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2015-01-16 03:39 VZ, revision 78372

Fix typo in wxSOCKET_NOWAIT_WRITE description in the manual. Don't contradict ourselves. Closes #16779.

2015-01-16 03:39 VZ, revision 78371

Fix checks for WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_3_0: use #if, not #ifdef. The deprecated methods were always available as WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_3_0 is always defined, we need to check its value and not its definedness. Closes #16782.

2015-01-13 18:05 JS, revision 78370

Bullet no longer gets the attributes from the first object in the list paragraph, so we can control it via paragraph attributes.

2015-01-13 17:41 AW, revision 78369

Fix using WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_3_0 in conditional blocks in wxPG code. Check the value of WXWIN_COMPATIBILITY_3_0 instead of checking whether it is defined.

2015-01-12 21:37 AW, revision 78368

Preserve alpha channel flag when rescaling bitmap in wxPGProperty::SetValueImage (when wxUSE_IMAGE == 0). Rescaled bitmap must have the same alpha channel flag as the source bitmap flag in order to be properly displayed.

2015-01-12 21:32 AW, revision 78367

Let system decide about required depth of rescaled bitmap in wxPGProperty::SetValueImage. There is not necessary to fix the color depth - everything is determined internally when converting wxImage to wxBitmap.

2015-01-12 21:29 AW, revision 78366

Sanity check regarding DC in wxPropertyGrid::OnComboItemPaint Ensure that wxDC used by drawing functions in wxPropertyGrid::OnComboItemPaint is valid.

2015-01-12 21:23 AW, revision 78365

Don't attempt to draw element-specific bitmap when drawing wxPGChoices element inside the control field of wxEnumProperty with wxPGComboBox. The only bitmap which can be drawn in the control field is a "general" value bitmap (assigned to the property). Closes #16781

2015-01-11 23:49 VZ, revision 78364

Fix selection of items inserted in virtual generic wxDataViewCtrl. Call wxSelectionStore::OnItemsInserted() explicitly instead of just using our UpdateCount() to update the count of items managed by the selection. This needs to be done to ensure that the newly added items have the correction selection, i.e. are always unselected, as previously this wasn't the case: if wxSelectionStore was in the "selected by default" state as it happened e.g. after selecting all the items in the control, the new items also ended up being selected.

2015-01-11 23:49 VZ, revision 78363

Fix selection in virtual generic wxDataViewCtrl after deleting items. The number of items managed by selection was first decremented by our own UpdateCount() and then, again, by an explicit call to wxSelectionStore:: OnItemDelete(), which resulted in the selection ending up in an invalid state. Fix this by not calling UpdateCount(), and hence wxSelectionStore:: SetItemCount(), at all, just OnItemDelete() is enough.

2015-01-10 10:13 SC, revision 78362

removing overridden ProcessIdle, reverting that part of r75289

2015-01-09 04:30 VZ, revision 78361

Send deactivation events to MDI children frame in wxMSW too. For some reason, the code only forwarded activation events to the current MDI child, but not the deactivation ones. And even though this was literally always the case (the check for the event being the activation one is there since r9), it is clearly wrong as the focus restoring code in wxTopLevelWindow in wxMSW doesn't work if the focus hadn't been previously saved. This fix hopefully completes the changes started by r78340 and r78341 and ensures that the focus is always properly restored to the last focused window inside an MDI child.

2015-01-09 04:30 VZ, revision 78360

No changes, just fix a slightly misleading comment in wxMSW focus code. DefWindowProc() never preserves the focused window actually, whether we use WM_NEXTDLGCTL (which is only handled by DefDlgProc() anyhow) or not.

2015-01-09 04:30 VZ, revision 78359

Make specifying minimal size for "unknown" XRC controls work. At least since the changes of r44456 (see #8378), minimal size specified in the XRC for unknown controls didn't have any effect as it was set on wxUnknownControlContainer itself and was overridden by the subsequent call to SetSizerAndFit() which reset the minimal size to the best size of the control contained in it, meaning that it was impossible to make this contained control bigger by specifying min size greater than its best size in the XRC. Fix this by honouring both the min size of the container and of the control contained in it (and do the same thing for the max size for good measure). To avoid not totally obvious interaction of overriding GetMinSize() and DoGetBestClientSize() with sizer code, also position the child control manually instead of using a sizer for it, it's an overkill for such a simple case anyhow.

2015-01-09 04:30 VZ, revision 78358

Make generic wxDataViewCtrl initially usable from keyboard. This control doesn't react to the keyboard at all if it doesn't have a current row and as it doesn't have it initially, it means that there is no way to do anything with the control without clicking it with the mouse first. Fix this by giving it a current row, if possible, whenever it gains focus.

2015-01-09 04:29 VZ, revision 78357

Always invalidate wxStaticText best size after changing its label. wxST_NO_AUTORESIZE style only affects whether the control is actually resized when its text changes, but its best size should always change, so that if the window containing it is explicitly relaid out the size does change. Moreover, in wxMSW and wxOSX the best size was never invalidated at all when the label was ellipsized, so it was never updated for them, preventing, for example, comparing the best size with the current one to check if the text is effectively ellipsized (and so needs to be shown in a tooltip, for example). Fix this by calling InvalidateBestSize() unconditionally, this should make these ports behave in the same was as wxGTK already did.

2015-01-08 15:11 VZ, revision 78356

only flush a client dc if it was not inheriting the native CGContextRef from an outside paint context, fixes #16334

2015-01-06 21:20 VZ, revision 78355

Fix wxBitmap conversion to wxImage in 64-bit wxOSX builds. Don't assume that sizeof(long) == 4, this is just wrong. Closes #16770.

2015-01-06 21:08 VZ, revision 78354

Fix wxBitmap conversion to wxImage in 64-bit wxOSX builds. Don't assume that sizeof(long) == 4, this is just wrong. Closes #16770.

2015-01-06 08:12 MAR, revision 78353

Added new ctor for wxBitmap using wxCursor for wxQT (similar to wxGTK) This is the implementation that should had been included in r78348

2015-01-05 13:49 TIK, revision 78350

On wxMac, modal event loops avoid deleting pending objects. Hide the text control after editing a label in the generic tree control so it does not remain visible e.g. if the tree control is used in a dialog.

2015-01-05 13:48 TIK, revision 78349

On wxMac, modal event loops avoid deleting pending events. Hide the text control after editing a label in the generic tree control so it does not remain visible e.g. if the tree control is used in a dialog.

2015-01-04 04:51 MAR, revision 78348

Added new ctor for wxBitmap using wxCursor for wxQT (similar to wxGTK)

2015-01-04 03:49 MAR, revision 78347

Added missing ctor for wxBitmap using wxIcon for wxQT (taken from wxOSX)

2015-01-03 21:45 VZ, revision 78346

Fix wxFileDialog::GetFilterIndex() when opening files in wxOSX. Update m_filterIndex in the "opening" case, just as we already did in the "saving" one (see #13158 and r67550). Closes #16764.

2015-01-03 21:45 VZ, revision 78345

Fix wxFileDialog::GetFilterIndex() when opening files in wxOSX. Update m_filterIndex in the "opening" case, just as we already did in the "saving" one (see #13158 and r67550). Closes #16764.

2015-01-03 16:20 AW, revision 78344

Optimize wxPGChoices::Add methods. Remove unnecessary variables, limit the scope of variables and implement some sanity checks.

2015-01-03 16:10 AW, revision 78343

Optimize wxPGChoices::Set method. There is no need to check if referenced array with values is valid since "reference cannot be bound to dereferenced null pointer in well-defined C++ code". Moreover, conditional call of Add() methods(one with explicit parameter and one with default one) is not necessary.

2015-01-03 14:33 VZ, revision 78342

Fix the size of the "new" bitmap in the toolbar sample. It was broken by the changes of r78238 and was too small for the height in the header, resulting in an immediate crash on toolbar sample startup.

2015-01-03 02:07 VZ, revision 78341

Don't change MDI children order after showing a file dialog in wxMSW. Don't use the generic focus saving/restoring code for wxMDIParentFrame in wxMSW as it already saves and restores the active MDI child on its own and we should let it do it, as our code could change the active child when restoring focus if it hadn't been saved correctly previously. The fact that it is isn't saved is another bug, but even if it is fixed, we should let MSW MDI implementation handle activation as we can't do it any better -- but can do worse, as the bug described in #16635 shows. Closes #16635.

2015-01-03 02:07 VZ, revision 78340

Fix saving focus for MDI child frames in wxMSW. Use wxWindow::IsDescendant() instead of wxGetTopLevelParent() to determine whether the focused window is inside the TLW, as the former works correctly for any window, including wxMDIChildFrames, while the latter would return wxMDIParentFrame for them (as MDI children are not considered to be TLWs) and so saving the focus would always fail and the focus was always restored to the first child of wxMDIChildFrame after switching from it to another child frame and back, as could be seen by applying the simple patch: ---------------------------------- >8 -------------------------------------- diff --git a/samples/docview/view.cpp b/samples/docview/view.cpp index 9f20032..8386522 100644 --- a/samples/docview/view.cpp +++ b/samples/docview/view.cpp @@ -160,8 +160,9 @@ bool TextEditView::OnCreate(wxDocument *doc, long flags) wxFrame* frame = wxGetApp().CreateChildFrame(this, false); wxASSERT(frame == GetFrame()); m_text = new wxTextCtrl(frame, wxID_ANY, "", - wxDefaultPosition, wxDefaultSize, + wxPoint(5, 5), wxDefaultSize, wxTE_MULTILINE); + new wxButton(frame, wxID_ANY, "Button", wxPoint(5, 100)); frame->Show(); return true; ---------------------------------- >8 -------------------------------------- Notice that the bug usually stayed hidden because it didn't happen if wxMDIChildFrame contained a wxPanel (which also stores the last focus) inside it or if the focus switched away from the entire application instead of just going to another child and back, as in this case the last focus was stored in wxMDIParentFrame, for which the old code did work.

2015-01-03 02:07 VZ, revision 78339

Add include/wx/richtext/richtexttabspage.h to the MSBuild project. This seems like an occidental omission.

2015-01-03 02:07 VZ, revision 78338

Remove files not being compiled from richtext MSBuild project. Several sources in this project are actually not compiled at all, but are included from other files, so they don't appear in the master sources list. Update the project accordingly, for consistency with the earlier versions of MSVC. If these files should appear in it, they need to be added to RICHTEXT_HDR variable.

2015-01-03 02:07 VZ, revision 78337

Add appprogress.{h,cpp} to the files list. The wxMSW header was absent from both the bakefile and master file list, and the latter also lacked the other wxAppProgressIndicator-related files. Also regenerate the project file to contain the MSW header.

2015-01-03 02:07 VZ, revision 78336

No changes, just sort files alphabetically in the bakefiles files list. Keep MSW_SRC files list sorted, appprogress.cpp was added in a wrong place.

2015-01-03 00:49 VZ, revision 78334

2015-01-02 17:15 AW, revision 78333

Delete wxDC object when exiting from wxPropertyGrid::OnPaint

2015-01-02 15:26 VZ, revision 78332

Improve widgets sample UI consistency. Ensure that the various attributes (colours, font, border, ...) are preserved when a widget is recreated or the current page is changed. This is more convenient and also avoids discrepancies between the state of the menu items and the actual state of the widget. Closes #16576.

2015-01-01 00:36 RD, revision 78331

a commit to test Trac/SVN integration. Closes #16754

2014-12-31 23:25 RD, revision 78330

just another test commit

2014-12-31 23:20 RD, revision 78329

just a test commit

2014-12-28 21:06 AW, revision 78328

Pass outside wxPG a modified clone of wxEVT_TEXT event instead of hacking current event object. Using a clone of event (with PG id) instead of replacing id in the currently processed event coming from wxPGTextCtrlEditor seems to be less intrusive and safer action.

2014-12-27 15:24 VZ, revision 78327

Fix reading of not NUL-terminated strings using wxRegKey. Even though this is typically the case, some strings in Windows registry are not NUL-terminated, deal with them correctly by using the explicit length. Closes #16719.

2014-12-27 15:24 VZ, revision 78326

Revert "Add support for reading multi string values to wxRegKey." Reverts r78136 (see #15727) because the multi-string values in Windows registry are actually not "name=value" pairs at all but just NUL-separated strings and the API provided for reading them was inappropriate. Also see #16719.

2014-12-27 15:24 VZ, revision 78325

Fix flickering when resizing a frame with status bar in wxMSW. The flicker was only visible under Windows XP or when using a class theme and was due to mis-positioning the status bar initially in PositionStatusBar(). Fix this by adjusting its position by the toolbar offset before calling its SetSize(). Closes #16705.

2014-12-27 15:24 VZ, revision 78324

Make disabling submenus work in wxMSW. As submenu items don't have a valid ID, we need to address them by their position when calling EnableMenuItem() -- and for simplicity do it for all the items. Closes #16747.

2014-12-27 15:17 VZ, revision 78323

Make disabling submenus work in wxMSW. As submenu items don't have a valid ID, we need to address them by their position when calling EnableMenuItem() -- and for simplicity do it for all the items. Closes #16747.

2014-12-27 15:17 VZ, revision 78322

Fix handling of fast clicks in wxRibbonBar under MSW. Second click can result in a double click event instead of the usual simple click if it happens quickly enough after the first one, so handle double clicks in the same way as simple clicks instead of ignoring them. Closes #16551.

2014-12-27 12:30 AW, revision 78321

Do not actually reconnect PG event handlers when attempting to reconnect them to the same window. When in wxPropertyGridManager::ReconnectEventHandlers() new window ID is the same as old window ID then there is no need to do anything with handlers. An assertion warning is displayed in this case to notify about this unusual (and maybe unintended) situation.

2014-12-25 02:32 VZ, revision 78320

Fix removing tools from wxToolBar in wxOSX. Release the tool instead of retaining it (typo?) and also remove it from the toolbar view. See #16663.