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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2007-06-23 17:00 RR, revision 46668

Mention changes.

2007-06-23 16:55 RR, revision 46667

Upport scrolling changes and mouse wheel changes.

2007-06-23 16:52 RR, revision 46666

Remove Update() from ScrollWindow() again as this has been taken care of by the same call in wxScrollHelper.

2007-06-23 16:26 RR, revision 46665

Prevent wxScrollbar::SetThumbPos from sending any event, too.

2007-06-23 15:48 ROL, revision 46664

added (interactor) with Listener dispatcher class, moved event processing from Frame, XMLTree to Listener

2007-06-23 15:48 RR, revision 46663

Corrected mouse wheel support. Prevent wxWindow::SetScrollPos() and ::SetScrollbar from emitting the wxScrollWinEvent Call wxWindow::Update() in ScrollWindow() as the update region would otherwise be out of sync

2007-06-23 05:30 RD, revision 46662

Add DetachOldLog

2007-06-23 05:30 RD, revision 46661

docstring update

2007-06-22 22:19 VS, revision 46660

clarified global and local config files behavior

2007-06-22 21:03 FT, revision 46659

Miscellaneous commits before the move to SVN.

2007-06-22 20:58 FT, revision 46658

Add tests for two classes derived from wx.ControlWithItems (wx.Choice, wx.CheckListBox). Note in testChoice that three tests from testWindow fail. Update accordingly.

2007-06-22 20:44 FT, revision 46657

Flesh out tests for wx.ItemContainer.

2007-06-22 20:27 VZ, revision 46656

remove #if around operator&&(), its needed for other compilers too (Sun CC 5.9) and doesnt seem to hurt the ones which do not need it

2007-06-22 20:18 VZ, revision 46655

fix asserts for dropdown items

2007-06-22 19:52 VZ, revision 46654

override DoLog(wxString) and not the deprecated DoLog(wxChar*) in LboxLogger

2007-06-22 19:36 VZ, revision 46653

don't crash in SetBackgroundStyle() if the window is not realized

2007-06-22 19:14 VZ, revision 46652

don't always add wxCAPTION to wxMiniFrame style unconditionally (patch 1739821; backport from HEAD)

2007-06-22 19:10 VZ, revision 46651

don't always add wxCAPTION to wxMiniFrame style unconditionally

2007-06-22 18:41 VS, revision 46650

use wxCRT_VsprintfA name instead of vsprintf, for consistency

2007-06-22 18:22 VZ, revision 46649

make JPEG callbacks extern "C" to fix Sun CC warnings

2007-06-22 18:22 VZ, revision 46648

fix warnings about parameters shadowing member variables

2007-06-22 18:20 VZ, revision 46647

pointer to literal string should be const

2007-06-22 18:09 VZ, revision 46646

suppress virtual function hiding warnings due to the existence of several DoLog() and DoLogString() overloads of which only one is overridden

2007-06-22 18:08 VZ, revision 46645

regenerated after today's changes, it should now handle Sun CC under Linux correctly

2007-06-22 18:06 VZ, revision 46644

remove -mt and/or -pthread when mixing Sun CC and gcc once at the end instead of doing it several times in the middle as these options can appear in pkg-config output for just about anything