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2010-11-14 02:02 VZ, revision 66146

Add wxImage::Rotate180() function. Closes #12679.

2010-11-14 02:02 VZ, revision 66145

Handle hot spots in wxImage::Rotate90(). Set hot spot coordinates for the rotated image if the original one had them. Also handle the case when the source image has both alpha and mask correctly. Closes #3680.

2010-11-13 18:13 VZ, revision 66144

Don't use standard menu ids in the unit test to avoid Mac problems. wxOSX rearranges the standard menu items such as wxID_EXIT and wxID_ABOUT and, for the former, changes its text to "Quit", so don't use them in the menu unit test which expects to find the items in the menus to which they were added and exactly with the labels used when adding them.

2010-11-13 16:03 VZ, revision 66143

Don't put cursor at the end of wxGridCellEnumEditor control. Putting the cursor to the end of the control when the editing starts doesn't make much sense as this should be the default behaviour anyhow and, worse, this results in an assert under wxMSW where a read-only wxComboBox doesn't have any cursor to move. Closes #12446.

2010-11-13 16:03 VZ, revision 66142

Initialize scrollbar positions in wxGTK correctly. The scrollbar positions stored in wxWindow::m_scrollPos were not initially correct in wxGTK because wxScrollHelper::SetScrollbars() didn't update them and only set the values of the underlying GtkAdjustments themselves. This resulted in filtering out of the first scroll event as the code (wrongly) believed that the scrollbar position hadn't changed. Fix this by setting m_scrollPos to the real scrollbar positions. Closes #12468.

2010-11-13 16:03 VZ, revision 66141

Add a unit test checking selection updating in virtual wxListCtrl. Verify that the selection is updated correctly after the number of items in the control is decreased. See #12378.

2010-11-13 16:03 VZ, revision 66140

Don't assert if config file contains an invalid boolean value. Asserts should be only triggered by programming errors, not by user actions, and the assert checking that the value is either 0 or 1 in wxConfigBase::DoReadBool() could happen if the user edited the file and put a wrong value into it. Replace the assert with a warning message. See #11437.

2010-11-13 16:03 VZ, revision 66139

Add a beginning of wxMenu unit test. Test wxMenu and wxMenuBar item search and counting functions. See #12672.

2010-11-13 16:02 VZ, revision 66138

Make menu operations always work with "Test" menu in the sample. Some tests in the "Menu" menu of the menu sample worked with the "Test" menu while others used the last one ("Help" initially but possibly something else if the test commands from "Menubar" menu were used). Harmonize all menu commands to use the "Test" menu now. See #12668.

2010-11-13 16:02 VZ, revision 66137

Fix resizing of wxGrid columns when they were reordered. The column resizing code in wxGrid didn't take account of the fact that the column positions and indices could be different. Correct it by inserting calls to wxGrid::GetColAt() and GetColPos() in a new wxGridOperations::GetLineBefore() method. Closes #11984.

2010-11-12 08:15 JJ, revision 66124

Update SETUP for OpenVMS

2010-11-11 16:51 MW, revision 66121

Use wxFS_SEEKABLE flag loading images.

2010-11-11 13:09 VZ, revision 66120

Improve check for ASCII locale in wxGTK initialization code. Use wxFontMapper::GetEncodingFromName() to check if the current locale encoding is ASCII instead of just comparing the name with "US-ASCII" which is not the name used by most platforms (e.g. current Linux systems call this encoding "ANSI_X3.4-1968"). This avoid creating a wxCSConv object for ASCII encoding unnecessarily on startup.

2010-11-11 13:09 VZ, revision 66119

Initialize wxCSConv immediately instead of deferring it. Deferred initialization code was not MT-safe and just wasn't that useful anyhow because it is rare to create a wxCSConv object and not use it afterwards. Remove the deferred initialization logic and create the real conversion used by wxCSConv immediately in its ctor. Also improve the comments by clearly explaining the possible values of wxCSConv::m_name and m_encoding. Closes #12630.

2010-11-11 13:09 VZ, revision 66118

Fix typo in error message given if wxUSE_CAIRO is undefined. Replaced the wrongly copy-and-pasted wxUSE_BUTTON with wxUSE_CAIRO.

2010-11-11 05:09 RD, revision 66117

No docs yet, just the bare interace so we can get XML for Phoenix.

2010-11-11 02:29 RD, revision 66116

Fix a parameter type and add some missing const keywords

2010-11-10 14:53 VZ, revision 66103

Disable unit tests which can't work in ANSI build. Disable unit tests involving operations (such as conversions between UTF and anything but plain ASCII) not available in ANSI build. This fixes the test suite for non-Unicode build under Unix.

2010-11-10 14:53 VZ, revision 66102

Use wxString::To8BitData() instead of mb_str() to handle NULs correctly. In ANSI build wxString::mb_str() returns a pointer to the internal wxString data directly instead of a buffer with a proper length, so it provides access to the part of the string before the first embedded NUL only. Use To8BitData() which always returns the buffer of the correct size in all builds. The open question remains whether mb_str() should be changed to return a (non owned) buffer and not just a pointer in ANSI build. This would make manipulating strings with embedded NULs safer but mb_str() would be less efficient and less compatible.

2010-11-10 14:53 VZ, revision 66101

Fix wxString::{Before,After}{First,Last} unit test for ANSI build. The test used a wide character constant and so didn't work in ANSI build. Use an ASCII string there now while still keeping the original version in Unicode build.

2010-11-10 14:53 VZ, revision 66100

Don't check for wxDF_UNICODETEXT support in ANSI builds. wxDF_UNICODETEXT clipboard format can't be even constructed without provoking an assert in ANSI build of wxGTK, so avoid using it, we don't support it anyhow.

2010-11-10 14:53 VZ, revision 66099

Initialize paragraph descent in wxRichTextParagraph::Layout(). This variable was used as the initial value for the descent but was never initialized, so the descent computation could be completely wrong.

2010-11-10 14:53 VZ, revision 66098

Don't crash in wxGUIEventLoop::Exit() if not running in wxX11. The implementation of wxEventLoop::IsRunning() has changed since this code was written and it doesn't check for m_impl != NULL any more. Because of this, calling Exit() for an active but not running event loop resulted in a crash in wxX11. Fix this by doing nothing in this case. This seems better than asserting as the event handling code exits the loop if an event handler throws an exception and the loop might not be running in this case yet (events could be processed because of a wxYield() call).

2010-11-10 14:53 VZ, revision 66097

Implement bitmap mask copying in wxX11. Copy the mask pixmap properly in wxX11, otherwise copying masks resulted in freeing the same pixmap twice and an X error. This fixes the bitmap unit test for wxX11.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66096

Don't test for DC validity in wxX11 wxDC text extent functions. The code in GetTextExtent() and GetChar{Width,Height}() works fine even for non-initialized wxMemoryDC and the ellipsization unit test relies on this working so simply remove the asserts which resulted in the test failures.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66095

Disable measuring context unit test for wxX11. wxCairoRenderer::CreateMeasuringContext() is only implemented for wxGTK so the test fails under other ports when using Cairo. Disable it for wxX11 for now.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66094

Use Cairo for wxGraphicsContext in wxX11. Check for Cairo in configure for wxX11 too. Fix compilation of wxCairoContext for non-{GTK,MSW} platforms. Also make wxUSE_CAIRO a "normal" option, i.e. add it to all wx/setup.h files instead of defining it as 1 unconditionally for wxGTK and 0 for everything else.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66093

Disable unit test for wxColour alpha under wxX11. wxX11 doesn't support alpha component of wxColour currently.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66092

Fix signed/unsigned comparison warnings in wxUniv wxNotebook. Recent replacement of size_t wxNotebook::m_selection with int wxBookCtrlBase::m_selection resulted in appearance of many warnings in wxUniv wxNotebook. Fix them by removing some now unnecessary casts between int and size_t and adjusting the remaining ones.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66091

Add #if checks fixing minimal wxGTK build. Check for functions availability before using them. This fixes compilation of wxGTK with all features disabled.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66090

Fix harmless unused parameter warnings in minimal build. No real changes, just add some wxUnusedVar() to avoid warnings about parameters unused in some non-default build configurations.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66089

Don't exclude a bunch of wxDir methods when wxUSE_LONGLONG==0. The #endif part of a #if wxUSE_LONGLONG check was incorrectly positioned and excluded the definition of several wxDir methods not related to wxLongLong when wxUSE_LONGLONG was 0.

2010-11-10 14:52 VZ, revision 66088

Fix wxGLCanvas compilation with wxUSE_PALETTE==0. This fixes compilation problems with the minimal build of wxGTK and will make removing palette support in the future simpler.

2010-11-10 14:51 VZ, revision 66087

Fix wxStandardDialogLayoutAdapter compilation with wxUSE_BUTTON==0. This class probably should not be compiled in at all in the minimal build but in the meanwhile just add #if checks around its button-related parts.

2010-11-10 14:51 VZ, revision 66086

Make wxBitmap::ConvertToDisabled() available in all ports. This method was defined in wxBitmapBase which is not used by wxMSW (and wxOS2) so it wasn't available there. Move the definition of the method inline and reuse it for all ports, making it part of either wxBitmapBase or wxBitmap as appropriate. This is clearly ugly but we still have no good solution for deriving wxBitmap from wxBitmapBase in wxMSW as it already inherits from MSW-specific wxGDIImage there. Also document that ConvertToDisabled() is only available when wxUSE_IMAGE==1.

2010-11-10 01:36 VZ, revision 66082

Disconnect "hide" menu signal to fix menu destruction in wxGTK. The "hide" signal handler was triggered when destroying a sub-menu (even if it was not shown at this time). Disconnect it to avoid asserts due to attempts to generate an event for an already detached menu and to avoid the (bogus) wxEVT_MENU_CLOSE event as well. Closes #12668.

2010-11-10 01:36 VZ, revision 66081

Add a test for deleting a sub-menu to the menu sample. Also fix some typos in the help message. See #12668.

2010-11-10 01:36 VZ, revision 66080

Fix wxUSE_DC_CACHEING spelling in the documentation. It was consistently misspelt as wxUSE_DC_CACHE. Closes #12377.

2010-11-10 01:36 VZ, revision 66079

No changes, just simplify docview sample a bit. Remove some unnecessary function arguments and m_frame member variable. Closes #12374.

2010-11-10 01:36 VZ, revision 66078

Correct wxID_SEPARATOR description in menu documentation. Also correct a typo in Delete() function links. Closes #12666.

2010-11-10 00:53 VZ, revision 66077

Fix preprocessor definitions for wxBase build under OS X. Define __WXOSX__ for non-GUI build under Darwin. Ensure that the rest of the code compiles correctly when just __WXOSX__ is defined but neither of __WXOSX_{CARBON,COCOA,IPHONE}__ is. This ensures that wxBase can actually be built under Mac. Move OS X symbols definitions in wx/platform.h after wx/setup.h inclusion as they rely on __DARWIN__ and wxUSE_GUI values which are both define in that file now. Still keep them before wx/chkconf.h inclusion which relies on __WXOSX_XXX__ being defined. Yes, it's a mess and should be cleaned up more permanently some day. Also remove some redundancy from wx/osx/{carbon,cocoa}/private.h by factoring out common parts into wx/osx/core/private.h. Also include this header itself from wx/osx/private.h directly instead of including it thrice from different sub-ports headers. Closes #12660.

2010-11-10 00:53 VZ, revision 66076

Fix timeval struct initialization in wxSelectDispatcher. The tv_usec field could overflow its maximal value while tv_sec was always left 0. It would be even better to reuse SetTimeValFromMS() from socket.cpp here in the future. See #11542.

2010-11-10 00:53 VZ, revision 66075

Fix crash in wxCFEventLoop::AddSourceForFD(). Don't reset CFFileDescriptorRef before passing it to CFFileDescriptorCreateRunLoopSource(), this resulted in a crash inside this function. Closes #11542.

2010-11-10 00:53 VZ, revision 66074

Remove non-existent functions declarations from wxOSX/Carbon. wxMacSetupConverters() and wxMacCleanupConverters() don't seem to exist any more so don't declare them.

2010-11-08 17:28 VZ, revision 66071

Document wxRenameFile() behaviour when destination is a directory. Document that the source file is moved to the destination if it's a directory, apparently this is not obvious.

2010-11-08 17:28 VZ, revision 66070

Unload bogus XRC resources in "garbage" unit test. Leaving invalid XRC entries in wxXmlResource internal list of loaded resources resulted in failures in the XRC unit test which executed after this one. It seems that loading an invalid resource shouldn't prevent the other ones from loading correctly later and this probably should be corrected at wxXmlResource level but for now work around this problem in the test itself.

2010-11-08 14:50 VZ, revision 66069

Fix crash in XRC ID range support code. Really fix removing the record from the linked list. This code was modified by r66064 but was still wrong because the wrong pointer was updated.

2010-11-07 23:13 VZ, revision 66066

Compilation fix for STL build after ID range changes in XRC. Fix compilation of the new code which relied on implicit conversion of wxString to "const char *" which is unavailable when wxUSE_STL==1.

2010-11-07 20:34 VZ, revision 66065

Factor our hash function used for XRC ids hash map. Define the hash function in a separate function instead of duplicating it in XRCID_Lookup() and RemoveXRCIDEntry(). The hash function is extremely simplistic and inefficient right now, it should be replaced with wxStringHash::stringHash().

2010-11-07 20:33 VZ, revision 66064

Fix memory leak of XRC ids introduced by the ID range support patch. Fix bug in linked list processing in RemoveXRCIDEntry() added in r66059: it incorrectly overwrote the XRC id table entry with the next element in the list instead of just updating the pointer used during iteration.

2010-11-07 20:33 VZ, revision 66063

Reformat long lines in the new part of the xrc sample. No changes, just break the too long lines.

2010-11-07 20:33 VZ, revision 66062

Use Connect() of Bind() in the new part of xrc sample. Use Connect() for compatibility (notably with VC6 which doesn't support Bind()). Also connect the event handlers on loading the dialog instead of waiting until the relevant page is selected, this makes the code slightly simpler as we don't need to remember whether we connected them or not any longer.

2010-11-07 20:33 VZ, revision 66061

Test both ChangeSelection() and SetSelection() in notebook sample. Test wxBookCtrl::SetSelection() too to be able to check that it does generate events as expected.

2010-11-07 20:33 VZ, revision 66060

Don't require skipping "page changed" event in wxMSW wxNotebook. wxMSW wxNotebook implementation used to handle EVT_NOTEBOOK_PAGE_CHANGED event to update the currently shown page which meant that page changing was broken if the user code handled and didn't skip this event. As the other ports don't require the user code to skip this event, don't do this in wxMSW neither and always update the selected page unconditionally.

2010-11-07 15:00 VZ, revision 66059

Add support for id ranges to XRC. Allow to declare ranges of consecutive IDs in XRC by using the "id[n]" syntax. Show this functionality in the xrc sample and test it in the new unit test. Also show and test the "object reference" XRC functionality. Closes #11431.

2010-11-07 15:00 VZ, revision 66058

Make wxXmlResource::ReportError() wxXmlNode parameter const. This function (and the related DoReportError()) doesn't need to modify its "context" argument so take a const-pointer in it. See #11431.

2010-11-07 15:00 VZ, revision 66057

Mention the GUI test in the unit test tech note. Update the tech note to mention the (relatively) new GUI test program too. See #11431.

2010-11-07 15:00 VZ, revision 66056

Update and reorganize XRC overview to make it more useful. Emphasize the parts most useful for the new users instead of more advanced concepts and generally make the text more readable. Closes #12661.

2010-11-07 14:44 PJC, revision 66055

Add support for toggle buttons to wxRibbonButtonBar.

2010-11-07 14:16 VZ, revision 66054

Fix build with Borland C++ compiler. Disable some parts of the code that this compiler had problems with. Add parentheses to work around its bugs elsewhere. Closes #12558.

2010-11-07 14:12 VZ, revision 66053

Update all windows associated with the tooltip when it changes in wxMSW. Although the tooltip was initially correctly set for all windows associated with it, it was only updated for the main one if its text changed later. This resulted in leaving the old tooltip for the composite controls such as wxComboBox or controls with sub-windows such as wxRadioBox. Fix this by storing all windows associated with the tooltip (for space efficiency, only allocate the array if necessary however as it will be empty in the majority of cases) and apply SetTip() to all of them, not just the main one. Closes #12659.

2010-11-07 12:54 SC, revision 66052

disable code because of OS bug, fixes #12478, fixes #12554

2010-11-07 00:46 PJC, revision 66051

Improve behaviour of scrolling through a ribbon gallery.

2010-11-06 16:48 SC, revision 66048

routing the tab, return events for single line fields back to standard wx handler (doesn't work for secure fields unfortunately), fixes #12386 and partly #12392

2010-11-06 16:37 SC, revision 66047

implementing turning off of default button as well

2010-11-05 22:43 VZ, revision 66043

Minor cosmetic fix to generic check tools appearance in wxOSX. Use rounded rectangle to indicate the selected tool instead of a plain one. Closes #12409.

2010-11-05 22:43 VZ, revision 66042

Fix check toolbar items behaviour in non-native toolbars in wxOSX. Update the button state when the tool is toggled. Also use NSToggleButton for this tool and not NSOnOffButton as the latter doesn't use the alternative (toggled) image. Closes #12408.

2010-11-05 22:43 VZ, revision 66041

Avoid using wx GDI classes from non-main thread in wxOSX/Cocoa. OS X uses a background thread for pulsing the default button and we intercept the draw requests from it. As our drawing code is not MT-safe, executing it from the non-main thread can result in crashes. Avoid this by simply not doing anything fancy when called from a background thread and simply deferring to the superclass instead. Closes #12407.

2010-11-05 22:43 VZ, revision 66040

Really update tooltip when wxToolBar::SetShortHelp() is called. Changing a toolbar tool tooltip didn't work in wxOSX/Cocoa because the new value was never propagated to the native control. See #12362.

2010-11-05 22:43 VZ, revision 66039

Remove trailing comma from an enum. Comma after last enum element is not allowed in C++98 and some compilers will warn about it. Closes #12591.

2010-11-05 22:42 VZ, revision 66038

Show the first, not the last, inserted item in wxListBox in wxOSX. The listbox showed its last, not first, item after creation in wxOSX which was inconsistent with the other ports and generally inconvenient. Fix this by ensuring that the first item being inserted is shown, and not the last one as was (implicitly) the case before. A better fix would be to avoid scrolling entirely but I don't know how to do this with NSClipView. Closes #12365.

2010-11-05 22:42 VZ, revision 66037

Use CGFloat instead of float for mouse wheel event parameters. This fixes mouse wheel handling in 64 bits where CGFloat has size different from float. Closes #12168.

2010-11-05 22:41 VZ, revision 66036

Fix showing the frames full screen under OS X. Don't leave space for the title bar when showing the frame full screen. Closes #11701.

2010-11-05 22:40 VZ, revision 66034

Improve default position for new TLWs in wxOSX. Put the new windows in the upper left corner of the screen but not at (0, 0) as before, this was rather inconvenient and too different from the normal application behaviour under OS X. Closes #11926.

2010-11-05 22:40 VZ, revision 66033

Ensure that strings returned by wxMBConv_cf are in NFC form. Normalize all Unicode strings used internally even though the Darwin kernel gives them to us in decomposed (NFD) form. Closes #11730.

2010-11-05 22:39 VZ, revision 66032

Remove duplicate wxEVT_COMMAND_TEXT_ENTER generation from wxOSX/Cocoa. The code in -[wxNSTextField control:textView:doCommandBySelector:] generated a second copy of this event as it was also generated from wxNSTextFieldControl::controlAction() for single line text controls. Closes #11691.

2010-11-05 22:39 VZ, revision 66031

Don't update scrollbars when the window is being destroyed in wxOSX. Updating scrollbars for a window that is being destroyed anyhow is useless and resulted in crashes in the htlbox sample because it used client-to-screen coordinates conversion which asserted because the TLW was invalid any more and this unexpected assert during window destruction led to a crash. Simply don't do it at all to avoid the problem. Closes #11776.

2010-11-05 22:39 VZ, revision 66030

Fix crash in wxColour ctor from NSColor in wxOSX/Cocoa. wxColour ctor from NSColor added by Kevin Ollivier in r62525 never worked as it passed NULL pointer to NSColor:getComponents and so always crashed. This resulted in a crash in the rich text editor of the text sample, for example. Fix this by passing a valid array containing colour components instead.

2010-11-05 22:38 VZ, revision 66029

Remove unnecessary wxOSX_USE_COCOA guards in Cocoa-only file. The #if wxOSX_USE_COCOA seems unnecessary in a file that is used in wxOSX/Cocoa only so simply remove it.

2010-11-05 22:38 VZ, revision 66028

Assume sizeof(wchar_t) is always 4 under OS X. wchar_t used to be 2 bytes in Mach-O builds but they're not supported any longer so remove the code checking for sizeof(wchar_t) and just assume it's always 4. Closes #10442.

2010-11-05 22:37 VZ, revision 66027

Add another test for the insertion point position after SetValue(). Verify that setting the value of a previously not empty control resets the insertion point to its beginning. See #10051.

2010-11-05 22:37 VZ, revision 66026

Disable keyboard unit test with wxUIActionSimulator under OS X. The test doesn't work because the test window never get any events. This might be a bug in the test or in wxUIActionSimulator itself but for now I just have no idea about how to fix it, so disable the test to let the rest of the test suite run.

2010-11-05 17:05 CE, revision 66022

add execmon to CE exclude (no console)

2010-11-05 16:45 CE, revision 66021

missing namespace

2010-11-05 16:24 CE, revision 66019

missing namespace

2010-11-05 13:53 VZ, revision 66018

Remove test code accidentally committed as part of r66015. Don't call wxMenuItem::Set{Background,Text}Colour() in the menu sample, this was for testing only.

2010-11-05 07:55 JJ, revision 66017

Update OpenVMS makefiles

2010-11-04 17:13 VZ, revision 66016

Correct a trivial typo in wxLog documentation. Just remove an extra word.

2010-11-04 11:57 VZ, revision 66015

Use explicit menu item background if it's given under MSW. An explicit item background colour specified in user code should override the default theme background. Closes #12652.

2010-11-04 11:57 VZ, revision 66014

No changes, just use RAII-based classes in MSW owner drawn menu code. Add helper HDC{TextCol,BgCol,BgMode}Changer classes which ensure that the corresponding HDC attribute is reset on scope exit instead of manually calling the corresponding MSW functions to set and reset it.

2010-11-04 11:49 VZ, revision 66013

Pas long to _get_timezone() even for VC8. Apparently the MSDN documentation for VC8 is wrong and _get_timezone() function expects a long and not int when using it (as is already the case with VC9 and VC10). Closes #12653.

2010-11-04 08:38 JJ, revision 66012

Updating makefiles for OpenVMS

2010-11-04 00:48 VZ, revision 66009

Remove unused mouse event handler from dataview sample. The mouse event handler for the frame was never executed because the frame is entirely covered by other windows in this sample. Not sure what was meant here but this handler is useless so just remove it.

2010-11-04 00:48 VZ, revision 66008

Remove unnecessary tests for m_log from dataview sample. The sample contained a lot of unnecessary checks for m_log, remove them to make the code shorter and simpler to understand.

2010-11-03 17:36 VZ, revision 66007

Add wxAuiPaneInfo::IsDockable(). This function checks if the pane can be docked at any side. It is useful in its own right but most importantly is needed to fix compilation broken in r66005 which used it before it was added. See #12648.

2010-11-03 17:29 VZ, revision 66006

Set column field of wxDVC ITEM_{ACTIVATED,CONTEXT_MENU} events. Add missing calls to wxDataViewEvent::SetColumn() and SetDataViewColumn(). In the future it would be nice to refactor the code to have a common event object initialization function that would make it impossible to forget to do this. Closes #12649.

2010-11-03 17:29 VZ, revision 66005

Don't dock undockable panes in wxAuiManager::LoadPerspective(). All panes were docked when loading a perspective, including those that were created to be non-dockable. Don't dock the latter ones now. Closes #12648.

2010-11-03 17:29 VZ, revision 66004

Optimize wxDataViewMainWindow::FindNode() in generic wxDataViewCtrl. Avoid unnecessary heap allocations and extra indirections and just use the items pointers directly. Also avoid copying the (potentially huge) nodes arrays. Closes #12647.

2010-11-03 17:29 VZ, revision 66003

Don't copy potentially big arrays in generic wxDataViewCtrl. Use reference to hold the array of nodes instead of copying it. (Really) closes #12587.

2010-11-03 17:29 VZ, revision 66002

Handle wxLOCALE_DECIMAL_POINT in wxLOCALE_CAT_MONEY correctly in wxMSW. Use LOCALE_SMONDECIMALSEP and not LOCALE_SDECIMAL when querying for the decimal separator in money category, it can be different from the usual numeric one.