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2009-10-15 00:49 VZ, revision 62405

Test whether GTK+ is 2.18 or newer in configure. We need to define __WXGTK218__ symbol in configure instead of simply checking if we are compiled with 2.18 in wx/infobar.h because GTK_CHECK_VERSION() can't be used when compiling user code which can't even include gtk/gtkversion.h defining it because it doesn't necessarily use `pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0` at all in its CFLAGS.

2009-10-14 23:48 VZ, revision 62404

Suppress harmless warning about unhandled wxSHOW_EFFECT_NONE. wxNonOwnedWindowImpl::ShowWithEffect() is not supposed to be called with wxSHOW_EFFECT_NONE effect so assert if it is.

2009-10-14 22:59 VZ, revision 62403

Add a detailed explanation of possible error reasons to wx/chkconf.h. Also modify the #error directives to point to the comment near the top of this file.

2009-10-14 19:30 JMS, revision 62402

Fixed bug: wxPropertyGrid::Thaw() should no longer move the scroll bar when reselecting property that was selected prior to Freeze() call.

2009-10-14 19:00 VZ, revision 62401

Fixes to comparison operators for wxDVC classes. Comparison operators for wxDataViewItem and wxDataViewIconText were not inline and not exported, resulting in linking errors for any code using them in shared wx build. Fix this by making them inline. Also correct wxDataViewIconText operator==() implementation to compare icons as well and to return true when comparing the object with itself. Finally add operator!=() matching existing operator==() as a class having one of these operators is supposed to have the other one as well and it costs nothing to define it.

2009-10-14 19:00 VZ, revision 62400

Fix harmless unused variable warning in wxPropertyGrid code. Declare variable only used #if wxPG_DOUBLE_BUFFER inside the #if.

2009-10-13 17:40 PC, revision 62399

Make m_idleMutex an object instead of a pointer. Use bool for hook-installed flag, the actual hook id is not needed.

2009-10-13 16:34 JMS, revision 62398

Removed wxTE_READONLY style from multi-line wxTextCtrls in combo and propgrid samples (looks a bit better that way on wxMSW)

2009-10-13 08:53 PC, revision 62397

Avoid installing emission hook more than once. It was possible for an app using a timer, but triggering no events, to accumulate an unbounded number of hooks, consuming large amounts of CPU time in processing the hook list. Fixes #11315.

2009-10-13 00:44 VZ, revision 62396

Fix conversion from wxColour to NSColor in wxOSX/Cocoa wxDVC. wxColour components are in 0.255 range while NSColor ones are in 0..1 one. The old code compiled just fine but didn't work correctly for any colours which had any channel with value different from 0 and 255 (unsurprisingly, my tests only used wxRED, wxGREEN and wxBLUE which all passed...).

2009-10-13 00:44 VZ, revision 62395

Implement attributes support in generic wxDataViewIconTextRenderer. Simply override RenderWithAttr() instead of Render(). Update the sample to show that this works now.

2009-10-13 00:44 VZ, revision 62394

Make generic wxDataViewProgressRenderer fill the entire cell. After the fixes in the previous commit it is finally possibly to make the progress renderer expand to the entire cell area instead of taking a fixed width, it is enough to simply override RenderWithAttr() instead of Render() and ignore the alignment as this avoids the use of (arbitrary and hardcoded) wxDataViewProgressRenderer::GetSize().

2009-10-13 00:44 VZ, revision 62393

Handle cell alignment in the renderer itself in generic wxDVC. Instead of using wxDataViewRenderer::GetSize() and rendering the cell into the appropriate part of the rectangle, pass the full rectangle and the alignment of the cell contents in it to the renderer itself. This fixes the bug with bold text being truncated in the "attributes" column of the dataview sample and is also generally more flexible as the renderer may decide itself what to do with the extra space. It also somewhat reduces the code duplication between CreateItemBitmap() and OnPaint().

2009-10-13 00:43 VZ, revision 62392

Correct bug with items without attributes in wxGTK wxDVC. After the change to the sample in r62390 it turned out that wxGTK version didn't handle items without attributes in a column where other items did have attributes neither -- they inherited the last used attribute. Fix this by remembering whether we are using any non-default attributes or not and resetting them if we do.

2009-10-13 00:43 VZ, revision 62391

No real changes, just minor cleanup in wxGTK wxDVC. Don't duplicate wxGtkTreeCellDataFunc declaration. Don't triplicate "visible" property setting inside the function itself. Indent the inside of if statement properly.

2009-10-12 19:30 VZ, revision 62390

Fix display of items without attributes in Cocoa wxDVC. The attribute used for the last item was reused for the next item in the same column unless it was overridden in the attribute of this item, fix this by remembering the original attribute and using it if no attributes are explicitly specified. Also change the sample to show the items without attributes in a column with attributes and make the label correspond to the attribute of the item.

2009-10-12 19:30 VZ, revision 62389

No real changes, just clean up wxCustomRendererObject in Cocoa wxDVC. The variables tableColumn and item are unneeded in this class so remove them. Use static_cast<>s instead of C casts. Avoid repeating oneVeryLongVariableName->anotherEvenLongerVariableName-> somethingElse->andSoOn multiple times, temporary variables are allowed in C++. Also don't call wxDataViewCustomRenderer::GetSize() twice unnecessarily.

2009-10-12 19:30 VZ, revision 62388

Use Cocoa methods instead of wx ones in wxDVC font setting code. Use NSFontManager to create bold or italic version of the font instead of using wxFont. This works better for the bold attribute, but setting the italic one still doesn't do anything.

2009-10-12 17:50 VZ, revision 62387

Update German translation. German translation update from Max Christian Pohle.

2009-10-12 15:59 VZ, revision 62386

Add support for cell attributes to wxDVC in wxOSX/Cocoa. Set the colour and font for the cell before rendering it if we have an attribute for it. The colours in dataview sample now work as expected, but making the font bold or italic still doesn't work for some reason.

2009-10-12 15:59 VZ, revision 62385

Make the colours in the demo a bit more logical. Make the colours of the items in the "attributes" column blue/green/red in order instead of making all odd items blue and all even and divisible by 3 ones green while making the rest of them red -- it was a bit difficult to figure out how it worked before. Also correct wxDataViewItemAttr::SetItalic() check: comparing the remainder of the division by 2 with 5 didn't risk to work.

2009-10-12 15:59 VZ, revision 62384

No real changes, just minor cleanup in Cocoa wxDataViewCtrl. Start cleaning up Cocoa wxDataViewCtrl implementation: - Don't use "this->" which is not used anywhere else in wx code. - Use "()" instead of "(void)" as per wx coding standards. - Don't use end of function comments, this is inconsistent and unmaintainable. No real changes otherwise.

2009-10-12 15:59 VZ, revision 62383

Remove wxDataViewTextRendererAttr by merging it with wxDataViewTextRenderer. There is no reason to have a separate class for rendering the text honouring the attributes defined for it, wxDataViewTextRenderer itself already does this perfectly well.

2009-10-12 15:59 VZ, revision 62382

Added wxDCFontChanger ctor not changing font. This is similar to the existing wxDCTextColourChanger ctor not changing colour and is useful in the same kind of situations: when the font may or not be changed.

2009-10-12 15:59 VZ, revision 62381

Document wxDCTextColourChanger "do nothing" constructor. Only wxDCTextColourChanger(wxDC, wxColour) one was documented, also document wxDCTextColourChanger(wxDC) and its Set() method now.