native sorting).

2006-12-24 13:36 VZ, revision 44056

compare charset strings case-insensitively (and so avoid conversions between utf-8 and UTF-8 for example, see patch 1611068)

2006-12-24 12:38 VZ, revision 44055

document ShowHidden() (patch 1619786)

2006-12-24 12:19 VZ, revision 44054

added a couple of missing membersections and fixed a couple of typos (patch 1618846)

2006-12-24 12:16 VZ, revision 44053

fix hint rect position for RTL (patch 1618719 from Tim Kosse)

2006-12-24 12:14 VZ, revision 44052

fill in sqlDataType field of wxDbColInf in ExecSql() (patch 1614539)

2006-12-24 12:08 VZ, revision 44051

compilation fixes for --disable-compat26 (patch 1619037)

2006-12-24 01:33 VS, revision 44050

removed #ifdefs that conditionally included the exact same code on Mac and non-Mac, instead of having just one copy of it

2006-12-24 01:21 VZ, revision 44049

another fix for the default button in the dialog

2006-12-24 01:20 VZ, revision 44048

document --selected-config option

2006-12-23 22:20 VZ, revision 44047

1. Don't draw our own custom label if we don't have custom foreground colour, we don't need to do it then as it works just fine by default then 2. Use the theme font for the label (doesn't do anything for the default Luna theme but helps a lot with custom themes, unfortunately metrics are still wrong with them)

2006-12-23 22:11 VZ, revision 44046

added AutoHFONT; allow initialize SelectInHDC later (and not necessarily in ctor)

2006-12-23 15:57 JS, revision 44045

Bullet size should take into account the font of the immediately following content.

2006-12-23 15:54 JS, revision 44044