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Changelog for wxWidgets (68422 changes):

2009-12-09 09:21 SC, revision 62835

support for getting current event loop on iPhone

2009-12-09 08:38 SC, revision 62834

avoiding string conversions on 1st param of wxStat, as the latter is having a param of wxString now always and does the conversion internally

2009-12-09 08:29 SC, revision 62833

using on all OSX variants

2009-12-09 08:28 SC, revision 62832

fixing toolbar support, adding iphone

2009-12-09 08:27 SC, revision 62831

make sure it is compilable w/o menus (eg on iPhone)

2009-12-09 08:26 SC, revision 62830

remove workaround

2009-12-09 08:24 SC, revision 62829

avoid double define warnings

2009-12-09 06:25 KO, revision 62828

Add OSX prefix, and be clear that this is OS X only API to avoid any expectation that this API may work elsewhere.

2009-12-08 17:36 VZ, revision 62825

Use X64 machine type for MSVC linker instead of old AMD64. The officially supported machine type name is X64 now, even if AMD64 is still supported. Closes #10711.

2009-12-08 17:35 VZ, revision 62824

Fix duplicate accelerator use in animate sample. Both "Play" and "Stop" used Ctrl+P. Closes #11425.

2009-12-08 17:35 VZ, revision 62823

Make wxPORTRAIT and wxLANDSCAPE elements of wxPrintOrientation enum. Change wxPrintData::SetOrientation() to take wxPrintOrientation instead of int. Closes #11393.

2009-12-08 16:56 VZ, revision 62822

Visually show the cells boundaries in layout sample grid sizer test. Closes #11456.

2009-12-08 16:56 VZ, revision 62821

Don't override DoGetBestSize() in wxGenericStaticText, it's unnecessary. The base class already does exactly the same thing -- except that it also accounts for the borders properly. Also fix access for a couple of DoXXX() member functions which should be protected and an event handler which can be private.

2009-12-08 16:56 VZ, revision 62820

Implement wxWindow::DoGetBorderSize() in the trivial case of wxBORDER_NONE. This fixes an assert in wxGenericStaticText which overrode DoGetBestClientSize() but not DoGetBorderSize(). It would still be useful to implement DoGetBorderSize() in wxGTK (and other ports) in general too as using wxGenericStaticText with non-default border still doesn't work.

2009-12-08 16:56 VZ, revision 62819

Fix unused parameter warning after last commit (r62818).

2009-12-08 16:36 VZ, revision 62818

Fix event object in wxSysColourChangedEvent. The handler for this event in the base class incorrectly changed the event object of the original event instead of setting it for the event being sent to the window children as it was supposed to. Closes #11458.

2009-12-08 16:24 VZ, revision 62817

Don't set the initial size as minimal size for top level windows. Correct the change of r62814: only call SetMinSize() for non-top-level windows as the user should be able to resize the top-level ones to be smaller than their initial size. This also fixes the GTK+ warning resulting from calling wxTLW::SetMinSize() from the ctor, before the window is realized.

2009-12-08 15:07 JS, revision 62816

Speed up adding pages during freezing

2009-12-08 15:07 JS, revision 62815

Speed up adding pages during freezing

2009-12-08 00:37 VZ, revision 62814

Set initial window size as its minimal size. The change of r62306 broke the code which relied on the window created with a given initial size to never become smaller than this size. This was to be expected because the best size of such window is now (1, 1) and not its initial size but we still need to preserve the old behaviour for compatibility and also because it usually does make sense to avoid shrinking the window with an explicitly specified initial size beneath this value. So call SetMinSize() with the initial size explicitly now in wxWindowBase ctor.

2009-12-07 18:03 VZ, revision 62813

Reset wxTheApp when starting to destroy the object it points to. Using wxTheApp when the corresponding object is already half destroyed can't be a good idea so reset it to NULL as soon as possible. Closes #11525.

2009-12-07 17:27 VZ, revision 62812

Add a very simple example of a Win32 application using wx DLL.

2009-12-07 17:27 VZ, revision 62811

Use __declspec(dllexport) instead of WXEXPORT in dll sample header. This header can be included from non-wx code so we can't use wx symbols in it.

2009-12-07 16:26 VZ, revision 62810

Document wxListCtrl::FindItem() return value. In particular mention that it returns -1 if no items were found. Closes #11523.

2009-12-07 16:23 JS, revision 62809

Don't crash if no document