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Changelog for wxWidgets (68421 changes):

2000-12-30 19:36 vadz, revision 9024

just added some _T()s

2000-12-30 12:47 roebling, revision 9023

Various fixes for wxFilename.

2000-12-30 00:28 roebling, revision 9022

wxFileName II. It actually works.

2000-12-29 23:44 vadz, revision 9021

merged wxStaticLine ctor fix

2000-12-29 23:38 vadz, revision 9020

fixed wxStaticLine ctor docs

2000-12-29 22:12 dwebster, revision 9019

Added filename.cpp to build

2000-12-29 17:39 dwebster, revision 9018

include "wx/filefn.h" instead of just "filefn.h".

2000-12-29 17:38 dwebster, revision 9017

should use array delete on a wxString object (line 991) that is not an array of wxStrings

2000-12-28 14:07 vadz, revision 9016

modified check listbox indicators and made them customizable

2000-12-28 03:52 vadz, revision 9015

added event sending to wxComboBox

2000-12-28 01:05 vadz, revision 9014

1. fixed flicker causing bug introduced into wxListBox yesterday 2. fixed wxBitmapButton refresh logic (reacts to bitmap changing now) 3. fixed focus rect drawing in win32 renderer - don't do it if no label 4. fixed combobox layout, seems to look fine now!

2000-12-28 00:00 roebling, revision 9013

Added wxFileName. Small fix for log error messages on startup. Added missing accessor to wxSizer.

2000-12-27 02:22 vadz, revision 9012

1. popup windows created as children of desktop 2. mouse handling ok in popup listbox

2000-12-26 15:19 vadz, revision 9011

1. wxCopyFile() uses buffer (huge copy speed up) 2. OS_FILENAME macro instead of #ifdef MAC everywhere 3. test for wxCopyFile in the console sample

2000-12-26 02:13 vadz, revision 9010

listboxes changed slightly to accomodate for combobox needs, the interface for "generic" combobox is in place, combolistbox starts to work

2000-12-24 15:42 vadz, revision 9009

1. allow having buttons more narrow than default in win32 theme 2. more combo stuff - starts to work

2000-12-24 15:32 vadz, revision 9008

bug in hit test range checkign fixed

2000-12-24 14:03 vaclavslavik, revision 9007

fixed generic wxListCtrl headers rendering

2000-12-24 14:01 vaclavslavik, revision 9006

fixed PS bounding box computation

2000-12-24 07:31 robind, revision 9005

More cleanup. Regenerated wxGTK code.

2000-12-24 01:23 vadz, revision 9004

start of wxComboBox code

2000-12-23 23:04 roebling, revision 9003

Fixed log error messages upon startup. Added accessor to min size to sizer. Something in changes.txt.

2000-12-23 19:40 vadz, revision 9002

added some error checking to wxCopyFile

2000-12-22 22:32 robind, revision 9001

Added the wxClassInfo stuff back in to the modules that are standalone. This is needed so any classes defined in the module will get hooked up with their parents and assertions like "is wxWindow" will work.

2000-12-22 22:06 robind, revision 9000

wxDefaultPosition and wxDefaultSize are marked read-only.

2000-12-22 21:17 roebling, revision 8999

Log error messages work.

2000-12-22 21:17 roebling, revision 8998

Log error messages work now. It took me only 3 years.

2000-12-22 15:56 roebling, revision 8997

Some wxBook docs.

2000-12-22 15:04 vadz, revision 8996

motif warning fixes

2000-12-22 15:01 vadz, revision 8995

motif compilation fixes

2000-12-22 14:57 georgetasker, revision 8994

Overview of the wxDb and wxDbTable classes added. Added commentary and DEPRECATED tags to all the old wxDatabase classes directing the reader to read and use the wxDb/wxDbtable classes instead

2000-12-22 14:48 georgetasker, revision 8993

Removed the BOLDFACE on items that are in INDEXIT blocks, so that the items will not appear in BOLD in the index.

2000-12-22 13:34 georgetasker, revision 8992

Removed the BOLDFACE on items that are in INDEXIT blocks, so that the items will not appear in BOLD in the index. Removed some \$ inside of a couple of prelnote blocks that cause tex2rtf to fail. They do not seem to be needed anyway.

2000-12-22 13:33 georgetasker, revision 8991

Removed the BOLDFACE on items that are in INDEXIT blocks, so that the items will not appear in BOLD in the index.

2000-12-22 13:30 georgetasker, revision 8990

Program now keeps track of how many errors occured during the pass, and if any occurred, the user is notified (interactive mode) of how many occured. All error messages are now constructed with wxStrings rather than char arrays.

2000-12-22 13:28 georgetasker, revision 8989

Now uses MAX_LINE_BUFFER_SIZE constant for the array sizing of the buffer that hold lines read in Now checks that the line being read in does not exceed MAX_LINE_BUFFER_SIZE length, avoiding a crash whenever a long line is read in from a .tex file. An error is now generated if the line is too long, and line line is truncated at MAX_LINE_BUFFER_SIZE characters. All error messages are now constructed with wxStrings rather than char arrays.

2000-12-22 13:24 georgetasker, revision 8988

Added MAX_LINE_BUFFER_SIZE constant instead of using a hardcoded number in the array brackets

2000-12-22 06:51 robind, revision 8987

More cleanup. Removed all wxPyDefaultXXX since they aren't needed any more. Regenerated wxGTK code from this morning's changes.

2000-12-22 02:16 robind, revision 8986

test commit, no real change

2000-12-22 00:47 robind, revision 8985

Some cleanup and a fix

2000-12-22 00:06 robind, revision 8984

Massive code changes and cleanup to allow wxPython to be split into multiple extension modules again. A Python CObject is used to allow the "export" of SWIG and other common helper functions from the wxc module to other modules, even if they are in separate shared libraries. Should also be usable from 3rd party code, just include wxPython/src/export.h Changed the default setup so the following are built as separate extension modules: calendar, glcanvas, grid, html, ogl, stc, and utils. Will probably add more later.

2000-12-21 22:07 dwebster, revision 8983

Beginning of bitmap updates

2000-12-21 16:12 juliansmart, revision 8982

Modified treectrlg.cpp not to crash in HitTest if there's no m_anchor

2000-12-21 15:55 vadz, revision 8981

fix for -1 coords in wxWindow::Centre

2000-12-21 13:57 dwebster, revision 8980

ANSI 'C' fix (decs in "for" clauses no longer have any scope outside clause itself)

2000-12-21 11:37 juliansmart, revision 8979

Added m_keyGlobal.Open()

2000-12-21 04:25 dwebster, revision 8978

Fix for VisualAge 3.0 compile concerning wxNativeFontInfo

2000-12-21 04:24 dwebster, revision 8977

Fix for the wrong painting rectangle being set.

2000-12-21 02:12 vadz, revision 8976

wxSpinCtrl now sens TEXT_UPDATED events as in wxGTK

2000-12-21 00:33 georgetasker, revision 8975

Added code to the RIGHT CLICK popup dialog to show the type:name of the widget/dialog that was right clicked. Added code to prompt the user for confirmation before deleting an entire DIALOG, to help avoid accidental deletions of the dialog, when the user thought they were deleting a widget.

2000-12-21 00:31 georgetasker, revision 8974

Added BOUNDING BOX selection of multiple widgets on the dialogs by left clicking and dragging the mouse while holding down the left mouse button to draw a rectangle around the widgets to be selected Added code to the popup menus to identify which widget/dialog was right clicked Double clicking an item in the TREE pane will bring up the EDIT PROPERTIES dialog for the widget/dialog that was double clicked.

2000-12-21 00:27 georgetasker, revision 8973

Added BOUNDING BOX selection of multiple widgets on the dialogs by left clicking and dragging the mouse while holding down the left mouse button to draw a rectangle around the widgets to be selected Added code to the popup menus to identify which widget/dialog was right clicked

2000-12-20 23:06 vaclavslavik, revision 8972

fixed wxTextFile::GuessType assertion

2000-12-20 18:26 vadz, revision 8971

compilation fix (?)

2000-12-20 18:22 vadz, revision 8970

removed SetFont() from DoDrawText

2000-12-20 17:39 vadz, revision 8969

merged from the main branch

2000-12-20 17:37 vadz, revision 8968

2nd part of wxRegConfig fix

2000-12-20 16:10 vadz, revision 8967

wxPerl doc patches applied

2000-12-20 16:06 vadz, revision 8966

fix to GetAllCommands ret value

2000-12-20 15:30 vadz, revision 8965

wxRB_GROUP fix from the main branch

2000-12-20 15:22 vadz, revision 8964

merging the GetNextGroup fix

2000-12-20 15:18 georgetasker, revision 8963

Fixed bug where if the style included wxFRAME_NO_TASKBAR, not all the extended flags were set that were needed to prevent it from showing up on the taskbar were set (specifically WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW), and the frame still showed on the taskbar

2000-12-20 14:41 vadz, revision 8962

fix for wxRegConfig::GetNextGroup

2000-12-20 14:20 vadz, revision 8961

compilation fix for !PCH

2000-12-20 14:18 vadz, revision 8960

merged fix from 2.2 branch

2000-12-20 14:10 vadz, revision 8959

warning fixed

2000-12-19 17:25 georgetasker, revision 8958

When deleting an entire dialog in DialogEditor by right clicking and choosing DELETE from the popup menu, you are presented with an ARE YOU SURE message. This prevents the tradgedy of thinking you right clicked a widget, when you actually right clicked the dialog, and then you accidentally delete your unsaved dialog.

2000-12-19 17:24 vadz, revision 8957

wxFTP docs update and a small fix to wxString overview (Unicode *is* supported now!)

2000-12-19 17:22 georgetasker, revision 8956

Left Double clicking a widget (not a dialog) in the left hand TREE pane will now pop up the EDIT PROPERTIES dialog for the widget

2000-12-19 16:56 vadz, revision 8955

tons of wxFTP fixes and compilation fix for wxBase

2000-12-19 13:52 vadz, revision 8954

fix for a crash in ~wxFontList

2000-12-19 03:10 dwebster, revision 8953

Palette code

2000-12-19 02:00 georgetasker, revision 8952

Fixed the popup menus when you right click a widget.

2000-12-18 23:49 vadz, revision 8951

compilation fixes for wxMSW

2000-12-18 23:05 roebling, revision 8950

Bumped up a few versions to 2.2.4.

2000-12-18 21:15 vadz, revision 8949

wxNativeFontInfo changes

2000-12-18 21:10 vadz, revision 8948

fixed compilation warning about variable being clobbered by fork

2000-12-18 21:00 vadz, revision 8947

fixed compilation warning about variable being clobbered by fork

2000-12-18 20:06 dwebster, revision 8946

Additions to help Fonts compile clean and add SetPS impelementation to wxRegion for OS2

2000-12-18 20:05 dwebster, revision 8945

VisualAge V3.0 does not understand lowercase, "true", "false"

2000-12-18 20:04 dwebster, revision 8944

Update to allow new wxNativeFontInfo stuff to compile

2000-12-18 16:16 vadz, revision 8943

fix to parse the new GNOME .keys files

2000-12-18 15:50 vadz, revision 8942

fixed compilation problems (mismatch between header and cpp)

2000-12-18 09:30 roebling, revision 8941

Applied 8-bit-mode patch to stable tree.

2000-12-18 05:34 dwebster, revision 8940

Lots of OS/2 fixes mostly to do with painting

2000-12-18 05:33 dwebster, revision 8939

OS2 Statusbar fix

2000-12-18 05:32 dwebster, revision 8938

Fixes mostly to do with painting

2000-12-18 05:31 dwebster, revision 8937

OS2RGB def fix

2000-12-18 04:48 vadz, revision 8936

wxMimeTypesManager now supports creating associations as well as querying them (MSW only, thanks to Chris Elliott)

2000-12-18 03:54 vadz, revision 8935

minor fixes for the font info patch

2000-12-18 01:00 vadz, revision 8934

applied wxNativeFontInfo patch from Derry Bryson (with minor changes)

2000-12-17 19:03 roebling, revision 8933


2000-12-17 01:38 vadz, revision 8932

1. added support for wxnodir config var in vcapp.t 2. minor fix in wx.rc: added WS_POPUP to one of the dlg templates 3. fixed resource leak in wxIcon

2000-12-16 23:12 vadz, revision 8931

check the first radio button in a group

2000-12-16 12:27 roebling, revision 8930

Applied colour patch for better 8-bit support, Improved handling of inserting controls into a toolbar that don't have any def width. This works for all controls but wxComboBox.

2000-12-16 10:04 roebling, revision 8929

Backported a couple of changes from the devel tree.

2000-12-16 10:02 roebling, revision 8928

Added wxCommandEvent::IsSeection for listbox, Applied patch for wxListBox::Set when sorting Added new value rounding code (corrected for negative values) to scrollbar and slider Added ...TEXT_CHANGED event to wxSpinCtrl

2000-12-15 19:33 vadz, revision 8927

started stubs of wxCombo

2000-12-15 15:22 vadz, revision 8926

added -mt switch for Solaris/CC MT builds

2000-12-14 23:23 vadz, revision 8925

*really* fixed problem with window menu translation