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Changelog for wxWidgets (68395 changes):

2009-11-30 01:30 VZ, revision 62746

Fix compilation of image sample with wxUSE_LIBPNG==0. Also don't propose to save the file using the extensions not supported in this library build. Closes #11495.

2009-11-30 01:30 VZ, revision 62745

Fix compilation in wxUSE_STL==1 case broken by r62738. We need to use wxString::c_str() explicitly to convert wxString to const char * in STL build.

2009-11-29 22:46 KO, revision 62744

Make sure we setup the base's Show state correctly and send a show event.

2009-11-29 10:42 JMS, revision 62743

Fixed regression: forgot to set wxPropertyGridPageState::m_anyModified to false in wxPropertyGridInterface::ClearModifiedStatus().

2009-11-28 21:09 KO, revision 62741

Fix needed to allow shaped windows, and other windows without a title bar, to get the focus when clicked under OS X.

2009-11-28 21:05 SC, revision 62740

64bit builds had problems with full circles, as we can use 10.4+ only APIs, use new implementation, fixes #11471

2009-11-28 15:37 VZ, revision 62738

Allow calling wxStrchr() with a narrow string and wide character. Calls to wxStrchr(char-string, wide-char) would previously fail if wide character couldn't be converted to a single character in the current locale encoding. Change it to simply return NULL in this case as it's a safe and useful generalization: a narrow string will never contain a wide character not representable in the current locale. Add wxUniChar::GetAsChar() to help with implementing this. Closes #11487.

2009-11-28 04:37 VZ, revision 62737

Define INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES in filename.cpp too. Fix VC6 compilation: INVALID_FILE_ATTRIBUTES is not defined in its headers so we need to do it ourselves (this was done in filefn.cpp before but part of the code using this constant was moved to filename.cpp in r62735 so now we need to define it here too).

2009-11-28 04:37 VZ, revision 62736

No changes, just remove unnecessary UTF-8 bytes. The patch of #11187 (applied in r61884) unnecessarily used +U2019 which can't be converted to latin1, remove it.

2009-11-28 03:40 VZ, revision 62735

Implement wx{File,Dir}Exists() in terms of wxFileName methods. Use wxFileName from the global functions instead of using global functions in wxFileName methods as wxFileName is the preferred API for all these operations. Closes #11488.

2009-11-28 03:29 VZ, revision 62734

Don't override msw.remap system option value in wxToolbook. Introducing a system option for all toolbars and then ignoring it inside wx itself is ridiculous and just goes to prove that this option itself was a mistake. But as we have it, we should respect whatever value it's set to (which should hopefully be 0 anyhow for most modern systems) instead of overriding it forcefully making the mockery of the whole "option" concept.

2009-11-28 03:29 VZ, revision 62733

Avoid infinite recursion in wxToolbook::OnSize() under wxMSW. Reset m_needsRealizing flag before calling wxToolBar::Realize() as doing this can result in another call to wxToolbook::OnSize() itself. Closes #11942.

2009-11-28 03:28 VZ, revision 62732

Use OUTLINETEXTMETRIC::otmpFamilyName to get wxFont face name from MSW. In spite of the name, we need to use otmpFamilyName member of OUTLINETEXTMETRIC struct and not otmpFaceName to get the font face name: the latter may contain (locale-dependent, so the changes of r62708 didn't work for non-English versions of Windows) "Italic" or "Bold" suffix while the former does not and is what we want. This should really fix the unit test failures, even in French locale.

2009-11-27 22:36 VZ, revision 62731

Compilation fix for wxUSE_CAIRO==0 after last commit. Include wx/graphics.h when wxUSE_CAIRO==0 but wxUSE_GRAPHICS_CONTEXT==1 (as in e.g. MSW builds).

2009-11-27 22:06 VZ, revision 62730

Define wxUSE_CAIRO in wx/chkconf.h to ensure that it's always defined. wxUSE_CAIRO used to be defined only in wx/cairo.h but this header wasn't included by src/common/dcgraph.cpp so the code there was compiled as if we were not using Cairo even when we were (thanks g++ for the warning). Define it in wx/chkconf.h (included from wx/defs.h, i.e. always) now to ensure that not only this bug is fixed but also that it can't happen any more.

2009-11-27 22:05 VZ, revision 62729

Use #ifdef to check for __WXMSW__ and __WXGTK__ and not #if. Using #if doesn't work when symbols are not defined.

2009-11-27 02:47 VZ, revision 62728

Allow changing horizontal alignment of numeric cells in wxGrid. wxGridCellAttr didn't provide any way to query its alignment attributes without falling back to the (always defined) default alignment so the code in wxGridCellNumberRenderer and similar classes simply always used right alignment, Add a new wxGridCellAttr::GetNonDefaultAlignment() function which allows to retrieve the alignment defined in the attribute and use it to use right alignment by default but allow overriding it. Add a test to the sample showing a non right-aligned numeric cell. Incidentally fix a long-standing bug in wxGridCell{DateTime,Enum}Renderers which used wxRIGHT instead of wxALIGN_RIGHT and so were not aligned properly even by default.

2009-11-27 02:47 VZ, revision 62727

Add symbolic constant wxALIGN_INVALID and use it instead of -1 in wxGrid. wxGridCellAttr was using literal -1 to indicate "no alignment" which wasn't immediately obvious, use a new wxALIGN_INVALID (which has the same value) instead.

2009-11-27 00:14 KO, revision 62726

Build fix for OS X <= 10.5.

2009-11-27 00:11 KO, revision 62725

Allow OS X Cocoa (or any OS X port) to override GetBestSize and provide a native OS X Cocoa impl. Also, fix the line ending check under OS X Cocoa, and a sanity check for SetStyle.

2009-11-26 22:52 KO, revision 62724

Add CheckSpelling support for OS X Cocoa, make sure NSTextView-based wxTextCtrls emit EVT_TEXT, and a fix for GetStyle when position == length.

2009-11-26 17:17 VZ, revision 62722

Make wxFileDialog::Set/SetPath() behave consistently. wxFileDialog::GetPath() didn't return the value set by a previous call to SetPath() in wxMSW version. Fix this and also implement SetPath() and SetDirectory() methods in the generic versions in the same way as SetFilename(). Closes #3672.

2009-11-26 17:10 VZ, revision 62721

Fix off by 1 errors in owner-drawn menu drawing code in wxMSW. The label was offset by 1 pixel vertically and the check marks were 1 pixel too wide compared to the native ones under XP, correct this. Closes #11420 (again).

2009-11-26 16:59 VZ, revision 62720

Don't set wxTextAttr font family to invalid value. wxTextAttr::HasFontFamily() shouldn't return true if there is no valid font family in this attribute but this could happen if it was constructed from a font which didn't know its own family. This fixes asserts on the startup of the text sample in wxMSW due to passing wxFONTFAMILY_UNKNOWN to wxFont::SetFamily() when trying to use such invalid attribute later.

2009-11-26 16:59 VZ, revision 62719

Use wxTE_RICH style for the log window in the text sample. This makes it have nicer colour (white instead of grey by default) under MSW and wxTE_RICH was already in the code, just commented out -- it seems it's better to enable it (as it also allows more text to be shown in the control under old Windows versions) than to remove it.