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2005-03-16 17:51 JS, revision 32853

Implemented PocketPC menubar/toolbar as wxToolMenuBar derived from wxToolBar, solving the problem of how normal toolbars can co-exist with combined ones. Tidied up WinCE toolbar code. Implemented wxToolBar as 'dummy' toolbar under Smartphone. Dialogs now show an empty menubar to hide inactive one underneath.

2005-03-16 16:18 ABX, revision 32852

Use defs.h (and automatically setup.h and chkconf.h) before first wxUSE_* check (bug #1164141).

2005-03-16 16:03 KH, revision 32851

Unlike the preferences item which should only be enabled if it exists and is enabled, the quit item should be enabled unless it both exists and is disabled, otherwise Quit will not be enabled unless the application specifically adds wxID_EXIT. This should fix David's bug but still retain the old functionality. [ modified previously committed patch 1160343 ]

2005-03-16 10:20 JS, revision 32850

Not forgetting PalmOS

2005-03-16 10:18 JS, revision 32849


2005-03-16 09:09 JS, revision 32848

Removed checklistbox test

2005-03-16 05:31 KH, revision 32847

Allow using negative angles with DrawRotatedText. [ patch 1162771 ]

2005-03-16 05:16 KH, revision 32846

Quit application menu item needs special handling like the Preferences item. [ patch 1160343 ]

2005-03-16 05:11 KH, revision 32845

Added comments explaining more about the changes in my last commit. Also, removed __DARWIN__ check for enabling CONNECTION events, always wait to enable them until after the connect() call.

2005-03-15 23:20 VZ, revision 32844

set wxUSE_DEBUGREPORT to 0 by default; fixed a couple of typos

2005-03-15 21:51 JS, revision 32843

UPdated notes

2005-03-15 21:50 JS, revision 32842

Chose different set of buttons for toolbar

2005-03-15 21:48 JS, revision 32841

Fixed wxToolBar for WinCE so normal bitmaps can be used; no longer uses standard buttons. wxToolBar under Smartphone no longer tries to create buttons since a toolbar makes no sense on this platform.

2005-03-15 21:22 JS, revision 32840

Regenerated files

2005-03-15 21:18 JS, revision 32839

WinCE doesn't have wxCheckListBox, and doesn't like wxRmDir

2005-03-15 21:10 ABX, revision 32838

SetLeft|RightMenu is supposed to be API for all smartphones. TODO comment.

2005-03-15 20:55 JS, revision 32837

Fixed wxPropertySheetDialog for Smartphone

2005-03-15 20:33 ABX, revision 32836

More wxWidgets in poem demo.

2005-03-15 17:40 JS, revision 32835


2005-03-15 11:56 JS, revision 32834

No zero id

2005-03-15 11:29 JS, revision 32833

Don't start ids at zero

2005-03-14 22:40 JS, revision 32832

Added wxPropertySheetDialog for implementing settings dialogs in the appropriate way on small devices and desktop platforms (abstracting is the only way to unify the API)

2005-03-14 22:26 VZ, revision 32831

simplified code (removed 2 unnecessary tests) in CalcMin(), no real changes

2005-03-14 22:24 JS, revision 32830

Improve standard button spacing on Windows

2005-03-14 21:55 MBN, revision 32829

Remove wrong clasing bracket.

2005-03-14 21:52 MBN, revision 32828

Blind fix for VC6 compilation when wxUSE_STL == 1.

2005-03-14 20:40 VZ, revision 32827

disable debug report for now

2005-03-14 20:00 ABX, revision 32826

'Dummy' warning fixes (might be used uninitialized).

2005-03-14 19:52 ABX, revision 32825

Unicode fix.

2005-03-14 19:13 JS, revision 32824

Updated symbols

2005-03-14 17:15 JS, revision 32823

Frames have Ctrl+Q accelerator set automatically, as per the PocketPC guidelines Documented issues in manual under wxWinCE topic. wxDEFAULT_DIALOG_STYLES rationalised so we can make use of styles such as wxCLOSE_BOX in future (OK button on titlebar) Added Set/GetAffirmativeId and DoOK so that titlebar OK button can be customised

2005-03-14 17:10 JS, revision 32822

Don't call Layout

2005-03-14 17:09 ROL, revision 32821

README scrolling fix fix for Mac (opts inside try/except)

2005-03-14 17:09 RD, revision 32820

If the parents are nothing but a panel and a frame then MSWGetBgBrushForChild will still return NULL. Fallback to a solid background colour in this case.

2005-03-14 16:37 JS, revision 32819

More PocketPC adaptations

2005-03-14 16:05 VZ, revision 32818

made GetDataDir() return the directory where the program is installed under MSW

2005-03-14 14:50 JS, revision 32817

Define Ctrl+Q accelerator on PocketPC for quitting the application, as per guidelines

2005-03-14 14:41 GT, revision 32816

Added support (barely tested) for MaxDB from MySQL Added dbmsFutureX to the database enumerations to allow for adding support for new databases between releases of wxWidgets

2005-03-14 14:40 GT, revision 32815

Fixed unicode builds that were not on MSW Added dbmsFutureX to the database enumerations to allow for adding support for new databases between releases of wxWidgets

2005-03-14 14:38 KH, revision 32814

Removed unneeded semicolon after DECLARE_DYNAMIC_CLASS [ bug 1162938 ]

2005-03-14 13:31 DS, revision 32813

refactored scrollbar creation code to use CreateControl, MSWCreateControl, and MSWGetStyle: fixes default colour inheriting from parent and allows the scrollbar to be hidden initially (with 2-step creation)

2005-03-14 10:19 ABX, revision 32812

Incomplete setup build fix (wxPalmOS).

2005-03-14 09:08 CE, revision 32811

fix bug which was trashing gifs

2005-03-14 04:47 DE, revision 32810

Make wxCocoa compile on Tiger.

2005-03-14 03:33 RN, revision 32809

"test" for testing a [fixed] proxy crash (from last commit)

2005-03-14 02:15 DE, revision 32808

Dammit, try it again this time actually removing it instead of adding it again (forgot to give patch the -R).

2005-03-14 02:12 DE, revision 32807

Reverted 1.32. This breaks my Tiger builds which is part of the reason I reverted the last incarnation of this in the first place!!!

2005-03-14 01:45 DE, revision 32806

Rebaked (changes to proper WXMAC/NOTWXMAC handling from the other day)

2005-03-14 01:42 DE, revision 32805

Update to include recent acinclude.m4 changes. Yes, they aren't any longer used by configure but they're still in acinclude.m4 so now they're here too.

2005-03-14 01:24 MW, revision 32804

The DLL version of Watcom's C runtime doesn't have fileno, but the static version does