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Changelog for wxWidgets (70435 changes):

2004-03-05 23:13 VS, revision 26103
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/regex/reg.test

moved to tests/regex

2004-03-05 23:13 VS, revision 26102

minor corrections

2004-03-05 22:55 VS, revision 26101

CppUnit compilation fixes for win compilers

2004-03-05 22:27 RD, revision 26100

wxGTK2 sends *only* wxEVT_SCROLLWIN_THUMBTRACK (why?) so wxVScrolledWindow needs to respond to it otherwise nothing happens when using the scrollbar.

2004-03-05 21:17 RD, revision 26099

Change wxMSW to use WidthDefault and HeightDefault for window sizes, like the other platforms do.

2004-03-05 21:16 RD, revision 26098

Updated comment

2004-03-05 21:04 RD, revision 26097

Changed WidthDefault() and HeightDefault() to use 400,250. If there is a better set of default values feel free to change it, just don't make them too small for TLWs.

2004-03-05 20:58 RD, revision 26096

MaskedEditCtrl updates from Will Sadkin

2004-03-05 20:57 RD, revision 26095

Remove #!

2004-03-05 17:40 RL, revision 26094

More updates to the Debian packaging for wxPython, unicode and the project name change. Applied patch from ABX to make tex2rtf unicode compatible, then removed wxSprintf lameness from it so it might actually work. Also modified it to return true from tex2rtf OnInit in console builds so the app will exit with a successful return code rather than always returning failure even when it succeeds. Implemented unicode capable wxCtime for glibc systems also needed by tex2rtf. Wrapped dde include in tex2rtf in a guard and assert that dde is MSW only in its forwarding header. Lowered the limit of maxlen in wxSprintf so it actually has a chance to segfault on people instead of failing silently and mysteriously with glibc. Silenced some other 'potentially uninitialised variable' warnings from gcc3, most of which were bogus, one potentially not so. Added missing newline at the end of fontdlg.cpp.

2004-03-05 14:09 VZ, revision 26093

don't lose fonts underlined flag in ReInit() (bug fix for the change in rev. 1.76)

2004-03-05 13:49 VS, revision 26092

wxHTML not used

2004-03-05 10:54 VS, revision 26091

always define wxUSE_MOUSEWHEEL

2004-03-05 05:28 RD, revision 26090

Changed CanApplyParentThemeBackground to ApplyParentThemeBackground and let the windows set the the background colour themselves (or not)

2004-03-05 00:06 RD, revision 26089

When running samples from the demo standalone you can now add a --shell to the command line and it will start a PyShell to go with it.

2004-03-04 23:48 RD, revision 26088

Delay checking for the requested sash position until the first OnInternalIdle after it is set. TRUE/FALSE --> true/false Fixed a bug that allowed the sash cursor to be shown the the pointer is not quite on the sash yet.

2004-03-04 23:16 JS, revision 26087

WinCE project and wxDC corrections

2004-03-04 18:39 RD, revision 26086

Use wxWANTS_CHARS style so cursor keys can be used on wxMSW, send wxNavigationKeyEvents on MSW since WANTS_CHARS will block those, and inherit font and colors like wxListBox does.

2004-03-04 17:03 RD, revision 26085

Added CanApplyParentThemeBackground and use it in wxMSW's wxNotebook::ApplyThemeBackground. It's in the common base classes so that someday it's usage can expand to the other platforms as well.

2004-03-04 16:16 SC, revision 26084

support for wxUSE_PALETTE = 0

2004-03-04 14:33 DW, revision 26083

Remove the Innotek for OS/2 addition...configure now deals with this correctly on it's own

2004-03-04 14:25 DW, revision 26082

Remove the Innotek for OS/2 addition...configure now deals with this correctly on it's own

2004-03-04 09:39 JJ, revision 26081

Committing in . change OpenVMS compile support from wxWindows to wxWidgets Modified Files: wxWidgets/descrip.mms wxWidgets/setup.h_vms wxWidgets/lib/vms.opt wxWidgets/lib/vms_gtk.opt wxWidgets/lib/vms_gtk_univ.opt ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2004-03-04 07:27 SC, revision 26080


2004-03-04 07:18 SC, revision 26079

fix for late redraw messages in a already destroyed window hierarchy

2004-03-04 00:16 SN, revision 26078

Fixed error in moving code from app.cpp in evtloop.cpp - caused accelerator handling to be broken, now fixed again.

2004-03-03 23:40 RD, revision 26077

Put version numbers back to 2.5.1 until 2.5.2 is imminent

2004-03-03 23:12 VS, revision 26076
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/tests/mbconv/mbconv.bkl

no longer needed

2004-03-03 23:07 VS, revision 26075


2004-03-03 23:04 VZ, revision 26074

use global file/regkey by default

2004-03-03 23:02 VZ, revision 26073

fixed bug with not reading settings from HKLM

2004-03-03 23:01 VZ, revision 26072

added AccessMode parameter to wxRegKey

2004-03-03 22:56 VS, revision 26071

applied path 906264: test program

2004-03-03 22:53 VS, revision 26070

compilation fix for unicode

2004-03-03 22:16 VZ, revision 26069

do check for <iostream> even when cross-compiling -- why not?

2004-03-03 22:14 VZ, revision 26068

added wxMenuBar::GetLabelTop() fix

2004-03-03 21:05 MBN, revision 26067

Add missing file.

2004-03-03 21:03 MBN, revision 26066

Removed duplicated code. wxTranslateXXXEvent must not alter the XEvent.

2004-03-03 20:59 MBN, revision 26065

Calculate length explicitly (for wxUSE_STL == 1).

2004-03-03 20:44 JS, revision 26064

Added wxSP_NO_XP_THEME style to wxSplitterWindow to switch off theming (some applications look bad without 3D borders)

2004-03-03 20:38 JS, revision 26063

Changed some version numbers to 2.5.2

2004-03-03 20:08 RD, revision 26062

Copy all needed files for the debian source dist

2004-03-03 19:06 RD, revision 26061

Copy all needed files for the debian source dist

2004-03-03 14:47 SC, revision 26060

API adaptions to MSW EnhMetafile, fixes and extensions

2004-03-03 14:20 JS, revision 26059

Only scale an image once, which vastly improves the appearance of scaled images in print and preview

2004-03-03 14:10 SC, revision 26058

API adaptions to MSW EnhMetafile

2004-03-03 13:32 JS, revision 26057

Allow an app to call SetFont on a PS DC without assertion (should be possible to use SetFont before StartDoc).

2004-03-03 10:47 SC, revision 26056

safe destruction, even if redraws might be triggered

2004-03-03 10:46 CE, revision 26055

final part of SF patch #904166 (DMC fix)

2004-03-03 09:39 SC, revision 26054

casting for CW