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Changelog for wxWidgets (68404 changes):

2007-06-22 18:41 VS, revision 46650

use wxCRT_VsprintfA name instead of vsprintf, for consistency

2007-06-22 18:22 VZ, revision 46649

make JPEG callbacks extern "C" to fix Sun CC warnings

2007-06-22 18:22 VZ, revision 46648

fix warnings about parameters shadowing member variables

2007-06-22 18:20 VZ, revision 46647

pointer to literal string should be const

2007-06-22 18:09 VZ, revision 46646

suppress virtual function hiding warnings due to the existence of several DoLog() and DoLogString() overloads of which only one is overridden

2007-06-22 18:08 VZ, revision 46645

regenerated after today's changes, it should now handle Sun CC under Linux correctly

2007-06-22 18:06 VZ, revision 46644

remove -mt and/or -pthread when mixing Sun CC and gcc once at the end instead of doing it several times in the middle as these options can appear in pkg-config output for just about anything

2007-06-22 17:23 VZ, revision 46643

use -R instead of -Wl,-rpath with Sun CC under Linux too

2007-06-22 17:17 FT, revision 46642

Add skeleton tests for wx.Dialog, and include them in

2007-06-22 17:17 VZ, revision 46641

fixed defining FOOCXX symbols (was broken because AC_LANG_POP was done too soon and so variable name for C and not C++ was wrongly used); changed mwcc and xlc detection to use the common macro instead of duplicating it

2007-06-22 17:15 VZ, revision 46640

added support for using Sun CC to link shared libraries under Linux too

2007-06-22 17:09 VZ, revision 46639

fix Sun CC warnings about converting literal strings to non-const char *

2007-06-22 17:07 FT, revision 46638

Two more tests for wx.TopLevelWindow. Fixed one minor oversight.

2007-06-22 16:50 FT, revision 46637

Include tests for wx.StaticText in

2007-06-22 16:49 FT, revision 46636

Add tests for wx.StaticText. The tests are only inherited, since wx.StaticText has little functionality of its own.

2007-06-22 16:35 FT, revision 46635

Clean up and add more tests for wx.Frame

2007-06-22 15:11 VZ, revision 46634

suppress Sun CC warnings about casting between C++ and extern C function pointers

2007-06-22 14:52 VZ, revision 46633

fix Sun CC warning about name clash between the method parameters and member variables argc/argv

2007-06-22 14:48 VZ, revision 46632

better Sun CC fix: put the function in anonymous namespace instead of making it global

2007-06-22 14:46 VZ, revision 46631

Sun CC doesn't allow calling static function from template instantiations so rename ConvertStringToBuf() to wxInternalConvertStringToBuf() and make it extern

2007-06-22 14:25 VZ, revision 46630

test for Sun CC under Linux too, and not only Solaris (mirrors the change in bakefile)

2007-06-22 14:22 VZ, revision 46629

don't redefine __WCHAR_TYPE__ when using Sun CC if it's already defined (as is the case at least under Linux)

2007-06-22 13:59 VZ, revision 46628

Sun CC (at least version 5.9) has wint_t as a separate type too

2007-06-22 13:58 VZ, revision 46627

fix __SUNCC__ definition; added wxCHECK_SUNCC_VERSION

2007-06-22 13:55 VS, revision 46626

PCH-less compilation fix