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Changelog for wxWidgets (68410 changes):

2005-01-19 02:28 VZ, revision 31478

(harmless) VC++ warning fixes

2005-01-19 01:53 VZ, revision 31477

define wxUSE_NATIVE_STATUSBAR as 1 for wxMSW builds

2005-01-19 01:49 VZ, revision 31476

clarified what needs to be done to get useful results with this class

2005-01-19 01:42 VZ, revision 31475

documented wxStackWalker/Frame

2005-01-19 01:15 VZ, revision 31474

implemented wxStackWalker for Unix (using glibc-specific methods); moved wxUSE_STACKWALKER to common setu_inc.h

2005-01-18 23:36 SN, revision 31473

Fixed some line breaks.

2005-01-18 21:27 ABX, revision 31472

Less MSW related files in wxPalmOS port.

2005-01-18 21:22 DE, revision 31471

Take -DWX_PRECOMP out of GCC_PRAGMA_FLAGS and put it into its own PCH_FLAGS. If -DNO_GCC_PRAGMA is included in GCC_PRAGMA_FLAGS (because the platform always requires it) then it won't be duplicated in PCH_FLAGS, but if the platform does not normally need -DNO_GCC_PRAGMA then the flag will be included in PCH_FLAGS because PCH always requires it.

2005-01-18 21:21 RD, revision 31470

Use a panel

2005-01-18 21:14 ABX, revision 31469

Cleaning of headers.

2005-01-18 20:23 ABX, revision 31468

MinGW warning fix.

2005-01-18 20:13 ABX, revision 31467

MinGW warning fix.

2005-01-18 19:50 ABX, revision 31466

MinGW warning fix.

2005-01-18 17:44 JS, revision 31465

Skip processing in OnTextEnter so normal return processing works.

2005-01-18 16:31 ABX, revision 31464

ctor/dtor not available in C code (MinGW fix).

2005-01-18 16:15 VZ, revision 31463

fixed memory leak in UpdateAttr[Rows][Or][Cols] (patch 1104355)

2005-01-18 16:11 VZ, revision 31462

fixed crash if an error happened inside WaitConnection() (patch 1093852)

2005-01-18 16:07 KH, revision 31461

Added DLL export for wxCommandEventStringHelper

2005-01-18 15:54 KH, revision 31460

Fixed wxTextCtrl being undefined when not using precompiled headers

2005-01-18 15:17 KH, revision 31459

For efficiency reasons, text controls no longer set the string for each text updated event, but rather query for the string value only when GetString is called from an event handler

2005-01-18 15:15 KH, revision 31458

GetString() method queries the control for the string when called, m_commandString is no longer set for each event and cached

2005-01-18 15:14 KH, revision 31457

Event member variables hidden, text control efficiency by not calling GetString for each event

2005-01-18 15:13 KH, revision 31456

Removed m_ variables from the documentation, since they are now protected and should not be used directly

2005-01-18 15:12 KH, revision 31455

Move member m_ variables to be protected rather than public to force usage of Set/Get rather than allow direct access. Compatibility with 2.4 keeps members private, and also creates a class to allow continued usage of m_commandString. GetString() will now get the text control's string when called, rather than store it and return it every time (huge performance gain by doing this, esp. on GTK2)

2005-01-18 15:08 KH, revision 31454

Use event modifiers and accessors rather than m_ variables directly, which are now protected rather than public with 2.4 compatibility disabled

2005-01-18 13:56 VZ, revision 31453

regenerated with correct substitutions for COND_WXUNIV_0 (fixes wxAdv build problems)

2005-01-18 13:39 VZ, revision 31452


2005-01-18 13:36 VZ, revision 31451

reverted last commit, do this check in wx/chkconf.h instead

2005-01-18 13:15 VZ, revision 31450

more fixes to dllexport/import stuff for operator<<()s (still bug 1104372)

2005-01-18 13:11 VZ, revision 31449

only define globals when wxUSE_BASE to avoid duplicate definitions in wxBase and wxMSW (closes 1104289)

2005-01-18 13:10 VZ, revision 31448


2005-01-18 13:00 VZ, revision 31447

Unicode compilation fix (patch 1104406)

2005-01-18 12:46 VZ, revision 31446

Unicode compilation fix for debugging code which is also commented out now

2005-01-18 12:30 VZ, revision 31445

added WXDLLIMPEXP_BASE for operator<<() functions (blind fix for bug 1104372)

2005-01-18 10:31 ABX, revision 31444

PalmOS native colour dialog.

2005-01-18 10:10 ABX, revision 31443

wxWinCE fixes.

2005-01-18 03:47 DE, revision 31442

Don't depend on m_cocoaWxToBoundsTransform not being released until after we're done with it; retain/release it appropriately.

2005-01-18 03:32 DE, revision 31441

Sending copy to an instance infers ownership by the sender so we must send release to the returned instance when we're done.

2005-01-17 21:30 DE, revision 31440

Moved Clear() implementation into wxDC using a new virtual CocoaGetBounds() to determine the rect to clear. Also added CocoaUnapplyTransformations() to bring the coordinate system back into Cocoa coordinates for those cases such as Clear() where it makes more sense.

2005-01-17 21:29 ABX, revision 31439

Common default datetime formats.

2005-01-17 21:20 ABX, revision 31438

Fix for limited build required by headers of free DMC.

2005-01-17 21:19 VZ, revision 31437

regenrated after ADVANCED_SRC/HDR split in native/Univ parts

2005-01-17 19:21 ABX, revision 31436

Stock buttons labels.

2005-01-17 19:15 JS, revision 31435

Added AddWindowStyles() call

2005-01-17 19:08 ABX, revision 31434

MinGW fixes.

2005-01-17 18:52 VZ, revision 31433

removed #ifndef __WXUNIVERSAL__ added in last commit, shouldn't be necessary any more after files.bkl to exclude this file from wxUniv builds

2005-01-17 18:51 VZ, revision 31432

split ADVANCED_HDR/SRC in a part common to all ports and another one used only for the native ports (currently only wxMSW)

2005-01-17 14:35 ABX, revision 31431

Check wxMSWUniv condition earlier.

2005-01-17 14:20 ABX, revision 31430

wxMSWUniv build fix.

2005-01-17 14:04 VZ, revision 31429

fixed GetModuleHandleExA() call after last fix