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Changelog for wxWidgets (68405 changes):

2008-11-28 15:52 JS, revision 57001

Fixed centering and right-justification when combined with left indentation (bug #10221). Fixed wrapping problem for long lines (bug #10149).

2008-11-28 15:06 VZ, revision 57000

remove wxSocketManager::CreateSocket() function, we don't need to have different wxSocketImpl implementation for the same platform, all the differences between console and GUI applications are abstracted by wxSocketManager::Install/Uninstall_Callback() methods

2008-11-28 15:01 VZ, revision 56999

move enabled callbacks flag down to wxSocketImplUnix from wxSocketImplFDIO, this allows to get rid of the letter

2008-11-28 14:39 VZ, revision 56998

make wxSocketImplUnix inherit from wxFDIOHandler as they're used for almost the same purpose; this removes the need for the bridge wxSocketOHandler class

2008-11-28 13:43 VZ, revision 56997

no real changes, just moved wxSocketImplUnix ctor inline

2008-11-28 13:37 VZ, revision 56996

also rename gsocketiohandler.* to socketiohandler.* and move it to wxNet where it belongs

2008-11-28 13:04 VZ, revision 56995

rename various gsock* files to sock* (except for MSW where this will be done later)

2008-11-28 12:47 VZ, revision 56994

Streamline wxSocket code: wxSocketBase now uses wxSocketImpl (previously known as GSocket) which is a base class with various wxSocketImplXXX implementations provided by different wxSocketManagers. Share more code between ports (still not finished). Refactor some code inside wxSocketImpl itself to be less redundant and fixed a couple of minor bugs in the process.

2008-11-28 12:47 JS, revision 56993

Fixed inability to select no superscript and no subscript in wxRichTextCtrl's formatting dialog (fixes bug #10121)

2008-11-28 12:46 JS, revision 56992

Fixed inability to select no superscript and no subscript in wxRichTextCtrl's formatting dialog (fixes bug #10121)

2008-11-28 12:35 JS, revision 56991

wxRichTextCtrl no longer deletes a character when content is selected before pressing Delete (fixes bug #10153).

2008-11-28 12:34 JS, revision 56990

wxRichTextCtrl no longer deletes a character when content is selected before pressing Delete (fixes bug #10153).

2008-11-28 12:20 JS, revision 56989

Fixed a problem with HTML list generation

2008-11-28 12:18 JS, revision 56988

Fixed HTML list output

2008-11-28 00:17 VZ, revision 56987

fix g++ warning about assigning NULL to a non-pointer

2008-11-27 23:00 PC, revision 56986

fix for shown TLW having m_isShown == false, #9909

2008-11-26 19:11 VZ, revision 56985

document column reordering in wxListCtrl; fix confusion between GetColumnOrder() and GetColumnIndexFromOrder() doing this discovered; show the use of these methods in the sample and added a unit test for them

2008-11-26 17:24 FM, revision 56984

make wxThread::OnExit private and not public (change tested on wxMSW and wxGTK)

2008-11-26 16:40 FM, revision 56983

added GetKind getter

2008-11-26 16:18 FM, revision 56982

clarified that Raise() and Lower() only work for wxTopLevelWindows (closes #4717)

2008-11-26 16:13 FM, revision 56981

added note about GetTimestamp() (fixes #1986)

2008-11-26 15:54 FM, revision 56980

documented the wxDCBrushChanger, wxDCPenChanger, wxDCTextColourChanger; introduced a wxDCFontChanger

2008-11-26 15:31 JMS, revision 56979

include wx/msw/private.h to fix PCH-less compilation

2008-11-26 12:40 VZ, revision 56978
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/osx/carbon/cfsocket.cpp

remove apparently unused file (src/osx/core/gsocket.cpp seems to have replaced it)

2008-11-26 12:35 VZ, revision 56977

remove unused callback and data variables

2008-11-26 12:21 VZ, revision 56976

move wx/gsocket.h to wx/private/gsocket.h

2008-11-26 12:07 VZ, revision 56975

don't include (private) wx/gsocket.h from public header, forward declaring GAddress is enough

2008-11-26 11:50 VZ, revision 56974

include wx/msw/private.h to fix PCH-less compilation

2008-11-25 20:09 BP, revision 56972

Fixed doxygen warnings regarding the XRC File Format overview using <> tags in section titles.

2008-11-25 17:26 FM, revision 56970

commit remaining portions of #10087

2008-11-25 17:14 JMS, revision 56969

To avoid error message, do not even try to set focus on MSW popup window that doesn't have WS_POPUP style (backported fix for #10157)

2008-11-25 17:04 JMS, revision 56968

To avoid error message, do not even try to set focus on MSW popup window that doesn't have WS_POPUP style (closes #10157)

2008-11-25 13:57 VZ, revision 56966

compilation fix for OS X (missing unistd.h)

2008-11-25 13:57 VZ, revision 56965

temporary fix the linking problem due to making GSocket::Detected_Read/Write() non-virtual

2008-11-25 13:33 VZ, revision 56964

trying to resolve GSocketManager API mess: the meaning of Install/Uninstall_Callback() and Enable/Disable_Events() has diverged in different ports and didn't make any sense any more; merge them in a single function (with still differing semantics though); also added Close_Socket()

2008-11-25 07:16 JJ, revision 56963

Update configuration for OpenVMS

2008-11-25 00:28 FM, revision 56960

fix the examples for wxThread and wxThreadHelper after field-testing on wxMSW and wxGTK; add a note to wxThread::Run about detached threads; fix the note for wxThread::Delete wrt joinable threads

2008-11-25 00:24 FM, revision 56959

add more references to the delayed deletion of wxTopLevelWindows

2008-11-24 16:42 JMS, revision 56958

DatePickerCtrl editor could crash if property had unspecified or otherwise incompatible value

2008-11-24 09:36 VZ, revision 56955

include the right header for timeval

2008-11-24 09:31 VZ, revision 56954

remove extraneous class scope qualifier

2008-11-24 07:07 BP, revision 56953

Reviewed, and re-organized members of wxGrid, which now makes the interface header manual reviews finally finished.

2008-11-24 02:23 BP, revision 56952

Reviewed the rest of grid.h except for the wxGrid class itself, and re-ordered the definitions to fit the real header.

2008-11-24 00:01 FM, revision 56949

provide an example implementation of wxCloseEvent handler

2008-11-23 23:53 FM, revision 56948

add an event table for wxFrame and wxDialog: they send wxCloseEvents...

2008-11-23 21:33 CE, revision 56946

add missing cocoa dir

2008-11-23 19:46 FM, revision 56945

many document corrections by charles; partial commit of patch #10087

2008-11-23 19:30 FM, revision 56944

document that dragging in wxTreeCtrl needs to be explicitely allowed (fixes #3915)

2008-11-23 18:10 FM, revision 56943

the layout file for use with doxygen >=

2008-11-23 17:45 FM, revision 56942

readd grouping previously removed by error

2008-11-23 13:39 VZ, revision 56940

use struct timeval and not a long to store socket timeout under Unix too

2008-11-23 13:32 VZ, revision 56939

remove last traces of __GSOCKET_STANDALONE__

2008-11-23 13:30 VZ, revision 56938

move more socket functions common to Winsock and BSD implementations to common code

2008-11-23 13:21 VZ, revision 56937

don't duplicate SetInitialSocketBuffers()

2008-11-23 13:18 VZ, revision 56936

remove unused any more wx_socket_callback()

2008-11-23 13:17 VZ, revision 56935

fix wxSocket notifications under MSW after the last change

2008-11-23 13:12 VZ, revision 56934

continuation of GSocket/wxSocket merge: always create GSocket associated to a wxSocket instead of (always) doing it using a separate call later; remove support for user callbacks which wasn't implemented in Windows version and deprecated since 10 years or so

2008-11-23 13:11 VZ, revision 56933

added wxSocketBase::GetTimeout() to match existing SetTimeout()

2008-11-23 12:33 VZ, revision 56932

don't assume that __thread is available just because we use g++ 4, it doesn't support it under all platforms, notably not under OS X

2008-11-23 12:18 VZ, revision 56931

use int instead of SOCKET to avoid including winsock.h from wx/gsocket.h

2008-11-23 11:30 JMS, revision 56930

Render cell background in renderer only if rendering on propgrid canvas

2008-11-23 11:00 JMS, revision 56929

Eliminate need to call Connect() in wxPGEditor::CreateControls()

2008-11-23 01:53 VZ, revision 56928

don't use __thread keyword with g++ < 4 as it results in mysterious problems at link time related to thread-local static wxString::ms_cache

2008-11-23 01:52 VZ, revision 56927

compilation fixes for Unix after moving wxFD_XXX macros from wx/unix/private.h

2008-11-23 01:44 VZ, revision 56926

don't duplicate GSocket creation/destruction and shutdown code in BSD and Winsock implementations

2008-11-23 01:27 BP, revision 56925

Finished review of the first 1,000 lines of grid.h interface header.

2008-11-23 01:15 VZ, revision 56924

fix timeout value for wxDatagramSocket: was off by a factor of 1000

2008-11-23 00:11 VZ, revision 56923

do not require a running event loop, even under MSW, for the sockets to work: if the user code doesn't use events there is no reason for it to run the event loop, especially as it's not needed under the other platforms; instead use the same Select() implementation as under Unix under MSW too and, to avoid duplicating it, put it into the new GSocketBase class

2008-11-23 00:09 VZ, revision 56922

fix (harmless) VC7 warnings about auto_ptr assignment

2008-11-23 00:09 FM, revision 56921

documented ExitCode typedef; revised wxThread and wxThreadHelper docs, also adding two usage examples; remove useless comment added by error in previous commits; linked threading overview from wxThread

2008-11-22 23:16 BP, revision 56920

Documented some DrawText() parameters missed in the last commit.

2008-11-22 23:03 BP, revision 56919

Reviewed and cleaned up the rest of the graphics.h interface header.

2008-11-22 23:00 FM, revision 56918

fix minor typos

2008-11-22 22:50 FM, revision 56917

added group 'grid' (fixes #10217)

2008-11-22 22:40 VZ, revision 56916

document all overloads of DrawText()

2008-11-22 22:40 VZ, revision 56915

fix compilation after r56753 (closes #10218)

2008-11-22 20:03 FM, revision 56914

modernize the documented systems to declare new events

2008-11-22 16:41 JMS, revision 56913

Updated event type declarations to follow what other sub-libraries do these days (ie. DECLARE_EXPORTED_EVENT_TYPE is no longer used)

2008-11-22 15:59 FM, revision 56912

render the content of @c tags in a slightly more visible way; currently using DejavuSans as font in Firefox (i.e. the default font) the differences between @c-styled text and normal text are almost unnoticeable

2008-11-22 15:56 FM, revision 56911

give a name to the enum to make it easier to reference it in docs; wxFSVolume shouldn't be considered incomplete anymore

2008-11-22 15:54 FM, revision 56910

give a name to the enum to make it easier to reference it in docs

2008-11-22 15:53 FM, revision 56909

clarify role of wxToolBarToolBase (fixes #9874)

2008-11-22 15:36 FM, revision 56908

fix for doxygen warnings

2008-11-22 15:29 FM, revision 56907

document wxFSVolume (fixes #3977)

2008-11-22 14:36 FM, revision 56906

fix wxList<T>::resize description (fixes #10207)

2008-11-22 14:34 VZ, revision 56905

use TCP for this benchmark under Windows too (and not DDE)

2008-11-22 14:33 VZ, revision 56904

no need to disable DoTestSwap() for VC6 any more with latest wx/cppunit.h

2008-11-22 14:29 FM, revision 56903

document mac.textcontrol-use-spell-checker (fixes #10165)

2008-11-22 14:20 FM, revision 56902

fixes #10131

2008-11-22 14:18 FM, revision 56901

be more precise about range in indeterminate-mode wxGauges (fixes #10125)

2008-11-22 14:00 FM, revision 56900

documented wxTaskBarIconEvent (fixes #10021)

2008-11-22 13:56 FM, revision 56899

minor fixes

2008-11-22 13:42 FM, revision 56898

clarify wxListCtrl::GetItem (fixes #9640)

2008-11-22 13:12 FM, revision 56897

clarify how top-level windows are used by wxApp (fixes #9448)

2008-11-22 12:44 FM, revision 56896

fix docs for wxInputStream::GetC(); fixes #4461

2008-11-22 12:39 FM, revision 56895

fix docs for wxRect::Intersect overloads (fixes #4445)

2008-11-22 12:29 FM, revision 56894

fix docs for wxWindow::Layout (fixes #4297)

2008-11-22 12:17 FM, revision 56893

fix description for wxWS_EX_CONTEXTHELP; fixes #4276

2008-11-22 12:10 FM, revision 56892

add event table for wxAuiNotebook (partially fixes #4175)

2008-11-22 11:56 FM, revision 56891

minor fixes

2008-11-22 10:52 FM, revision 56890

wxCursor derives (on almost all ports) from wxGDIObject (closes #3711)

2008-11-22 10:41 FM, revision 56889

few other fixes for wxChar => wxString

2008-11-22 10:32 FM, revision 56888

add description for GetFrameParameters() function; some other minor fixes (closes ticket #10146)

2008-11-22 04:40 KO, revision 56887

wxGraphicsBitmap implementation for Cairo.

2008-11-22 04:10 KO, revision 56886

Forward port event handler fixes to trunk.

2008-11-22 00:21 FM, revision 56885

minor fixes; replace references to Windows95 with references to wxMSW where possible

2008-11-21 16:18 VZ, revision 56884

no changes, just reformat, remove extraneous semicolons and inline keywords

2008-11-21 16:17 VZ, revision 56883

fix virtual function hiding for LoadFile(); replace a few more longs with wxBitmapTypes

2008-11-21 16:16 VZ, revision 56882

fix tags generation for OS X port after renaming

2008-11-21 04:46 KO, revision 56880

Backport MSW wxGraphicsBitmap fixes from trunk.

2008-11-20 23:28 VZ, revision 56876

use ShellExecuteEx() instead of ShellExecute() which doesn't exist under WinCE (closes #10201)

2008-11-20 23:27 VZ, revision 56875

fix file dialog caption

2008-11-20 23:21 VZ, revision 56874

define wxUSE_REGKEY for WinCE too (closes #10211)

2008-11-20 23:19 VZ, revision 56872

use GetWindow() instead of GetNextWindow() to fix CE compilation (closes #10210)

2008-11-20 23:15 FM, revision 56871

use @onlyfor tag

2008-11-20 21:27 FM, revision 56870

mention wxArtProvider

2008-11-20 18:30 VZ, revision 56869

don't test sei.hInstApp in DoLaunchDefaultBrowser(), just look at ShellExecuteEx() return value (#10190)

2008-11-20 18:19 VZ, revision 56868

fix substr() calls broken by r56215 (#10198)

2008-11-20 18:12 VZ, revision 56867

don't log an error if the directory can't be opened at all for compatibility with MSW (#10194)

2008-11-20 17:59 VZ, revision 56866

add missing Detach() after r56863 changes (thanks troelsk)

2008-11-20 17:46 VZ, revision 56865

display enumeration functions are in coredll.dll and not user32.dll under CE (closes #10189) [backport of r52077]

2008-11-20 16:54 VZ, revision 56864

fix WinCE compilation after tbar95.h ->t oolbar.h renaming (#10197)

2008-11-20 16:45 VZ, revision 56863

don't load comctl32.dll, just get the handle of the already loaded instance of it instead, this avoids accidentally loading 2 different versions of this DLL in the same process (see #10203)

2008-11-20 15:06 VZ, revision 56862

fix gcc 3.3 warning about possibly uninitialized (but in reality initialized) variable after the last change

2008-11-20 13:13 VZ, revision 56861

change Has/SetFlag() to take int instead of unsigned as the latter provokes VC7 warnings

2008-11-20 12:28 VS, revision 56860

don't assert on unsupported metric in wxSystemSettingsNative::GetMetric()

2008-11-19 16:29 JMS, revision 56852

When calling DrawIconEx(), do not use DI_COMPAT or DI_DEFAULTSIZE on WinCE (fixes ticket #10200)

2008-11-19 16:24 JMS, revision 56851

For clarity, moved includes to the top of the file. Also added #include wx/dialog.h.

2008-11-19 12:06 VZ, revision 56848

store the value to be set inside wxON_BLOCK_EXIT_SET(), this allows to use temporaries with it and also fixes the test failure when built with icc and optimizations on (not sure if it is a compiler bug or not but in any case it seems better to fix it)

2008-11-19 11:52 VZ, revision 56847

fix comparison in Normalize() test

2008-11-19 11:51 VZ, revision 56846


2008-11-19 09:55 VZ, revision 56845

minor icc warning fixes

2008-11-19 09:54 VZ, revision 56844

Slovenian translation update

2008-11-18 18:46 JMS, revision 56839

Allow wxPropertyGridInterface::ClearSelection() to be called with NULL state (fixes defect #10195)

2008-11-18 15:51 VZ, revision 56834

fix compilation with cppunit 1.9 (which doesn't have stdCOut()) and some harmless warnings (which probably were fixed in newer cppunit version too)

2008-11-18 14:41 VZ, revision 56833

add header required for PCH-less mingw32 compilation (closes #10196)

2008-11-17 22:29 VZ, revision 56828

port updates for newer Intel compiler support from bakefile svn and rebake

2008-11-17 22:20 KO, revision 56827

svn merge -r 56812:56826

2008-11-17 21:39 KO, revision 56826

More fixes for API on 2.8.

2008-11-17 14:32 VZ, revision 56825

use GetResolutionFromOptions() to honour wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTION and not just wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTION[XY]

2008-11-17 14:27 VZ, revision 56824

fix bad typo in the code: wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTION option was used where wxIMAGE_OPTION_RESOLUTIONUNIT was meant (reviewing documentation is useful for finding bugs too...)

2008-11-17 14:26 VZ, revision 56823

document all currently defined image options and their values

2008-11-17 14:07 VZ, revision 56822

implement const rbegin/rend() versions (closes #3866)

2008-11-17 13:54 VZ, revision 56821

added the possibility to rescale the image during loading, especially useful with JPEGs (#8390) (change to the sample accidentally committed as r56820)

2008-11-17 13:52 VZ, revision 56820

ignore files produced by the sample

2008-11-17 11:24 VZ, revision 56819

minor optimization: create wxTCPEventHandler only when/if we really need it

2008-11-17 11:12 VZ, revision 56818

fix assert failure if NULL size pointer was passed to Request() (as happened in the sample...)

2008-11-17 11:08 VZ, revision 56817

stricter reply code checking: verify that we get the expected reply, not just that we don't get IPC_FAIL

2008-11-17 11:00 VZ, revision 56816

really ensure that the pointer returned from MyConnection::OnRequest() remains valid

2008-11-17 09:59 VZ, revision 56815

preliminary documentation of wxEventLoop

2008-11-17 04:01 KO, revision 56812

svn merge -r 56501:56811

2008-11-16 23:58 KO, revision 56806

Mac fix for moving methods to non-virtual.

2008-11-16 23:46 KO, revision 56805

Fix issues caused by making DrawBitmap/CreateBitmap non-virtual on MSW.

2008-11-16 23:28 KO, revision 56802

Fix typo made during patch cleanup.

2008-11-16 23:25 KO, revision 56801

Landing 2.8 ABI compatible version of wxGraphicsBitmap API/implementation.

2008-11-16 22:24 KO, revision 56800

Experimental MSVC Project File build support, and some MSW tweaks.

2008-11-16 18:40 PC, revision 56798

remove obsolete macros

2008-11-16 18:31 PC, revision 56797

simplify wxPizza a bit by always drawing the border on parent

2008-11-16 18:20 PC, revision 56796

cleanup: unreachable code, unused variables, indentation, etc

2008-11-16 18:20 PC, revision 56795

make access for virtuals match base

2008-11-16 18:03 PC, revision 56794

check for self assignment in operator=

2008-11-16 14:24 VZ, revision 56792

fix some of icc 11.0 warnings and disable a few others

2008-11-16 14:22 VZ, revision 56791

fix restoration of the old font size in DoGetTextExtent() (thanks icc for a nice warning)

2008-11-15 11:49 FM, revision 56786

removed redundant wxClassName:: prefix

2008-11-15 11:37 FM, revision 56785

interface fixes; removed many functions which were deprecated in past and have already been removed from wx; renamed others wrongly named; added some @onlyfor tags to avoid false warnings in ifacecheck logs

2008-11-15 11:29 FM, revision 56784

avoid false warnings for wxThread and wxIPAddress

2008-11-15 11:10 FM, revision 56783

make GetPaperRect() and GetResolution() const functions

2008-11-15 10:34 JMS, revision 56782

Fixed various NULL reference issues. Also cleaned up wxPGComboBox code overall a bit.

2008-11-15 10:11 JMS, revision 56781

Fixed wxPropertyGridPage::DoSetSplitterPosition() infinite recursion

2008-11-14 23:44 VZ, revision 56776

do override SetSplitterPosition() in wxPropertyGridPage: this was clearly meant to happen but wasn't because of signature mismatch

2008-11-14 23:32 VZ, revision 56775

remove unused static wxColourFromPGLong function

2008-11-14 23:31 VZ, revision 56774

remove useless comparison of unsigned value with 0

2008-11-14 23:26 VZ, revision 56773

make code dealing with wxUSE_IDLEMENUUPDATES a bit more clear and avoid warning due to use of this constant in logical boolean expression

2008-11-14 23:23 VZ, revision 56772

CanPaste() should be const too

2008-11-14 23:22 VZ, revision 56771

disable warning about possible misaligned access given by HP aCC as we can't do anything about it because it's triggered by all GTK+ cast macros

2008-11-14 23:18 VZ, revision 56770

assigning line marker to itself shouldn't invalidate it, add self-assignment check

2008-11-14 23:12 VZ, revision 56769

consistently use wxAuiPaneInfo::Has/SetFlag() instead of using bit operations on its state field directly (this results in a warning about implicit sign change from HP aCC)

2008-11-14 23:09 VZ, revision 56768

comparison of wxBitmapType with -1 is useless as it can never be true; assume wxBITMAP_TYPE_INVALID was meant here

2008-11-14 23:02 KO, revision 56767

Do proper cleanup of event handlers in wxWebKitCtrl and wxMacUnicodeTextCtrl, and unset the window focus when destroying a top level window to ensure that controls do not receive events after the wx portion of the control has been destroyed.

2008-11-14 19:10 VZ, revision 56766

move the check for msgids matching the current language in front of everything else in AddCatalog(): why bother loading catalogs uselessly?

2008-11-14 19:06 VZ, revision 56765

assert in AddCatalog() if Init() hadn't been called and also check that we have a valid language spec in wxMsgCatalogFile::Load() to ensure we don't form invalid paths there; call Init() before AddCatalog() in the sample

2008-11-14 18:58 VZ, revision 56764

consistently use ExtractLang() everywhere instead of Left/Mid wxString methods; added ExtractCountry()

2008-11-14 18:17 VZ, revision 56763

more Doxygen warning fixes

2008-11-14 08:39 VZ, revision 56762

fix parameter name

2008-11-14 08:18 RR, revision 56761

#10183: patch to add wxOSX print job name

2008-11-13 22:32 VS, revision 56758

implement wxWindow::DragAcceptFiles() on all platforms

2008-11-13 22:30 VS, revision 56757

implement wxWindow::DragAcceptFiles() on all platforms

2008-11-13 21:32 FM, revision 56756

further ifacecheck fixes (now only 3.3% of documented methods have a wrong signature\!)

2008-11-13 17:19 RD, revision 56755

Set TOOLKIT_LOWERCASE correctly for the various flavors of wxOSX

2008-11-13 15:25 RR, revision 56754

#10181: wxOSX: patch for proper wxPrintData to/from native data exchange

2008-11-13 12:16 VZ, revision 56753

fix warnings about hiding virtual wxGraphicsContext::DrawText() overloads by using different names for the implementation functions

2008-11-13 12:04 VZ, revision 56752

no changes, just deTABbed

2008-11-12 15:58 VZ, revision 56751

use -Woverloaded-virtual if g++ supports it

2008-11-12 15:41 VZ, revision 56750

remove SO_SUFFIX from configure, this is handled by bakefile since many years and keeping this here is just confusing

2008-11-12 15:38 VZ, revision 56749

use = in test, not == which is not standard and not understood by all shells

2008-11-12 15:37 VZ, revision 56748

use correct shared library extension for HP-UX on ia64 [forward port from the next bakefile version]

2008-11-12 15:31 VZ, revision 56747

fix large files support for HP-UX v11: we need _LARGEFILE_SOURCE there; OTOH don't use _LARGE_FILES everywhere as it's only needed under AIX

2008-11-12 14:40 VZ, revision 56746

fix warning about hiding the base class LoadFile()

2008-11-12 14:36 VZ, revision 56745

added self-assignment check to wxListItem::operator=()

2008-11-12 14:34 VZ, revision 56744

added check for self-assignment to wxPrintData::operator=() (thanks HP aCC for a genuinely useful warning) and also changed it return type to the standard one instead of void

2008-11-12 14:32 VZ, revision 56743

there is no sqrt(int) in standard C++ (although glibc seems to provide it); select sqrt(double) explicitly to fix HP-UX compilation

2008-11-12 14:29 VZ, revision 56742

remove consts from casts which don't do anything except provoking HP aCC warnings; also removed useless occurrences of inline keyword

2008-11-12 11:55 VZ, revision 56740

rebake after r56738

2008-11-12 11:54 VZ, revision 56739

fix the dependencies directory name for traditional Unix compilers

2008-11-12 11:18 VZ, revision 56738

remove lines containing nothing but spaces: this is a (fatal) syntax error for HP-UX make

2008-11-10 23:55 VZ, revision 56733

use explicit global scope for a couple of more occurrences of new

2008-11-10 23:06 VZ, revision 56731

use base class copy ctor in wxPGCell and wxPGChoiceEntry copy ctor implementation

2008-11-10 21:33 FM, revision 56730

other ifacecheck fixes

2008-11-10 20:12 FM, revision 56728

update screenshots using the default theme for Windows XP (looks more modern than current Win98-like style); screenshots generated by Utensil Candel

2008-11-10 16:44 VZ, revision 56727

fix yet another VC6 compilation error because of loop variable reuse

2008-11-10 14:30 VZ, revision 56726

compilation fix after wxFont changes (closes #10152)

2008-11-10 14:08 RR, revision 56725

Added wxChoice renderer to wxDataViewCtrl

2008-11-10 14:01 VZ, revision 56724

fix another VC6 compilation error because of loop variable reuse

2008-11-09 16:49 FM, revision 56721

fix VC6 broken for variable scope handling

2008-11-09 16:46 FM, revision 56720

ifacecheck manual fixes

2008-11-09 16:44 FM, revision 56719

use wxEventType coherently with the docs

2008-11-09 16:30 FM, revision 56718

more intelligence to avoid false warnings

2008-11-09 15:36 FM, revision 56717

fix VC6 builds by removing variadic macros; use standard wxLogXXX functions instead, together with a new wxLog-derived target to print everything on stdout

2008-11-09 15:20 FM, revision 56716

fix typo: s/SetTimestamp/DisableTimestamp

2008-11-09 12:40 VZ, revision 56715

add wxTE_PROCESS_ENTER to the list of supported flags (closes #8865) [backport of r51036 from trunk]

2008-11-09 12:34 VZ, revision 56714

use global operator new to fix compilation errors if type T overloads new (as wxObject does with wxUSE_MEMORY_TRACING)

2008-11-09 11:33 FM, revision 56713

another wxFont OS2 blind build fix

2008-11-08 22:41 VZ, revision 56712

fix race condition which could result in assert failures in debug builds and infinite loops in release (#9094)

2008-11-08 18:03 BP, revision 56711

Fixed typo introduced in r51034 (don't unload Gnome VFS), apparently the fix in 2.8 wasn't tested (see also Gentoo bug #203389).

2008-11-08 15:25 FM, revision 56708

ifacecheck fixes

2008-11-08 15:17 FM, revision 56707

ifacecheck fixes

2008-11-08 15:01 FM, revision 56705

use wxFrameNameStr where possible instead of 'frame' string (for coherence with all other wxWidgets frame classes)

2008-11-08 14:38 FM, revision 56704

generate the output gcc XML file always in the same folder where '' script is placed

2008-11-08 14:04 FM, revision 56703

do not halt gccXML because wxUSE_ACCESSIBILITY, even if it's being used under linux

2008-11-08 12:56 FM, revision 56702

blind fix based on buildbot logs

2008-11-08 00:06 VZ, revision 56701

release the mouse in wxGrid dtor to avoid asserts when the grid is destroyed during e.g. a cell selection operation

2008-11-07 22:50 VZ, revision 56698

Finnish translations update from Elias Julkunen

2008-11-07 22:45 VZ, revision 56697

don't undefine BOOL if it's already defined (closes #10167)

2008-11-07 19:07 FM, revision 56696

fix build

2008-11-07 00:47 BP, revision 56695

Prevent activation of the AUI hint window (mini frame) on Mac.

2008-11-06 23:31 VZ, revision 56692

check for NULL pointer in IsExtensionInList()

2008-11-06 18:05 JMS, revision 56690

Removed property editor validation failure assertions when implicitly clearing selection. Added relevant notes into documentation of member functions that previously asserted.

2008-11-06 12:15 MW, revision 56688

Temporarily disable the email notifications as we're getting false ones from the Windows slave.

2008-11-06 08:12 JJ, revision 56687

changing depricated font-family enums into current ones

2008-11-05 15:27 VZ, revision 56684

document wxRESIZE_BORDER side effect under Windows (see #9989)

2008-11-05 12:35 JJ, revision 56683

inserting generic mdi for OpenVMS Motif support

2008-11-05 12:27 JJ, revision 56682

romoving motif-mdi for OpenVMS compile support

2008-11-05 10:08 VZ, revision 56681

add command line options for displaying the test name and time taken by them (closes #10156)

2008-11-05 10:01 VZ, revision 56680
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/include/wx/motif/mdi.h
  • D /wxWidgets/trunk/src/motif/mdi.cpp

remove Motif MDI files not used any longer

2008-11-04 17:47 VZ, revision 56679

override Do{Open,Save}Document() instead of On{Open,Save}Document() (closes #9892) [backport of r55342 from trunk]

2008-11-04 12:15 VZ, revision 56678

disable the test under Windows as it hangs and prevents buildbot from working

2008-11-04 12:11 VZ, revision 56677

include wx/menu.h as we delete wxMenu pointer in this header (and creating a separate .cpp file just to move the code doing it there seems impractical)

2008-11-04 02:46 VZ, revision 56674

Review/simplify/cleanup MDI classes for all platforms and introduce base classes for wxMDI{Parent,Child}Frame and wxMDIClientWindow. Also use generic MDI implementation for wxMotif as it seems to be more functional and definitely is more maintained (we probably should use the generic version for wxGTK too).

2008-11-04 01:42 VZ, revision 56673

fix wxXPMDataHandler silently broken by long->wxBitmapType change

2008-11-03 22:58 VZ, revision 56672

added wxrc to the makefiles