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Changelog for FileZilla 3 (7029 changes):

2015-01-24 16:12 codesquid, revision 6395

Bump to 3.10.1-rc1

2015-01-24 15:53 codesquid, revision 6394

Updated translations

2015-01-24 15:21 codesquid, revision 6393

If re-editing multiple files already being edited, add a checkbox to apply action to all selected file.

2015-01-24 14:03 codesquid, revision 6392

Pass the full list of files to the edit handler instead of calling it individually.

2015-01-24 13:33 codesquid, revision 6391

Use unique_ptr for the link resolver state.

2015-01-24 10:50 codesquid, revision 6390

Check for existing sites prior to showing the ask save password dialog in case of settings loss.

2015-01-24 10:41 codesquid, revision 6389

Fix setting of port and protocol.

2015-01-23 10:44 codesquid, revision 6388

Fix description of what the ftp:// prefix does.

2015-01-22 12:36 codesquid, revision 6387

Don't call the expensive GetSafePath twice.

2015-01-21 19:55 codesquid, revision 6386

Fix over-qualification. Patch by XhmikosR.

2015-01-21 19:24 codesquid, revision 6385

Fix editing the same local file multiple times.

2015-01-21 18:01 codesquid, revision 6384

Deleting items does not trigger the selection changed event. Manually call SetCtrlState in this case.

2015-01-21 17:46 codesquid, revision 6383

Use wxTextCtrl::ChangeValue instead of wxTextCtrl::SetValue. Fix small bug where the default port is needlessly displayed in the port field during drag&drop operations.

2015-01-21 16:04 codesquid, revision 6382

Improve display of GNUTLS_E_PULL_ERROR and GNUTLS_E_PUSH_ERROR, it was confusing users: While the error occurred in the push/pull function, it does not mean that either function is faulty. Silence the TLS error reporting and pass the socket error to higher layers instead of the generic ECONNABORTED.

2015-01-21 13:56 codesquid, revision 6381

Display subject alternative names in certificate dialog.

2015-01-21 13:31 codesquid, revision 6380

Include subject alternative names in certificate structure.

2015-01-21 10:38 codesquid, revision 6379

Instead of hiding alert details in debug messages, directly show the alert at the intended output level.

2015-01-20 14:52 codesquid, revision 6378

Cleanup destruction of hidden items.

2015-01-20 14:52 codesquid, revision 6377

Check for null m_pContextControl

2015-01-20 14:23 codesquid, revision 6376

Remove some old code only needed for compatibility with wx <= 2.8.10

2015-01-20 14:07 codesquid, revision 6375

Return early in UpdateSpeedLimitsIcon if the icon could not be loaded.

2015-01-20 09:47 codesquid, revision 6374

The time has come to disable RC4.

2015-01-18 11:42 codesquid, revision 6373

Use the parent window to get the screen as the dialog isn't realized yet.

2015-01-17 14:08 codesquid, revision 6372

Display SHA-256 certificate fingerprint instead of MD5 fingerprint.

2015-01-17 09:06 codesquid, revision 6371

Check return value of wxDisplay::GetFromWindow to avoid an assert. Addresses #10099. Root cause why it returns wxNOT_FOUND is unknown still.