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2007-10-24 21:43 DE, revision 49409

Don't check for wxMac before overriding WORDS_BIGENDIAN based on compiler endianness definitions. This allows any toolkit to be compiled universally on OS X, not just wxMac.

2007-10-24 21:03 DE, revision 49408

Remove defined(__WXMAC__) && defined(__APPLE__) case from the OS if/elif block. It would never have been used in a configure build since setup.h which defines __UNIX__ is included from platform.h before the if/elif block. Likewise, it would not have been used for wxMac Xcode builds since they use config_xcode.h which also defines __UNIX__. That's fortunate since __POWERPC__ was defined unconditionally in that case. Note that classic builds wouldn't have used the case either since they have their own case just before it (which remains). Add __MACH__ to the list of UNIX defines (e.g. like __hpux) so that the UNIX case of the OS if/elif block is guaranteed to match for all Mach systems. In addition to that, within that case check for __APPLE__ && __MACH__ and make sure that __BSD__ and __DARWIN__ are defined, TARGET_CARBON is defined, and wxSIZE_T_IS_ULONG is defined. Add __ppc__ to the list of defines that will cause __POWERPC__ to be defined although it's interesting to note that we don't seem to use it anywhere. Make sure that each case of the OS if/elif block has a /* OS ... */ comment to make the code a bit easier to follow. Remove comment about __DARWIN__ being used to work around defects in GCC, that was removed years ago.

2007-10-24 19:42 CE, revision 49407

makefiels updated to reflect removal of db sample

2007-10-24 18:07 PC, revision 49406

Use a GtkVBox to do TLW layout. Rework some of the remaining sizing code.

2007-10-24 18:06 VZ, revision 49405

add a critical section protecting ms_prev variables (replaces patch 1819224)

2007-10-24 17:59 VZ, revision 49404

add a critical section protecting ms_prev variables (replaces patch 1819224)

2007-10-24 17:55 VZ, revision 49403

slightly simplified wxLog repetition counting code

2007-10-24 14:48 VZ, revision 49402

removed extra semicolon (bug 1819361)

2007-10-24 14:21 JS, revision 49399

Small usability improvements

2007-10-24 14:20 JS, revision 49398

Small usability improvements

2007-10-24 14:17 JS, revision 49396

Made dialog captions more standard

2007-10-24 14:16 JS, revision 49395

Made dialog captions more standard

2007-10-24 13:37 VZ, revision 49392

fix off by 1 pixel error in header drawing (patch 1819260)

2007-10-24 08:14 RR, revision 49388

Don't hide wrong border around header button control just to show the problem

2007-10-24 02:58 PC, revision 49384

non-pch build fix

2007-10-23 23:02 VZ, revision 49383

fixed another unused parameter warning

2007-10-23 23:02 VZ, revision 49382

removed a wrong WXUNUSED() from DoNavigateIn()

2007-10-23 22:19 VZ, revision 49376

use -Wunused-parameter with gcc for consistency with MSVC and other compilers which warn about this; fix the uncovered warnings in wxGTK

2007-10-23 21:37 RD, revision 49372

add missing versioned symbol

2007-10-23 21:36 RD, revision 49371

Use premultiplied alpha pixel format to match what is used everywhere else in wxMSW.

2007-10-23 21:31 RD, revision 49370

Use premultiplied alpha pixel format to match what is used everywhere else in wxMSW.

2007-10-23 21:30 RD, revision 49369

Avoid compile error and return a value from StartDoc

2007-10-23 21:11 RR, revision 49368

Add column to control after association with model (currently a requirement for wxMac)

2007-10-23 20:59 VZ, revision 49367

fix a couple more of unused parameters warnings

2007-10-23 19:10 KO, revision 49361

Add implementation of native DrawCheckBox for Mac. (patch #1786282.)