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2008-09-19 23:33 VZ, revision 55746

- Main change is the addition of wxGridSelectRowsOrColumns selection mode (which is still probably buggy, wxGridSelection needs to be reviewed) - Add XYToCell() overloads returning wxGridCellCoords (instead of modifying the argument passed by reference -- where did this come from?) and document them. - Added GoToCell() which does make the new current cell visible unlike SetGridCursor() (which was documented as doing it, but wasn't) - Changed SetCurrentCell() to only not change the cell if wxEVT_GRID_SELECT_CELL it generates is vetoed, not just processed as this seems to make more sense - Split jumbo (~400 lines) ProcessGridCellMouseEvent() function into chunks - Add many more comments to make reading this code seem less like puzzle solving for the next unfortunate soul to do it

2008-09-19 18:41 VZ, revision 55745

make wxKeyEvent and wxMouseEvent derive from the same wxKeyboardState object (indirectly via wxMouseState in the case of the latter) to make Get/HasModifiers() available in wxMouseEvent as well while avoiding code duplication

2008-09-19 17:39 JMS, revision 55744

Removed macros to create enum and flag props with custom, static choice sets. Now use wxPGProperty::SetChoices() instead.

2008-09-19 17:24 JMS, revision 55743


2008-09-19 17:13 JMS, revision 55742

Eliminated WX_PG_DECLARE_X_METHODS macros

2008-09-19 17:10 JMS, revision 55741

Eliminate a warning

2008-09-19 16:57 JMS, revision 55740

Moved wxPGChoices m_choices member from various property classes to base wxPGProperty. This allows any property to have choices without subclassing and therefore work with Choice and ComboBox editors. Also removed redundant choice manipulation functions from wxPropertyGridinterface (ie. now use ones in wxPGProperty).

2008-09-19 16:43 JMS, revision 55739

Do not insert client data if client data is not used

2008-09-19 10:42 MW, revision 55735

Change <checkout> slightly so that it doesn't display the branch as it makes the column rather wide.

2008-09-19 10:28 FM, revision 55734

improved support for typedefs

2008-09-19 10:18 VZ, revision 55733

add unit test for wxTextEntry methods of wxComboBox

2008-09-19 10:17 VZ, revision 55732

fix bug in SetInsertionPoint(-1) implementation

2008-09-19 10:13 VZ, revision 55731

set selection point to end in wxTextEntryBase::SetValue() as this should be done in all ports and in all controls (fixes a unit test failure for wxComboBox)

2008-09-19 10:08 VZ, revision 55730

implement EnableTextChangedEvents() to make ChangeValue() work as expected, i.e. not generate any events

2008-09-19 09:03 VZ, revision 55729

do enable PCH for the tests, wx/wx.h was not precompiled for them resulting in much slower compilation than expected

2008-09-19 08:55 VZ, revision 55728

extract wxTextEntry unit tests in a reusable base class

2008-09-19 08:18 VZ, revision 55727

set buffer length after reading the file contents into it successfully (part of #9980)

2008-09-19 08:11 VZ, revision 55726

return 0 (meaning the file is not seekable, as the docs now explain) instead of 4KB for the files in sysfs under Linux (#9965)

2008-09-19 07:50 VZ, revision 55725

fix ownerdrawn button label drawing in ODS_NOACCEL case (#3519)

2008-09-19 07:38 VZ, revision 55720

cancel the current operation if mouse capture is lost (#9979)

2008-09-18 20:49 SC, revision 55712

making sure unknown charsets are not defaulting to a valid system default

2008-09-18 19:05 RR, revision 55711

Move definition of wxListIteratorFunction and ..SortFuntion to defs.h so it can be used from elsewhere

2008-09-18 18:47 FM, revision 55710

fix for gccxml

2008-09-18 18:47 FM, revision 55709

fix default arguments for various functions/ctors

2008-09-18 18:34 FM, revision 55708

few details fixed