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2014-12-25 02:32 VZ, revision 78319

Don't overflow the message queue in wxEventLoop::WakeUp() in wxOSX. First, don't add any events at all to it unless it's empty. Second, post new events with low priority instead of high one, we really don't care about them getting processed, other, real, events should take priority. Closes #14256.

2014-12-25 02:32 VZ, revision 78318

Blind fix for wxTextDataObject trailing NUL under OS X. Use the length provided to SetData() instead of assuming it is NUL-terminated. Closes #9522.

2014-12-25 02:32 VZ, revision 78317

Generate wxEVT_DATAVIEW_ITEM_ACTIVATED on Enter in wxOSX wxDVC. Allow activating wxDataViewCtrl items from keyboard under OS X. Closes #16272.

2014-12-25 02:32 VZ, revision 78316

Allow setting hints for multi-line wxTextCtrl when supported. Don't prevent people from using hints in wxMSW and wxGTK2, where they work with multiline text controls too, even though they do not work with wxGTK3 nor wxOSX. Closes #14456.

2014-12-25 02:31 VZ, revision 78315

Add support for strikeout fonts to wxMSW wxTextCtrl. Map them to CFE_STRIKEOUT in the native rich text control. See #16591.

2014-12-25 02:31 VZ, revision 78314

Fix handling of fast clicks in wxRibbonBar under MSW. Second click can result in a double click event instead of the usual simple click if it happens quickly enough after the first one, so handle double clicks in the same way as simple clicks instead of ignoring them. Closes #16551.

2014-12-24 21:02 MAR, revision 78313

Match the wxQT wxColour with public interface Now the type of the value returned by Red, Green, Blue and Alpha methods are consistent with wxGTK and wxMSW. This could fix ticket #16713 (symbols exported)

2014-12-24 20:19 MAR, revision 78312

Fix SIGSEGV due bad pointer in wxMessageDialog (wxQT) m_qtWindow should be used instead of m_qtMessageBox (removed). If not, PostCreation() cannot call wxMessageDialog::GetHandle() as it is virtual (and it is called from the ctor), so it fails to set the base window pointer, raising a SIGSEGV in wxWindow::DoSetSize (for more info, see architecture in docs)

2014-12-24 14:57 VZ, revision 78311

Fix some typos in the comments and messages in the samples. Closes #16738.

2014-12-24 14:57 VZ, revision 78310

Update dialog editors list in the manual. Remove wxDesigner which is not offered any more and add wxCrafter. Also use more neutral "form designer" term to avoid giving the impression that these tools can only be used for the dialogs. Closes #16744.

2014-12-24 14:57 VZ, revision 78309

Add brief documentation for wxLog::Flush(). See #16744.

2014-12-24 14:57 VZ, revision 78308

Escape space after "e.g." or "i.e." in the manual. This fixes formatting of the Doxygen-generated docs (maybe we should just switch to the civilized spelling of "eg" and "ie" instead?). See #16744.

2014-12-24 14:56 VZ, revision 78307

Correct minor typo in wxMimeTypesManager documentation. See #16744.

2014-12-24 14:56 VZ, revision 78306

Correct typo in wxStopWatch example in the documentation. See #16744.

2014-12-24 14:56 VZ, revision 78305

Czech translations update from Zbyn?k Schwarz.

2014-12-23 10:50 VZ, revision 78303

Use Cmd-click, not Apply-click, to select items in wxVListBox. Using Apple key here under Mac was unexpected, we should use Cmd which corresponds to Ctrl used under the other platforms and which is already mapped to it by wxKeyboardState::ControlDown().

2014-12-22 02:31 VZ, revision 78297

Don't try setting width before column is added to wxOSX wxDVC. This is not going to work anyhow and the width will be really set later, when InsertColumn() is called.

2014-12-22 02:31 VZ, revision 78296

Don't warn if model cell value is empty in wxOSX wxDVC. This follows similar change to wxGTK a few commits ago and makes wxOSX consistent with the generic version.

2014-12-22 02:31 VZ, revision 78295

Refactor type checks in wxOSX wxDVC implementation. Check the type in one place only, before calling MacRender() instead of doing it in each and every implementation of it. Also replace wxFAIL_MSG() with wxLogDebug() as the former resulted in a crash due to assert reentrancy, as usual when asserting inside a wxEVT_PAINT handler which is constantly called all the time, and so wasn't particularly useful.

2014-12-22 02:31 VZ, revision 78294

Remove unnecessary methods of wxCocoaOutlineDataSource. {append,remove}Child() were never used, remove them to make it easier to remove the use of "children" array itself later (see #16740).

2014-12-22 02:31 VZ, revision 78293

Don't warn if model cell value is empty in wxGTK wxDVC. Make wxGTK consistent with the generic version and, generally speaking, more reasonable by allowing to leave any cell empty by just not filling in the wxVariant in the model GetValue() for it.

2014-12-22 02:31 VZ, revision 78292

Replace wxLogError() with wxLogDebug() in wxGTK wxDVC code. The type mismatch between the value returned from the model and the one returned by the control cannot be due to any user action, so it is quite useless to show it to the user, it is only relevant for the developers. Use wxLogDebug() and not wxASSERT() because asserting in a wxEVT_PAINT callback would result in a crash due assert reentrancies.

2014-12-22 02:31 VZ, revision 78291

Fix arguments of type mismatch error message in wxGTK wxDVC. The "required" and "actual" arguments were exchanged, making the message pretty confusing.

2014-12-20 22:52 VZ, revision 78290

Centre text vertically in wxDataViewCtrl by default in generic version. This was already the case in the native GTK (possibly unintentionally) and OS X (because vertical alignment is not supported at all there) versions, but in the generic version using the default wxALIGN_NOT alignment when calling wxDataViewCtrl::AppendXXXColumn() methods resulted in top-aligned text which looked ugly (this could be seen on the second page of the dataview sample for example). Fix this by handling wxALIGN_NOT as wxDVR_DEFAULT_ALIGNMENT in these functions to do the right thing by default.

2014-12-20 22:51 VZ, revision 78289

Use helper functions for {app,prep}ending wxDataViewCtrl columns. Make the code more maintainable by using helper functions instead of duplicating the same logic a dozen times for each of appending and prepending. This is just a refactoring, no changes in behaviour.