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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2001-03-13 23:50 RD, revision 9525

A bunch of little tweaks, fixes, and additions

2001-03-13 23:38 VS, revision 9524

moved splines rendering code into wxDCBase

2001-03-13 22:06 GT, revision 9523

Fixed the template so that the .DSP file that gets generated will actually compile (it was failing trying to build y_tab.c which does not exist until you do a command line build, and even after creating it, there were duplicate definitions). All tests I ran did not need this file to be compiled, so it is not currently built. The wxBase(d).lib files are no placed in the wxwindows/lib directory with all the other LIB files. The BaseDebug and BaseRelease directories (that hold all the OBJ/PCH/etc files) are now created under the src/msw directory so that if the wxBase(d).lib file is built with the IDE, and then an APP (like samples/console) is built with the command line makefiles, then all the PCH and DUMMY.OBJ files are in the expected place The previous version of this file was trying to use the $(WX) environment variable, which was not supported. It has been changed to use $(WXWIN) now like all other places in the program.

2001-03-13 22:01 GT, revision 9522

Added code to the template to copy setup0.h to setup.h if setup.h does not exist (due to checkout from CVS).

2001-03-13 22:00 GT, revision 9521

Added the wxBase makefile/VC project template creations using basevc.t and vc6base.t to make src/msw/ and wxWindows/wxBase.dsp respectively

2001-03-13 21:59 GT, revision 9520

New tmake template for generating for command line builds of wxBase(d).lib using VC

2001-03-13 21:58 GT, revision 9519

Regenerated from the new vc6base.t tmake template

2001-03-13 21:57 GT, revision 9518

Fixed sample so that if the DATETIME test is enabled, then <math.h> is #included so that wxBase can compile this sample

2001-03-13 21:51 GT, revision 9517

VC makefile for building samples/console using wxBase(d).lib

2001-03-13 21:50 GT, revision 9516

Additions to support the building of wxBase(d).lib from the command line with VC.

2001-03-13 21:49 GT, revision 9515

makefile for building wxBase using the command line. This file is generated by tmake using the makevc.t template. Builds wxBase(d).lib in the wxwindows/lib directory, and can build seperate DEBUG and RELEASE builds based on FINAL=0/1

2001-03-13 21:47 GT, revision 9514

Added the code to copy setup0.h to setup.h if setup.h does not exist (due to checkout from CVS). The tmake template is also being updated now for when we do the next tmake generation of the makefile

2001-03-13 17:22 GT, revision 9513

Memory tracing and ODBC classes are now (optionally) available in wxBase builds

2001-03-13 15:09 GT, revision 9512

Semicolon was missing on the end of the WXINC line

2001-03-13 15:06 GT, revision 9511

Added listdb to the list of object files that must be created

2001-03-13 14:43 GT, revision 9510

Removed the requirement that wxUSE_GUI must be 1 to get wxUSE_FILESYSTEM, wxUSE_FS_ZIP, etc...without this change, samples/console cannot be compiled.

2001-03-13 13:17 VZ, revision 9509

fixed wxTimeSpan::Format() to behave more reasonably

2001-03-12 21:54 VZ, revision 9508

patch initializing the multi choice dialog with the selections array values

2001-03-12 18:22 VZ, revision 9507

small fixes to spec files

2001-03-12 17:30 JS, revision 9506

Bug fix for #406153

2001-03-12 16:16 VZ, revision 9505

mention wxSpinCtrl bug fix

2001-03-12 07:20 GD, revision 9504

removed ugly Mac OS X related hack in wxBASE configuration

2001-03-11 23:32 VS, revision 9503

fixed all's dependencies so that the makefile generates files.lst files

2001-03-11 23:32 VS, revision 9502

fixed MacOS X test

2001-03-11 16:43 VS, revision 9501


2001-03-11 12:13 JS, revision 9500

Inno Setup distrib files

2001-03-11 10:23 JS, revision 9499

Changes for 2.2.6

2001-03-11 08:06 RR, revision 9498

Prevented a disaster in wxSpinCtrlPrevented a disaster in wxSpinCtrl..

2001-03-10 18:02 VZ, revision 9497

merged wxSpinCtrl update fix from the main branch

2001-03-10 18:01 VZ, revision 9496

trying to fix wxSpinCtrl update behaviour

2001-03-10 17:50 VZ, revision 9495

fixed wxDos2UnixFilename description

2001-03-10 17:48 VZ, revision 9494

merged HAVE_VSNPRINTF fix from 2.2 branch

2001-03-10 17:39 VZ, revision 9493

fixed bug in configure: it didn't define HAVE_VSNPRINTF/SCANF during the 2nd and susequent runs

2001-03-10 05:07 RD, revision 9492

Added some simple sample apps

2001-03-10 00:10 VZ, revision 9491

fixed wxToolBar::DeleteTool and losing the rows number on sys colour change

2001-03-10 00:10 VZ, revision 9490

fixed wxToolBar::DeleteTool

2001-03-09 23:40 VS, revision 9489

fixed parsing of tags with whitespace around = sign

2001-03-09 23:20 VZ, revision 9488

merged in the fix for WM_MOVE

2001-03-09 23:19 VZ, revision 9487

fixed negative coords bug in EVT_MOVE

2001-03-09 11:18 JJ, revision 9486

Committing in . Excluding the sample controls to be build when using wxMotif on VMS. Something seems to be broken in wxMotif. Modified Files: wxWindows/descrip.mms ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2001-03-09 01:05 VZ, revision 9485

added test for wxFileSystem

2001-03-08 22:03 RL, revision 9484

fix extra i18n files

2001-03-08 18:28 VZ, revision 9483

fixed FindOrCreatePen/Brush() for the case when the object couldn't be created successfully

2001-03-08 17:44 VZ, revision 9482

fixed (?) setup.h regeneration

2001-03-08 15:07 VZ, revision 9481

use wxYieldIfNeeded() in wxWin code

2001-03-08 14:52 VZ, revision 9480


2001-03-08 14:50 VZ, revision 9479

changed WX_INTERFACE_AGE to 0 because wxYieldIfNeeded() was added

2001-03-08 07:57 JS, revision 9478

Backported wxYieldIfNeeded

2001-03-07 19:17 VZ, revision 9477

fixed DeviceToLogical[XY] (merged from the main branch)

2001-03-07 19:14 VZ, revision 9476

fixed DeviceToLogical[XY]

2001-03-07 18:18 DW, revision 9475

Support for building samples in a port, dbg-rlse, dll-stat specifc output path

2001-03-07 15:45 DW, revision 9474

SUpport for new location of module definition files.

2001-03-07 15:41 DW, revision 9473

SUpport for new location of module definition files.

2001-03-07 15:39 DW, revision 9472

Moving OS/2 module defeintion files to /src/os2

2001-03-07 15:37 DW, revision 9471

Make updates for OS/2

2001-03-06 20:09 VZ, revision 9470

merged fix from the 2.2 branch but the test I changed seems to have disappeared - is it ok?

2001-03-06 20:08 VZ, revision 9469

fixed compilation on Solaris and added a couple of missing _T()s

2001-03-06 00:28 VZ, revision 9468

added TEST_PATHLIST (old change which I forgot to commit before)

2001-03-05 20:32 GD, revision 9467

added Navigation Services library

2001-03-05 20:16 GD, revision 9466

ignore CodeWarrior build directory and output files

2001-03-05 16:50 JS, revision 9465

wxFileSelector should have file name only, not path, passed to 3rd arg

2001-03-04 19:10 SC, revision 9464

corrected redraw problems with native controls

2001-03-04 12:49 SC, revision 9463

correct window class attribution (was wrong in carbon)

2001-03-04 12:47 SC, revision 9462

changed choice to properly inherit from wxChoiceBase , added msg compatible calls to wxStaticBitmap, correct window class attribution (was wrong in carbon)

2001-03-04 12:46 SC, revision 9461

changed choice to properly inherit from wxChoiceBase , added msg compatible calls to wxStaticBitmap

2001-03-04 00:21 VZ, revision 9460


2001-03-03 20:26 VZ, revision 9459

wx-config changes merged from the 2.2 branch

2001-03-03 20:17 VZ, revision 9458

1. added --cppflags and --cxxflags to configure 2. bumped up the version to 2.2.6

2001-03-03 17:18 SC, revision 9457

mac changes : wxDC - removed doubly defined vars (inherited from base) and fixed wxPen - width scales with context and 0 width always renders one pixel wide

2001-03-02 19:28 RR, revision 9456

Implemented wxStaticLine under Mac. I thought I had commited this already, actually.

2001-03-02 15:16 JS, revision 9455

Added DisplayTextPopup to wxHtmlHelpController; fixed refresh bugs in generic wxListCtrl

2001-03-02 12:49 JS, revision 9454

Added test to prevent crash in LogMenuEvent

2001-03-01 06:50 SC, revision 9453

final adjustements to wxToolbar to make it layout as on other platforms

2001-03-01 03:25 DW, revision 9452

Added YieldIfNeeded

2001-03-01 03:24 DW, revision 9451

New .dll mod def file

2001-02-28 20:48 SC, revision 9450

added new focus behaviour (like MSW) and toolbar fixes

2001-02-28 20:36 DW, revision 9449

Undo the Test commit

2001-02-28 20:35 DW, revision 9448

Test commit

2001-02-28 19:15 RD, revision 9447

fixed problem in wrapping of wxOGLConstraint

2001-02-28 18:38 VZ, revision 9446

fixed bug with wx-config --cflags not returning the code generation flags

2001-02-28 14:31 SC, revision 9445

default window creation algorithm for mac platform is changed, now a full window with titlebar is drawn as soon as the style has WX_CAPTION (before it needed WX_THICKFRAME )

2001-02-28 14:29 SC, revision 9444

toolbars are now possible in any window

2001-02-28 13:58 JS, revision 9443

Initialized event array in case we merge with the trunk which has a different event system now

2001-02-28 13:58 JS, revision 9442

Local event array wasn't initialized

2001-02-28 13:04 SC, revision 9441

added menubar update OnActivate for multiple frames with their own menubars, it's not perfect (menu merge) would be better, but at last something

2001-02-28 12:23 SC, revision 9440

corrected hiding/showing of native mac controls

2001-02-27 23:21 SC, revision 9439

corrected the invalidation when resizing windows (was only invalidating the client area)

2001-02-27 21:38 SC, revision 9438

added calls for invalidating the dc setup on mac explicitely (needed in case of nested updates (e.g. writing a message to a text control while being in paint mode)

2001-02-27 21:35 SC, revision 9437

added a call for invalidating the dc setup on mac explicitely (needed in case of nested updates (e.g. writing a message to a text control while being in paint mode)

2001-02-27 00:38 VZ, revision 9436

another fix for wxChoice/wxComboBox height setting - this one is tested!

2001-02-26 22:24 GD, revision 9435

added CodeWarrior projects for Classic Mac OS

2001-02-26 20:12 RR, revision 9434

wxMac: Added wxControlNameStr. (second try).

2001-02-26 10:41 VZ, revision 9433

matching changes for makefile.g95

2001-02-26 10:34 VZ, revision 9432

applied the patch 403906 (cleanall target for mingw32 makefiles)

2001-02-26 10:24 VZ, revision 9431

applied patch 403988 (fixing MDI window menu)

2001-02-26 10:21 VZ, revision 9430

applied patch 403898 (fixing msw/tabctrl.cpp include)

2001-02-26 10:17 VZ, revision 9429

applied patch 404136 which is supposed to fix BC5.5 crashes

2001-02-26 10:03 VZ, revision 9428

applied patch 403956 (gcc warning fix)

2001-02-26 07:14 GD, revision 9427

added missing method to set colour from hex value

2001-02-23 22:52 vaclavslavik, revision 9426

using wxURL now enforces linking http.o, ftp.o and sckfile.o